For Jews Only (Part 7 of 42): Truth or Consequences (what Hitler taught the world about the Antichrist)

Jesus taught truth is the only way a person can worship God the Father in heaven.  A person who worships the Father is saved from hell on earth and after physical death.

Jesus worshiped the Father by teaching the true principles of Judaism to overturn the lies that perverted Judaism, even if it had to cost him his life.  So, the Father raised Jesus up from the dead: as promised by the Old Testament.  Jesus did not raise Himself from the dead, according to the New Testament.

The worship of God the Father comes only by seeking the truth about God and Jesus, not by simply claiming Jesus’ name or by some prayer you audibly make; neither does it come by rituals or traditions; and it certainly doesn’t come if idols are involved.

After the Roman Gentiles took the original church of Jesus by force, they had to deceive the world into believing their lie to keep people from worshiping God the Father, which is in heaven.  The Romans knew Jesus’ original church had the power of God, which undermined the Roman Empire, causing it to fall into ruins.  They realized a lie would cancel the truth and cause people to lose the power of God and stop Christians from worshiping God.

This was the Roman master plan to regain their empire. “If you can’t beat them, join them!”  The lie they chose about Jesus being God the Father is simply an extension of their original worship of the Babylonian Sun god!  If the Gentiles could succeed in keeping the followers of Jesus from worshiping the God of Israel in truth, the Romans could get their power over them back again, which is where the world is today.

We are not discussing the general lies people spew at each other every day.  The plan of God solely depended upon people believing the truth about the man Jesus being His Christ.  If the truth about Jesus is perverted, it becomes a lie.  Therefore, the only lie we must concern ourselves with is the lie specifically concerning the man Jesus.

It is this particular type of lie that destroys the truth (the gospel) about the man Jesus; and it only takes one lie to destroy the truth, which lie then causes the people believing the lie to fall into the trap.  Reducing them to people spreading lies about the man Jesus, which is the direct opposite of what the plan of God intended, which is the poison in the free soup fed to the masses.

One lie about the man Jesus is enough to cause you to worship satan, who is the father of lies, unknowingly!  Once Rome accomplished taking Jesus’ Church by force, and perpetrated lies about Jesus being God the Father, then the New Roman Gentile Churches could spread new lies about the Coming of Christ.

Their plan includes bypassing Elijah, the man destined to herald the Coming of Christ.  The only man who can identify Christ, without whom it is impossible for anyone else to identify the Christ at His Coming.  The false church would then present a human being to the Christians whom they prepared with their lies.

A man whom all the Gentile Churches would hail as the Christ returning for the Second Coming, as they did in 1933 when Adolph Hitler was hailed in Germany and sanctioned by the Pope.  Heil Hitler was the term used to greet Hitler, which means hail Hitler: hence the second Coming of Jesus!  Then Rome could re-instate their Emperor on the throne of Rome and reunify Europe under their control….

Unfortunately, Jews became a part of that deception in spite of the many warnings from Jesus in the New Testament to beware of false prophets who will deceive many people…. Jesus also warned us that the deceived people would accept many false Christs!

To be continued…

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