For Jews Only (Part 9 of 42): Has God forgotten His people Israel and the Jews? – Part B

Judaism had existed and flourished since the days of Abraham, who is the father of Judaism.

Approximately 2,000 years later, the man named Jesus came upon the scene teaching the Jewish people that Judaism had been perverted.  He then proceeded to reinstate the vital meanings of original Judaism, which became known as Christianity within a few decades of His crucifixion.

The Jewish leaders of Jesus’ time were in danger of losing their jobs as priests, if the truth was revealed about their double dealing methods of providing justice, much like what is going on in the world’s justice system today.  Justice was being perverted by the payment of monies (bribes & corruption); and Judaism was no longer the vanguard of Justice being dealt out equally toward all men, Jew and Gentile alike.

Money bought favors and blinded the eyes of justice.  When Jesus began revealing the truth about the perversions in Judaism, the Jewish people (like Americans) already knew it in their hearts.  Therefore, Jesus became the object of the Jewish leaders’ attention, being a political threat to them.

Jesus had to be killed, just like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.  Jesus had the ears of the people of Israel, which is dangerous to the power brokers who really control politics.  The expose’ on truth Jesus was doing about the Jewish religious and Roman leaders forced them to plot His death.

The Roman Empire, who hold their laws and their idea of order more highly than justice, yes even more highly than God Himself, has always been in the business of disbursing lies and spinning the truth to the general public.  It’s still called propaganda.

Only the Roman leaders and Jewish Pharisees willingly went along with  the perversions of Judaism.  These leaders were responsible for crucifying Jesus. Although Jesus was physically dead, perverted Judaism did not remain on the scene very long.

The New Testament, in the book of Acts testifies to that fact, as well as historical records.  During that time, original Christianity exploded across the face of three continents, which occurred only fifty days after they crucified the man named Jesus.  Jews everywhere began spreading the pure form of Judaism, labeled Christianity, which Jesus had ushered into the world via Israel.

Jesus’ reformed Judaism had split the Roman Empire into two camps of citizens: people with money as the center of their lives and Jews who gave up the pursuit of money to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Ancient Rome, permanently weakened by Jesus’ Christianity, teetered and tottered on the brink of economic disaster for three centuries, approaching collapse.  The Jews, living in every corner of the known world and every country in the Roman Empire, were infecting their Roman Gentile students with the pure Judaism of Jesus… such as, “love your neighbor as yourself” and “share everything with others in need.”

Jewish and Gentile Roman citizens everywhere were becoming new born Jews.  Jews and Gentiles alike were accepting Jesus as their Messiah, who was long promised to Israel as far back as Moses.

Rome was not only becoming infected with Jesus’ reformed Judaism, now called Christianity, but was also sinking into the mud of economic depression because Jesus’ followers no longer worked for wages.  This new concept of working without pay could not be taxed, and without taxation the Roman Empire had to collapse.

The followers of Jesus worked hard, but did not receive any form of compensation for their hard work.  While every follower of Christ received what they needed from someone other than the people they helped by their direct work.  In short, every follower of Jesus did the work other people needed, while different people other than the ones they helped were helping them with the things they needed.

To be continued…

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