For Jews Only (Part 8 of 42): Has God forgotten His people Israel and the Jews? – Part A

It is time to deal with the plight of the Jews.  Has God forgotten His chosen people?

No!  The only reason Christians tell others that God is finished with the Jews, is because they have robbed the Jews of their Jewish religion, their Jewish Messiah, and their Jewish God known as the God of Israel.  The only way present day Christianity can hold onto what does not belong to them, what they have stolen, is by teaching the Gentile world that the God of Israel doesn’t want the Jews unless they convert to their form of Christianity.

Their hope in spreading this twisted lie was that no one would ever find out.  Rome has killed anyone bold enough to disclose these truths ever since they invented the witch-hunts known as the Inquisition of the 1600’s.  They killed anyone: old people, pregnant women, and babies to keep their stolen empire.  This is not new.

King Herod was a Roman puppet they put over Israel in the time of Jesus and he slaughtered thousands of newborn babies in a vain attempt to kill the baby Jesus.  King Solomon told you there is nothing new under the Sun.  Nothing has changed in this evil world controlled by satan.  Yes, controlled by satan!

Remember, the devil tempted Jesus to worship him by offering Jesus the throne of Rome, which is rulership of all the kingdoms of the world that satan said belonged to him.  What I am now sharing with the world is not new news, but old news newly being revealed.

If the thieves could convince other Gentiles that Christianity is a Gentile organization, and not Jewish, then the Gentiles could convince Jews it does not belong to the Jews.  Even though Jesus Himself said it did in the Bible.  All Rome had to do is kill Jews in the name of Christ and that would convince the Jews that Jesus was not their Messiah.  It worked!

What the Jewish people didn’t know, and still don’t know, is that the Romans took the original church by force and presented a dead Jesus who is a dead man on a cross and not a living spirit who resides inside every person born ever since they murdered Jesus on the cross, a false Jesus the Apostle Paul taught us about in 2 Corinthians Chapter 11 verses 1 to 4.

The Roman Empire’s church knew they had to break the power of God by destroying Israel and the Jews back in 70 A.D.  Then the Jews would let go of their claim to Christianity, which was ancient Judaism in its purest form, and go about to establish another form of Judaism based upon bits and pieces of the old cultures and traditions that were passed down from father to son, and family to family, until a new form of Judaism evolved to become today’s Judaism; which is far short of the perverted Judaism that existed when ancient Rome ruled Israel, in the days of Jesus.  Thus, the Jews were pushed further back than they were under the Roman Empire over 2,000 years ago.

Now when we take the date when today’s Judaism came into existence, which was during the eleventh century A.D., and we compare that date to other recorded historical dates concerning present day Christianity, and the dates which see a new religion rising in the East, namely the Muslim religion, we begin to see a conspiracy concerning the three major religions of the world.

Strangely enough all three religions share their roots in the eleventh century.  Doesn’t it seem odd that the three major religions of the world all began their present day teachings during the eleventh century, which is the exact century the legions of Rome began their Crusader Wars to take Jesus’ original church by force.  Not to mention that the Roman Crusader Wars were leveled against these three religions, known as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Rome’s intention was to stamp out the original followers of these three major religions.  Rome had to remove them from existence, and replace them with people sympathetic and loyal to Rome.  And there is no shortage of original recorded historical documents available to prove these statements are true!

Present day Judaism, even with its four different sects, all have their roots in a man named Maimonides, the Jewish Rabbi, who lived during the time of the eleventh century A.D.

To be continued…


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