For Jews Only (Part 18 of 42): The first century A.D. – Part B

The Jewish Messiah had finally come.  This was good news.  It spread throughout the Jewish communities of the world.  In the same way the news about Israel’s exodus from Egypt and the Red Sea parting spread to all nations.

The belief of Jesus’ teachings covered Israel and spread to Jews everywhere in the Roman Empire.  Jesus was reinstated as their Messiah, but the price for rejecting Him would have to be paid.  Israel would be destroyed because they doubted.  The Jewish people had their Messiah and He could never die.

Now Jesus would assume the role of the Warrior King, and come to defeat the enemies of Israel.  A Spirit, who could not die in battle, would now fight for God’s people.  Yet, the Jews would still have to suffer.  They would now trade places with the man Jesus.  As they sowed, they would now receive.

First, they would have to die to expose the enemies of God’s chosen people.  Then God would send the Messiah to avenge the death of His beloved people; but this would not comfort those suffering, who did not believe in the teachings of Jesus, or stop the suffering of Israel.  It would only comfort the ones who believed the truth, and guarantee Israel an eternity of life without pain.  For all Jews who have suffered for God would receive another life without pain or suffering for eternity.

This is God’s incredible plan to evict all evil people, who hate Israel, from the human race.  Jews will be resurrected from the dead unto a new life in another body, which is their original body that would never grow old or die.  This was the reason Israel accepted Jesus as their Messiah after His death on the cross. This was the reason the Jews brought the Roman Empire down.

Rome’s first mistake was killing Jesus!  Rome’s last mistake was fatal, which was their triumphant march on the Nation of Israel to destroy it!  The Roman Empire was so powerful no one could stand up to them and survive.  This power had to be neutralized.

Jesus appeared on the scene at the height of Rome’s power.  His teachings were directly responsible for the weakening of Rome’s power.  The followers of Jesus had no way of knowing the result of their being obedient to the teachings of Jesus, which are the commandments of God; which would bring Rome to its knees and cause its collapse.  Hence, God’s Messiah is avenging the murder of His chosen people.

The early Christians, who were Jews following the teachings of Jesus, could never have predicted their behavior would ultimately lead to the destruction of their ruling enemies in Rome!  And collapse it did!

Rome ruled its empire well into the eighth century A.D., but never in the power it once wheeled back in the days of Jesus.  Since Jesus walked upon the face of the earth, Rome had experienced a backsliding that it has never fully recovered from until this day.

To be continued…


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