For Jews Only (Part 3 of 42): The Old Testament vs. New Testament – Part B

A closer inspection of Biblical New Testament text would readily reveal the Gentile arguments, offered to Jewish people, as lies not based upon Biblical facts.  A closer inspection of the New Testament would also reveal that the original Apostles, hand picked by Jesus, depended solely upon the Old Testament for their teachings: which ultimately became known as the New Testament.  Simply because the New Testament did not exist when Jesus was alive and teaching.

Therefore, the New Testament did not exist and at best, it is a history of Jesus’ attempt to reform the perverted Judaism of His time; but because the New Testament is founded and rooted in Old Testament teachings, it rears itself as a vanguard to the testimony of the Old Testament of Judaism.

In fact, the New Testament does more to promote the truths of Judaism, and the teachings of Moses, than the writings of the Old Testament itself.  Therefore, the New Testament demands the church that Jesus gave to the world was pure Judaism; and not the Gentile Church that came into existence a mere thousand years ago under the control of Rome, which is known as Christianity today; which teaches the Gentiles to either tolerate or hate Jews!

In fact, this excerpt (from Acts Chapter 7, verses 37 and 38) in the New Testament teaches, the exodus of the twelve Tribes of Israel by Moses from Egypt, were called Jesus’ church in the wilderness of Sinai.

The New Testament also tells us (in 1 Corinthians Chapter 10, verses 1 to 4) that all our Jewish forefathers, who came out of Egypt, were all baptized in Moses and in the Red Sea by Christ, 1,500 years before Jesus was born.  Proving the original mind of God is the Jewishness of the church Jesus gave to the Jews and the world 2,000 years ago, which church was genocided by the Romans and replaced with their own brand of Christianity, which prevails by deceiving people today.

Since Jesus is the Christ, which means the Messiah, Jesus is directly referred to in these passages. Add to that, the chief instruction Jesus gave to original Apostles: Go forth unto all the world baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; which was spoken of as having been the angel who spoke to Moses out of the burning bush, in Acts Chapter 7, verse 38.

Therefore, the exodus of the Jews from Egypt was the baptism of them into Jesus’ church 1,500 years before the human prophet Jesus was born, who was promised (in the New Testament book of Acts, Chapter 7, verse 37) to the Jews by Moses.

Once again proving God had, and still has, a plan for the Jewish people who do not need any help from the Gentiles to know and worship their God!  Even Jeremiah, the Old Testament prophet of Israel, taught us about New Testament times (in Jeremiah Chapter 31, verses 31 to 34) saying, that two parts of Israel would receive the promise of the New Testament, not the Gentiles only; and that it would not be necessary for Jewish people to teach each other the Bible; but that those commandments would be written on the hearts (brains) and minds (spirits) of the Jews, by God Himself.

Therefore, it is the Gentile Christian Churches who need the Jews, who are God’s chosen people, to teach the Gentiles about the God of Israel.  Hence Jesus’ message to the Gentile Samaritan Woman by Jacob’s well: Salvation is of the Jews!

The reason for the Jews being the Chosen People was, and still is, to teach the Pagan Nations of the world about God, which is why Jesus both said: We Jews know what we worship and you non-Jews do not know what you worship!

Therefore, salvation is of the Jews!

To be continued…

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