For Jews Only (Part 14 of 42): The Destruction of Israel – Part A

In 70 A.D. the Roman Empire’s Legions literally tore down the walls of the Jews beloved city of Jerusalem stone by stone. Jesus had predicted this exact event nearly three decades prior to it happening.  The center of all Jewish belief around the world, and the only place Jews could sacrifice offerings for their sins was the Temple in Jerusalem, which lay in utter ruin.  The Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed and torn down stone-by-stone.

Jesus told the world these things would happen.  He also labeled the person who would be directly responsible for the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem the abomination of desolation! In clear terms, the abomination of desolation means the abominable person who destroys! In other places in the New Testament, the Apostles named this same person The Antichrist and Abaddon.

Abaddon means the Father who destroys!  The name can be separated into two derivatives: ‘Aba’ + ‘Don’.  ‘Abba’ means ‘father’, while ‘Don’ means ‘ Prince’.  This title is directly connected to Tiberius, the Prince or son of the King, the Emperor of Rome.  Since the Roman Emperor was believed to be a god, then the term ‘Father’ was applied to him.  While his son Tiberius was a prince.

Jesus, the prophet, points us to Daniel, the prophet in the Old Testament, who said… In the days when the Messiah will be killed, the Prince of the people will destroy the Temple where the Jews made their daily sacrifices.  Remember, every Emperor and Pope of Rome was given the title “Father” (in Latin = Papus and in English = Pope).

When Rome destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem, it fulfilled the Old and New Testament Scriptures, and identified The Antichrist (the wicked one working against Christ) who was and is the leader of Rome.  Either all the Old Testament prophets lived forever to form a conspiracy with Jesus, to cause things to happen exactly the way Daniel predicted it 600 years prior to Jesus, or they were telling us the truth about the Jewish Messiah; which truth Gentiles have altered for their own benefit since those days, which amounts to untold fortunes of money collected by churches, needed to maintain the armies of Rome, in the name of Jesus!

This was a good motive to destroy the original church Jesus gave to the Jews, but not the only motive.  Rome had to set up their own parallel counterfeit Gentile Christian Church, excluding the Jews, in the name of Jesus!  The Romans were not content to just destroy the beloved city of the Jews and their Temple, which was the only place Jews were allowed to make a sacrifice.  The Romans also began mass arrests of all Jews.

They shipped the Jews to the far-reaching outposts of the Roman Empire’s territories as slaves.  Rome destroyed their land and cities, killed and enslaved their people, and took their religion, their Messiah, and their God’s Kingdom by force, in order to break the back of Judaism and God’s power, by scattering the common people.

The final solution was to genocide all Jewish and Gentile Christians.  All this was done by Rome to insure that the Jewish people would never again return to their homeland in Israel; not even in the centuries that would follow these events.  The destruction of the soil in Israel was accomplished by Roman technology.

The same Roman aqueducts built by the Romans to distribute fresh water to the land of Israel, was now used to destroy the soil.  Now Rome would use their aqueducts to distribute salt water from the great Mediterranean Sea to destroy the crop production capability of the soil in Israel.  The Romans poured tons of salt water on the soil of Israel.  Tons of sea salt that killed the existing crops and poisoned the soil everywhere.

Israel was now a wasteland incapable of supporting life, nor would the land ever grow crops, neither could the Jews return to Israel.  Israel lay waste for the next two thousand years.  The land of milk and honey was dead.  The lush land that once gave the Jewish people grapes the size of soft balls.  Clusters of grapes so large that it took two men to carry one cluster!

The Romans were still not satisfied with their destructive measures.  The genocide of New Judaism, known as Christianity, would not be complete until every tree and every Jew was cut down.  Rome would make sure that Israel would never rise again or be able to support the nation of Jews.  The Romans made sure the Christians would never return to their land and rebuild their heritage of Judaism.

Judaism was the religion that spawned Jesus, and the purest form of worshipping the God of Israel.

Jesus’ nation, Israel, dared to tamper with the economic structure of Rome.  The economics that supported the Roman Empire was collapsing everywhere! Rome had successfully completed all phases of her campaign against the Jews’ new religion and homeland.  Rome believed Judaism was dead, buried, and would never rise again; but unknown to Rome, God had a plan to resurrect Israel from the dead just like Jesus!

Israel would live again, just assuredly as her Messiah was raised from the dead and still lives!

To be continued…

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