For Jews Only (Part 6 of 42): To Be or not To Be a Christian?

In every aspect of the teachings in the New Testament, Christians either err or refuse to do as their leader Jesus required of them.  This spells out rebellion, which incidentally is called the sin of witchcraft in the Bible.

Hopefully the Jewish people, who have wondered and pondered over Christianity and Jesus, will take a closer look at what the Bible really states before you destroy your families, and get yourselves into a place further away from God.  Remember, I have not told you these things to steer you away from Jesus or the Bible.  I am revealing these things to you so you would know there is a false Jesus being taught to the world, and Messianic Jews don’t even realize they’ve been deceived.

Jews do not have to convert to Christianity by accepting Jesus as their Messiah; they only have to believe the Word of God, which is their Bible.  It is the Gentiles who must convert to Judaism by accepting Jesus, the Messiah of the Jews. (Incidentally, the Word of God is the alter ego name of Jesus.  So, whether you Christians believe what Jesus said, or you Jews believe what the Bible says, you both believe in Jesus.)

Jesus didn’t start Christianity as a new religion.  Christianity was simply an identification label attached to Jews who became followers of the unperverted or corrected Judaism of their Jewish Christ.  The title Christ means Messiah.  Jews that were deceived into following a perverted form of Judaism by the Roman Empire’s control of the Pharisees became good Jews by accepting Jesus’ teachings (doctrine).

Jesus was the man God sent to save His people Israel.  Later, Gentiles became Jews by converting from their pagan beliefs and the worship of idols.

Jesus never began a new religion.  He simply corrected the man made perversions that crept into Judaism because of greed, fear, and Roman politics.  Jesus brought the original meanings back to the ancient beliefs, as were originally handed down to the Jews by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Jesus offered Israel the truth concerning the original teachings of their forefathers, which is why John the Apostle wrote, “I give you a new commandment, which is not new since you had it from the beginning.”

Jesus re-established the original Judaism that had been tainted by bribery and profiteering, which is why Jesus was nailed to a cross!  He commanded His Apostles to go forth into the whole world seeking the lost sheep of Israel, who are the Northern Ten Tribes God sent into slavery and disbursed all over the world to punish and preserve them for a future nation.  These are the brothers of the Jews and not heathens!

The Apostles were to seek the Jews of the world, so they could be brought back to their Father, which is in heaven; but Jesus did not shut the door to the Gentiles.  Only the Gentile heathens who refuse to give up idol worship are shut out.  Gentiles were allowed to join the nation of Israel since the beginning, which are represented today by the three Southern Tribes called Jews, who worship the invisible God, who created all things.  Yet somehow, the Gentiles became the ones in control of Jesus’ Church, and now allow Jews to join their perverted club.

How did things get turned around?  Jesus shed light on the answer to that question also.  When he was being judged by Pontius Pilate, Jesus was asked a condemning question.  Are you the King of the Jews? A ‘yes’ answer would have given the Roman governor the reason he needed to legally execute Jesus.

Only the Emperor of Rome could give the title of king to a person. Anyone assuming that title for themselves would be guilty of high treason, which was punishable by death.  Jesus knowing the governor was trying to entrap Him, answered: “My Kingdom is not of this world.  If My Kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight for Me.” Then Jesus added, the violent will take the Kingdom by force.

The New Testament teaches that Jesus’ Kingdom is the Christian Church.  Therefore, Jesus told us, someone was going to take the Apostles’ Christian Church by force.  This means someone overthrew the Original Christian Church by force.  It is not in the hands of the original people Jesus chose, which brings us to the chosen people being the Jews!

Jesus left his church in the hands of Jewish Apostles, when Gentiles who decided to believe in Jesus became Jews.  This meant the Gentiles were allowed to enter the ranks of those Jews overseeing Jesus’ Jewish Church.  Therefore, the original Church was Jewish, since they were converting Gentiles into Jews; until the Roman Crusaders overthrew Jesus’ Church.

The Christian Churches that exist today are the offspring of the Roman Church.  It is in the hands of Gentiles not Jews! Romans have stolen the original church by force, exactly as Jesus Himself predicted.  Hence, a false Jesus had to be invented to maintain the false kingdom stolen from Jesus.  The New Testament itself warned us this would happen.

A false Jesus is what is being taught in the Gentile-controlled churches including the Messianic Christian Churches that are a part of the Gentile Church system.  These Gentile Christians have weaned many Jews away from the truth…. not because they believe Jesus is the Messiah of the Jews, but because they believe the lie that Jesus is God the Father instead of teaching them Jesus is God’s Christ.

The Apostle Paul taught about the Old Testament teaching of Moses that Jesus was a prophet; the greatest prophet that ever lived; the chief prophet.  It is the Gentile Roman Christian lie that forces a phony duplicate Jesus upon the world.  Therefore, the only difference between the real Jesus and the false Jesus is the lie about Jesus being God the Father!

It is time to deal with the word ‘church’.  It is a word used by the early Jewish followers of Jesus, who could not pronounce the Hebrew word synagogue because the Jewish followers of Jesus were citizens of other foreign countries!  The Greek speaking followers, although Jewish, found it difficult to pronounce Hebrew words.

Exactly like the title ‘Christ’, which was used instead of the Hebrew word ‘Meshiach’.  The Greek Jews mispronounced ‘Meshiach’ as ‘Messias’, which eventually became the English word ‘Messiah’.  Therefore, both words ‘Church and Christ’ are foreign words translating “synagogue and Messiah’.  This renders the true translation of the phrase ‘Christian Church’ to mean ‘Messianic Synagogue’.  A name all Gentile Churches would refuse to apply to themselves, because it implies Judaism!

To be continued…


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