For Jews Only (Part 2 of 42): The Old Testament vs. New Testament – Part A

The New Testament and the Old Testament of the Bible support the claims of the followers of Jesus.  The claims that Jesus is the Messiah sent by the God of Israel.  The New Testament is a record that can be depended upon by the staunchest Jewish believer of Judaism.

It is not the New Testament that is on trial here, but the Gentile people who have laid claim to be the followers of Jesus and the disbursers of those writings. Even a half-wit would come away with a very different picture than those presented by all the various Christian Churches, if he would give himself half-a-chance by investigating the New Testament of the Bible.

In fact, so many varying ideas are taught in the present day Christian Churches, about Jesus the Jew, the Jewish Apostles, and the first Jewish followers known as the Church, that it would boggle the mind of Albert Einstein.  Christian Churches claim to be the followers of Jesus, while their doctrines vary left and right from Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament.  They also vary from each other’s doctrines.

Their variations number like the sand of the sea, even in the face of Biblical New Testament recordings that clearly state otherwise.  In clear unequivocal language that a baby could understand, the New Testament teaches everything taught by the Old Testament except for the rules governing the Temple in Jerusalem, which was destroyed in 70 A.D.

There should only be one set of teachings according to the Apostle John, in his letter known as 2nd John, which states: anyone varying one degree left or right from that one set of doctrines (teachings) in the Bible, is not a follower of Jesus, neither does that person have or believe in God, nor is he or she a child of God, nor a Jew, but a liar!

To this end, too many Jewish people have fallen victim to well meaning Gentiles who believe in Christ; who have not had a teacher of truth for the last thousand years.  Well meaning Gentiles who do not know that they have also become victims of a plot revealed in the New Testament by turning Jews into victims.  A plot which warns Christians that a false church would emerge and supplant the original church of Jesus for a thousand years.

These Gentile victims are similar to well meaning people who have received thousands of gallons of free soup to give to the poor and hungry.  Gentile Christians who do not know that the ingredients in the soup contain poison.  A poison that cannot be tasted.  It looks like soup.  It smells like soup.  It tastes like soup.  It tastes good, but unknown to the Gentiles dishing out the soup, it contains a deadly poison.

Unwittingly, these Gentile Christians will cause millions of hungry people to eat the soup and die.  Their ignorance of the poison will not save the hungry people from physical death!  Neither will saying, “I’m sorry!” bring them back from the dead!  Yet it’s happening everyday in spite of the New Testament’s warnings to Christians that can be easily read: to be aware of the ingredients in the New Testament Soup before feeding it to others….

Several questions must be considered concerning Jews.  Are they really the chosen people? If so, Why were they chosen and what exactly were they chosen to do?

The next question is, Why do Christians believe Jews are not included in God’s salvation plan for mankind, unless they accept and believe in Jesus? And why did Jesus say, Salvation is of the Jews? if salvation is of the Gentiles?

I don’t expect Jews to know what I am about to reveal, concerning the New Testament, not even the Jews who have become Messianic Jews – a name used to define Jewish people who become Christians.  These are Jews who accept Jesus as their Messiah.

In fact most Christians have no idea that the New Testament teaches them a false Jesus was being circulated and taught to people 2,000 years ago, when the original Apostles were alive.  The reason I am revealing this information is to help Jewish people; whether they believe in Jesus or not.

Jews should take a closer look at the facts concerning Christian beliefs. In fact, 2 Corinthians Chapter 11, verses 1 through 4 speak plainly about the deception of a false Jesus.  I’m not trying to convince Jews that Christianity is right; neither am I saying Messianic Jews are wrong.  I’m saying all Jews should respect each other’s beliefs and inspect the facts.

It is just possible that both Jews, who remain faithful to Judaism, and Messianic Jews, are right; and that the Christian Gentiles, unwittingly, have fed Jews a poisonous soup.  The issue here is one of great importance.

If Jews were duped into becoming Messianic Jews by well meaning Gentile Christians, their good intentions will not erase the damage.  While other Jews, who are the relatives of those so-called converted Jews, suffer needless pain and confusion concerning their own beliefs.  Jewish people are confused by the convincing arguments of their family members who have become Messianic Jews, or at the very least, carry guilt from the accusations of their own family members.

These arguments have been handed down to the Messianic Jews from Gentile Churches to Jewish people sincerely seeking to learn about the one called Jesus the Messiah; which false arguments were put together by Gentiles who inherited them from the synagogue of satan in Rome, desperately trying to hang onto their own Gentile identity, rather than do what God commanded them through Jesus, which is to trade their Gentile identity for a Jewish one; and be grafted into the tree of Israel.

Since, the originators of these lies hate the idea of being a Jew, because they really hate Jews!  In the same way you wouldn’t take on the identity of a homosexual or a mass murderer.  The identity ‘Jew’ is considered lowering oneself to the world, but to the God of Israel the identity of being a Jew is God raising a person up to the highest level amongst Mankind.

For which reason Jesus taught abase yourself and you shall be exalted! And Abraham was chosen by God to separate out of Mankind a new nation.  A nation isolated to serve Him alone.

To be continued…


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