For Jews Only (Part 4 of 42): Jesus’ teachings do not contradict Judaism or the Old Testament

Then what has happened to cause the world to believe Christianity is a Gentile religion and not Judaism?  Why are Christians walking around with their noses high in the air, thinking they have some new sort of religion that Jews must convert to in order to gain entrance into their Gentile Christianity to get to heaven; instead of the other way around?  Let’s examine the record!

Jesus was born a Jew.  Both his parents, according to the New Testament record, were devout Jews.  He hand picked 12 men, called Apostles, who were all devout Jews.  Even the Apostle Paul, an Apostle born out of time, who came on the scene after the death of Jesus, was a devout Jew.  Every teaching Jesus taught others can be directly traced back to the Old Testament teachings of Moses and the Prophets of Israel.

The God Jesus represented is the God of Israel.  The New Testament testifies to the fact that Jesus and His Apostles taught Jewish people to reform their perverted Judaism and remain devout Jews and keep the commandments of God, as recorded in the Old Testament.

Jesus attended Jewish synagogues.  He went to the Jewish Temple.  He kept the Jewish Feast of Passover.  He was circumcised on the eighth day like all Jews.  He was dedicated by his parents in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, as a baby.  He taught the Old Testament to the Jewish Pharisees and corrected their errors.  He upheld the Law of Moses, and taught Jews that not one little letter of the Law of Moses would ever be removed from existence as long as the world existed.

Jesus was emphatic toward the issue of doing the Ten Commandments, when a rich young prince asked Jesus, How do I get eternal life? Eternal life is the direct result of being Saved, according to all Christian Churches today.  Therefore, being saved is directly dependent upon keeping the Ten Commandments; but in spite of Jesus emphatically teaching salvation depended upon keeping the Ten Commandments, which is a teaching of Judaism, Christian Churches everywhere deny Jesus’ teachings telling people, including Jews converted to Christianity, that the Old Testament is null and void, and that the Ten Commandments do not have to be considered for salvation. This is a direct contradiction of Jesus’ teachings.

Jesus also taught, if anyone breaks the least of God’s commandments and teaches men to do likewise, he shall be called the least in kingdom of heaven; and if anyone keeps the commandments and teaches men to do likewise, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus taught, If you break the least of the commandments, you are guilty of breaking them all!

Does that sound like Jesus telling us salvation depends upon saying, I believe in Jesus? Instead, Christians ought to believe in what Jesus told them and be teaching others to believe in what Jesus said!  Which is the doctrine of Jesus….

In the second book of the Apostle John, we can find a very exacting statement concerning the doctrine of Jesus.  The New Testament states: anyone going outside the boundaries of Jesus’ doctrine, does not have God the Father; and anyone who remains inside the boundaries of Jesus’ doctrine, has both the Father and the Son.

Yet in spite of this clear message, all Christian Churches deny that there is only one exact doctrine of Jesus, and deny that they are not allowed to go left or right of Jesus’ doctrines.  Churches spew out their poison claiming: it’s not Christ-like to argue over doctrinal differences.  When the Bible clearly teaches there should be no doctrinal differences in Christianity.

Yet in spite of these exact teachings in the Bible, that Christians everywhere are ignorant of, or willingly ignore, their doctrinal differences have spawned over 1,200 major variations of Gentile Christian Churches, all hissing doctrines different from Jesus.  Doctrine so different that most don’t even come near to paralleling one another. While Paul the Apostle taught, in the New Testament, there is only one church Jesus is responsible for founding, which church should have only one set of teachings.

Meanwhile, Christians elect to ignore the vast proof recorded in the New Testament that is causing the various Gentile Churches to separate further from each other than the galaxies in the universe. While Jews everywhere are torn apart, and suffering, because of the Christian Gentile liars; and the laziness of the Jews; and the Jewish fear of possibly finding out Jesus is the Messiah; and that the New Testament is right!

The fear of the Jews is based upon believing they would have to give up their Jewish identities; which belief is false.  It is a lie generated by the Gentile Christian Churches, because it is the Gentiles who must change their identity and become part of Israel to worship the God of the Jews!

In the face of all this evidence, Messianic Jews have swallowed the lies of the Gentiles, causing havoc to their families; while they move further away from the truth.  Jesus Himself taught the only way a person can worship God is in truth, and that the truth would set a person free from the deception of The Antichrist and Gentile Christian Churches based on the Romans’ Catholic Church….

Yet this paper is not intended to sit in judgment of Gentiles who have also been swindled by Romans, which is their own fault; because the writings of the New Testament are available to anyone willing to give them enough time to see the facts.  Instead, they have been too lazy to invest their time in investigating the information readily available to the entire human race since the 1600’s.

Therefore, Gentiles have accepted the vain messages of men without verifying their teachings, and have been deceived.  While the New Testament demands that each person study the Bible themselves to insure what others are teaching is the truth.  It is the unverified teachings that are the poison which has caused millions of people to lose their families.  Gentiles as well as Jews; not to mention the loss of their souls.

To be continued…


One thought on “For Jews Only (Part 4 of 42): Jesus’ teachings do not contradict Judaism or the Old Testament

  1. I just finished reading Part 3 & 4 of your series called FOR JEWS ONLY. Both teachings give an excellent alert and advantage to the reader who is looking for the truth and never knew they could identify false doctrines within the Christian churches at this very hour.

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