Basic Instinct (Part 9 of 12): The western v. eastern mentality

Women are designed to go without sex for much longer periods of time than men.  In the case of a pregnant human female, a ten month time period after fertilization is necessary before giving birth.  During this time period most women do not want sex, but need consoling and protection.  So, to get their male’s protection and consoling they are willing to give their man sex, but women hate it.

This limits a woman’s need for fertilization, and the lack of needing fertilization reduces the woman’s need for sex to zero.  Not to mention the care period of a newborn child following birth, which for human females should be 2 years, but can be as long as 25 years depending on the female’s self-imposed limitations because of not breeding.

The care period of a newborn child should not be longer than 2 years, but thinking has elongated this responsibility for men and women.  If we take the 2 year period necessary for a woman to insure the survival of her offspring, and add it to the 10 month period from fertilization to birth, then we have a period of 2 years and 10 months the woman instinctively will not need further fertilization.

In the case of monogamy, what is the male who is also driven by his instincts supposed to do?  Remember, the instincts of the male demands fertilizing women every day.  It is what he was designed to do, just as women were designed to be impregnated.

As you can see, this imposes an extreme problem on monogamist societies, of which none actually exist on earth, because men subsidize their monogamist marriages with girlfriends, mistresses and prostitutes.

While Western societies fake an existence rooted in monogamy, the truth is prostitution, mistresses, girlfriends and sometimes daughters, wouldn’t be used as mates if these societies were truly monogamist.  Men in Western Societies mate with many more women during their lifetimes than they marry.  Instinct rules!  If instinct rules, then why are we Western nations based on monogamy?

The reason is simple. Rulers have learned over many ages that it is easier to enslave people who do not have 20 or 30 wives, resulting in 100 or more children, who are willing to fight any ruler threatening their family.  Armed with this knowledge, you can understand why Muslims are a great threat to Western societies.  Islam believes and allows a man to have multiple wives, producing many more children than Western men.  It is the basic reason the Western Hemisphere cannot stop terrorism; and if the West threatens Islam’s way of life (polygamy), there will be a World War III.

A man who has 20 or 30 women as wives will be totally fulfilled instinctively because he will be fertilizing all the time and the three year period a woman does not need fertilization, and is out of action because of childbirth, will no longer interrupt the natural behavior of the male and his many females.

Neither are his women threatened, abused, or imprisoned, because they willingly desire these conditions, which also fulfill all their instincts.

Every man and woman wants their instincts fulfilled.  Fulfilled instincts are the only way to achieve peace, satisfaction and sexual gratification.  Neither our present Western societies, nor the Eastern Westernized societies, can accomplish this by imposing rules and laws upon its citizens to control their sexual behavior, which must result in individual misbehavior and the overthrow of nations by war.  Therefore, women of ancient and modern societies are feeling imprisoned by men when it is the rulers who have imposed the conditions humans live under in civilization.

A woman cannot tell a man what she wants because she doesn’t know her instincts are ruling her, but she knows she needs to be free to follow her instincts.  Not free of her male mate, but free from their rulers who have imposed monogamy on the human race for their own benefit, which is to acquire the wealth from the use of their citizens by controlling their slaves, now known as employees.

For it is cheaper to pay a prostitute by the hour for sex, than to pay for a wife over a lifetime.  In the same way it is cheaper to pay for an employee by the hour, than to pay for a slave over his or her lifetime. Now you know why rulers have done away with slavery and replaced it with employment.

Now you know why rulers have done away with polygamy and replaced it with monogamy.  Now you know why China and America have done away with childbirth (by murdering the woman’s reproductive organs and allowing a woman to murder her child by abortion, and allowing a woman the right over her own body to keep it from reproduction).

To be continued…

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