For Jews Only (Part 15 of 42): The Destruction of Israel – Part B

Now that the land of Israel could never support life again; and the Jews responsible for causing the Roman Empire to falter and shake, nearing collapse, were removed to far distant places as slaves.  All of the Jewish Apostles, the leaders of Jesus’ Judaism were dead’ except for John.  The Jewish Temple no longer existed; and their beloved city Jerusalem lay in ruin; Rome could sigh a breath of relief because Jesus’ Christianity had been stopped… so they thought.

The year was 70 A.D.  The Jews had been successfully disarmed or so the Romans believed.  Their victorious campaigns against the unarmed nation of peace loving Jews had blinded them.  They had forgotten about the millions of Jews that went underground because of the slaughter by the Roman citizens, who rose up to punish the Jews for burning Rome.

The Roman leaders believed their campaigns against Israel were successful and had neutralized the Jewish Christians.  Rome believed the Jews were no longer a threat to the Roman Empire.  This was Rome’s most grave and final error, because the purified Judaism Jesus had given back to the Jews did not depend upon material things, neither did it depend upon the Temple in Jerusalem, nor did it depend upon herding Jewish people into one place to insure the continuance of the Christian worship system.  In fact, the Roman Empire did not realize their mistake until it was too late.

Jesus’ Judaism was a new kingdom.  The Kingdom of the God of Israel had been successfully launched upon the whole world and the gates of hell would not prevail against it.  The new form of Judaism, known as Christianity, only depended upon believing the word of God, which is commonly referred to as the Bible today.

You see, Rome never accomplished the one feat that would have defeated and neutralized the Plan of God and the Jewish people for all time, which was the removal of the Bible.  Rome was satisfied it had neutralized the unseen enemy, original Christianity, and went back to the business of governing its empire.

John was the last Apostle captured before the Roman war against Israel.  Christianity had moved underground and no one had any statistics concerning their numbers or growth.  Rome had learned its lessons the hard way in the early days of Christianity.  They learned killing Apostles merely caused more Apostles to sprout and Christians to be born.

So, Rome dragged John the Apostle into court, tried him, convicted him guilty of treason, and sentenced him to life imprisonment on the island of Pathmos: an island off the main land of Greece.  Why Greece?  Because John was arrested in Greece while secretly preaching the truth about Jesus to the Jews.  John’s exile to the island of Pathmos marked the death of an era.

The Romans were consoled in their minds that they had successfully dealt a deathblow to the Jewish rebels.  They believed Christianity would simply fade into the past like so many other uprisings that Rome had dealt with in the past.  After all, no one had ever led a successful rebellion against Rome since 65 B.C.

The purest form of Judaism, known as Christianity, was simmering in the Catacombs beneath the surface of the earth.  The teachings of Jesus had not been stopped; neither had the followers of Jesus been neutralized by the removal of their leaders the Apostles.

For unknown to Rome, Apostleship was not a political position, as practiced by Rome; or a profession a person entered by a University degree; but a supernatural gift from the God of Israel bestowed upon whomever He chose, whenever He chose, wherever He chose.  Hence, the chosen people were still doing what they were chosen to do!  Spread the truth about God to the Pagans around the world, which is why Jesus said, Salvation is of the Jews!

To be continued…

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