For Jews Only (Part 10 of 42): The Collapse of the Roman Empire – Part A

The Bible accounts and the recorded historical accounts agree that the Roman Empire was turned upside down by these thick headed, never wavering Jewish people, who had always refused to reject their belief in their One God (the God of Israel) who is not the God of the Gentiles!

Jewish stubbornness caused widespread belief in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, which led to the Romans’ loss of control over their Roman Empire.  The leaders of Rome (the city that still prevails in Italy today known as the Vatican) had thought they were rid of the troublemaker Jesus when they crucified Him; but killing Him merely spread His pure form of Judaism throughout the Roman Empire like a plague.

After the death of Jesus, the Jewish Pharisees (the Jewish Priests in Israel) and Jewish people all over the Roman Empire realized the Old Testament foretold the Messiah of Israel would be put to death; which prophecy was fulfilled when they killed Jesus; causing the Jewish leaders and Jewish people to accept Jesus as their Messiah.  Thus Ancient Rome inadvertently helped spread belief in Jesus’ teachings, just like Jesus prophesied when He said, “Upon this rock I shall build My church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

The ‘rock’ that Jesus was referring to was the Roman harbor built on rock in Israel by the Romans called Caesarea.  Desperate to halt this new form of Judaism, Rome quickly began to round up the followers of Jesus, including His Apostles.  They were either executed in one of the greatest martyrdom in history or imprisoned like the sole Apostle John.  They received a public trial like Jesus and similar to today’s courtroom proceedings; which are a travesty of justice.

The Biblical and Historical accounts agree with these facts.  It only took Rome a few years after the execution of the man named Jesus, to rid their empire of the original Apostles.  Even the latecomer, the Apostle Paul, was arrested in Israel by 67 A.D., sent to Rome, imprisoned for two years, tried, convicted, and executed for treason. In 67 A.D., the Apostle Paul was executed for spreading the original teachings of Jesus and causing widespread chaos throughout the Roman Empire.

Yet even the murder of the original Apostles did not dampen the widespread growth of Jesus’ pure form of Judaism, labeled Christianity.  It continued to flourish and spread to such an extent, that Rome turned its attention away from killing the one remaining Apostle John, whom they imprisoned for life, and turned on the common Jewish folk called Christians who were Jews, converted Gentiles, and converted Roman Centurions. (These Roman soldiers converted to become Jews, who knew and accepted Jesus as their Messiah.)

They all learned Jesus was the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible.  The prophecies that all Jews still hope for every Passover; which is why they crack the front door open a little.  Just in case Elijah the prophet shows up on that Passover night, as promised by the Old Testament.)

Jesus taught His Disciples the truth about Elijah, but Christians are ignorant of this fact because their Gentile Churches do not teach them this truth.  Why don’t Christian Churches of every denomination teach them that Elijah must precede the Coming of the Lord?

Christian Churches eagerly teach their congregations about the 2nd Coming of Jesus, but leave this most important part untaught.  While Christians eagerly await and pray for the 2nd Coming of Jesus, they have no idea what to expect.  They were taught Jesus is Coming back as a Man, yet they cannot identify Jesus even if  He was to show up today.

Elijah’s job is to show up prior to Jesus and herald (announce) the Coming of Jesus.  Just as John the Baptist did for Jesus two thousand years ago, when he identified Jesus as the “Lamb of God”.  Presenting Him to all Israel.  Elijah has to identify Jesus so no Christian or Jew is deceived into believing the ‘Antichrist’ is Jesus.

The New Testament teaches the 2nd Coming of Jesus cannot take place until after Elijah comes.  The New Testament and the Old Testament fully agree that Elijah must precede any Coming of the Messiah.  Therefore, if Jesus is the Messiah, then Elijah must precede Him before His Coming or there will be no Second Coming!

Why are Gentile Christians so preoccupied with the Coming of Jesus, when they should be preoccupied searching for the prophet Elijah?  The reason is, Gentile Churches cannot teach people about Elijah.  This would upset their plans to deceive the nations by presenting ‘The Antichrist’ as Jesus returning.

The prophet Elijah must come prior to the 2nd Coming of Christ, because Elijah’s job is to herald the Coming of the Messiah, who is Jesus Christ; and to announce the Christ at His Coming. Elijah is the only one who knows how to recognize the Christ.

Therefore, the Gentile Churches can’t allow this to happen, which would take the power away from the Christian Leaders and thwart them from deceiving their congregations.  They don’t dare teach Christians about Elijah, because it would upset their plans of deceiving the world into accepting a false Christ___The Antichrist!

Why does Christianity want to deceive the world?  The churches are still in the grip of Rome, who took Jesus’ Church by force.  Their ‘Antichrist’ shall lead the nations into World War III.

To be continued…


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