For Jews Only (Part 5 of 42): Idolatry

Jewish people are inherently suspicious of idol worship.  God has pounded Jews over the head for thousands of years because of this one issue.  Every time Israel lapsed into idol worship, their enemies became their rulers and they were enslaved.  Therefore, Jews have learned the hard way not to worship idols and have passed those teachings on to their children.

Whether the children believe their parents or not is a personal issue. (Incidentally this is why God instructed Moses that one of the Ten Commandments had to do with paying attention to what Mom and Pop teach you.)  The point is, Jews have learned the hard way, that idol worship is taboo.

One of the greatest stumbling blocks Jews have, concerning the acceptance of Jesus as their Messiah, is the Christian teaching that Jesus is the Highest God!  Yet, this doctrine cannot be found in the New Testament teachings.

Jesus himself never claimed to be God.  In all the written accounts of the New Testament, Jesus pointed everyone toward His Father God!  Jesus never claimed to be God the Father.  His only claim to fame was that he was the Son of God, and not His own Father.  In fact, Jesus taught others not to call any human being on earth their Father, which included Him because there was only one Father: God in heaven!

Again Christians choose to ignore Jesus’ own words, especially Roman Catholic Christians, who call a human being known as the Pope, Father.  (In fact, the name Pope comes from the Latin word “Papus”, which means Father!  It was the title given to all the Emperors of Ancient Rome, beginning with Emperor Julius Caesar, who was also the High Priest of the Sun god, which was the Roman Religion before Rome accepted Christianity as their State religion 300 years later!

The reason the Jewish Priests, in the New Testament, were angry at Jesus was because He claimed to be the Son of God and not because He claimed to be God the Father!  Yet, in spite of the overwhelming evidence recorded in the New Testament testifying to the fact that Jesus never claimed to be God the Father, Christians developed their own doctrine, which claims Jesus is God the Father.

This idea upsets most Jews, and rightfully so!  Teaching Jesus is God the Father is idolatry and breaks the first and second commandments of the Ten Commandments, which Jesus taught we had no right to do.  Jesus said, if you break the least of the commandments, you are guilty of breaking them all!

Does this sound like you can do as you please?

To be continued…


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