For Jews Only (Part 12 of 42): The Collapse of the Roman Empire – Part C

Proving that Rome rebuilt the middle wall of partition between the Jews and the Church, which were made one by Christ!  Rome realized it was fighting a losing battle with the original Jewish followers of Christ, who accepted and believed Jesus was their Messiah 2,000 years ago, which was original Christianity.

The Romans first attempt to stamp out Jesus’ new movement of Judaism was hunting down and killing the Apostles. When that did not stop the Jewish followers of Christ, the Romans turned their attention toward the common Jewish people, their converted Gentiles who became Jews by following Jesus, their land, their beloved city Jerusalem, and the Jewish Temple.

The execution of the Jewish leaders (the Apostles) proved fruitless in the effort to halt original Christianity; which was really unperverted Judaism.  In fact, every time a Jewish Apostle was executed, it gave birth to more Christians from the Jewish and Gentile ranks; who had not yet made a decision to believe Jesus was the Messiah promised to Israel thousands of years before Jesus was born.

In 67 A.D. when Nero was Emperor of Rome, he had the Apostle Paul executed, and hatched a plan to utterly destroy the Jewish people, who were now called the Christians.  Nero decided, after hundreds of Christians were executed, it was impossible to stop Christianity by arresting and killing individuals, as well as the Christian Leaders.  Rome had failed their first attempt to stop the thickheaded Jewish followers of Jesus.

It was the entire horde of Jewish followers who had to be destroyed; but that job would be too immense, since there were millions of followers; and the Jews were lightly salted all over the vast Roman Empire.  Nero’s sick plan was to accomplish the destruction of the Jewish people by using the Gentile Roman citizens throughout the Roman Empire.  The stubborn Jews were nestled in every corner of the far-reaching Roman Empire.

Therefore, the Roman Emperor Nero hatched his diabolical scheme.  If Nero were to destroy the one thing cherished by all Roman citizens, and blame the Jews, he could get the angry Roman citizens to kill the Jews.  So, Nero burned Rome.

When Nero attempted to blame the followers of Jesus for burning Rome, he believed this would enrage the Gentile citizens of the Roman Empire.  Hoping the general public in every Roman nation, who personally knew their Jewish neighbors and where they lived, would rise up, drag the Jews from their homes, and beat them to death!

After Nero burnt down Rome, he told the Roman Senators what he had done.  They were so enraged by Nero burning their beloved city, they assassinated him.  Although Nero’s planned backfired and cost him his life, Adolph Hitler used the same scheme to get rid of the Jews in Germany.

Hitler duplicated Nero’s plan in 1938 by burning the German Reichstag in Berlin, which was the German Parliamentary building, similar to the Capital Building in Washington D.C.  Then Hitler blamed the evil deed upon the Bolechecvics, a name describing the Jews from Russia.

Unlike Nero, the German people believed Hitler, who succeeded in causing the citizens of Germany to rise up and literally drag Jews from their homes and beat them to death!  It was known as the Night of Broken Glass.  This lie resulted in over six million Jews being murdered and countless Jews maimed, crippled, and mentally destroyed; not to mention the hordes of Jewish people who lost their families, belongings, lifestyles, and country.

To be continued…

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