For Jews Only (Part 1 of 42): The plight of the Jews

A question all Jews have asked, from time to time, is: Has God forgotten His people?

Yet for all the times this particular question has been put to God, no one has ever before received an answer: that is, until now!

Unfortunately for the Jewish people who have suffered, receiving an answer now will not ease their pain.  Since people desire an answer to their prayers while they are suffering, and not a thousand years later; not even fifty years later.

Therefore, even though the answer can now be told, which answer could not be revealed on earth, until the final hour of mankind when the last act in the play called “life on earth” was about to be played out.  The last act that would ultimately close the curtains on this play forever.

Now that mankind has reached far beyond the point of no return, concerning life on earth, the answer to the Jewish age old question can be revealed….


The Plight of the Jews

The most important issue with which this paper will deal is the plight of the Jews.  For thousands of years, the people known as the Jews have been used as a scapegoat by every nation under the Sun.  They have literally been blamed for everything happening, from unemployment to economic collapse and war, which were caused by others in the world.

When an economy sours, the Jews are the ones who caused it.  When the rain is withheld and draught occurs, it’s the Jews fault.  If war breaks out, the Jews made it happen.  Time after time, nation after nation, the world has used the Jewish people as their own personal scapegoat.

This is chiefly done to get the general public within a nation, and even the world, to look away from the real culprits, because they know they would receive the wrath of the people’s anger.  If the people were to find out the truth about the leaders who are really behind their problems, they would rip down their nations instead of touching the Jews.

Therefore, subtle hints about the Jews being responsible for a nation’s woes are circulated by those who control the media and the country to shift the blame away from the culprits.

Down through the ages, throughout the history of Israel, many Jews have swung away from their traditional Jewish belief toward Christianity.  Some Jews have made a clean sweep of their old ways, only to take upon themselves a set of new crutches.  They merely traded their Jewish rituals and traditions for a new set of Christian rituals and traditions (which are not new, but rituals and traditions that originated from ancient Judaism).  Other Jews have oscillated back and forth between their old Jewish beliefs and their new Christian beliefs, stolen from ancient Judaism.

Confusion taking for the most part a burdensome toll in their lives.  Torn by loss of family and friends, who would have died for them, they shifted toward the plastered smiles of the so-called believers of Jesus, who would not be there when the time of Jewish trouble and persecution came; when the nation they live amongst would rise up against them and kill them in the name of Jesus.  Beer Garden friends, who speak much about love and Jesus, and yet seem to disappear into the woodwork at the first sign of trouble.

Woe unto those Jews who traded real love for a play-actor who wouldn’t be discovered until the real time of Jacob’s trouble came upon the Jews.  Jesus called it, the Tribulation!

To be continued…


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