For Jews Only (Part 13 of 42): The Collapse of the Roman Empire – Part D

The Roman Emperor Nero’s plan was perfect even though it cost him his life; because it unleashed havoc across the vast Roman Empire.  Jews everywhere, known as Christians, suffered death at the hands of their friends and neighbors (see Revelation Chapter 11); after which they would celebrate a great feast around the world in commemoration of that event by giving gifts to one another___Merry Christmas.

The murderers were Roman citizens who did not follow the teachings of Jesus; citizens who were frustrated by their collapsing economy; citizens eager to kill the scapegoat that their own government offered them.  A scapegoat victimized and punished for their failing economy.

Nero’s plan worked, but it cost him his life.  He never considered the other high ranking Roman Senators, who were his friends, fellow politicians, and social equals, would get upset because he destroyed their beloved city Rome.

The Emperor Nero’s assassination occurred only months after he had the Apostle Paul executed to stop Christianity.  It was a vain attempt to halt this pure form of Judaism that Jesus unleashed upon the world.  The true Judaism of Jesus spread further and further.  It was rooted so deeply that Christianized Jews everywhere now knew they were on the endangered species list.

So, the new Jewish movement, called Christians, moved underground and made it impossible for the Roman Empire to genocide the Jewish people again. This began the days of the Catacombs….

The Roman Empire was now faced with two evils: (1) a collapsing economy weakening the Empire’s armies; (2) the impossible task of rooting out the Jews.  The Jews who followed the teachings of Jesus, went underground.  Rome had to formulate a new plan.

Immediately after the city of Rome burned, the Emperor that replaced Nero launched a Roman army against the Jewish Homeland.  A tiny nation known as Israel.  The new plan was to punish the Jews by destroying Israel.  It was Israel who was responsible for spawning this new form of Judaism: a plague spreading over the Roman Empire.

Logic dictates that Christianity was originally Judaism, and most Jews, in all Roman Countries including Israel, accepted Jesus as their Messiah; and his teachings about true Judaism, which is why Rome became obsessed with the utter destruction of that tiny nation Israel.

A few years after 67 A.D., when the Apostle Paul was executed in Rome, the Roman Empire waged war on Israel.  (This is similar to what the world witnessed in January 1991 and October 2002, when the United States with other nations of the Western Empire waged war on the tiny nation of Iraq.)

Yet it took Rome nearly three years from 70 to 73 A.D. to utterly destroy the nation of Israel in a vain attempt to do away with Judaism, their new Christianity, and all Jewish people, once and for all time.

Rome believed the destruction of the nation of Israel, the land of Israel, and the Temple of Israel along with its holy city Jerusalem, the Jewish sacrifice system, and scattering the Jews of Israel, would stop the chosen people of God from undermining the Roman Empire.  They believed rendering the land of Israel incapable of producing crops by poisoning the land with salt, would finally cause Jews to cease existing as a people and that their religion including the new sect of Judaism (Christianity), would simply vanish!

To be continued…

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