Basic Instinct (Part 8 of 12): The problem with monogamy

One of the strongest drives taught to men and women early in life is to seek the approval of our peers and masters.  When people fail in this arena, they develop a low self esteem or a hatred for authority, amongst other neurosis.  Knowing how life is supposed to work, and how it was originally designed to work, is the basis of ridding oneself of these neuroses.

Torment is not a mental disease, even though it occurs in the brain.  Wild animals are not tormented, but caged animals are tormented.  Animals imprisoned by man, or living amongst man, display various stages of torment.  Yet, domestic animals like dogs and cats freely accept their imprisoned status, as most women also accept their imprisoned status.

Men, whether women believe it, are also prisoners of society.  Their prison cells might be larger, but that ends any difference between male and female imprisonment and torment.

In the wild, the female chooses which clan’s territory to join.  She is fully aware of enslaving herself to the male in charge of the territory.  She has freely chosen to become a part of that man’s life.  Once her choice is made, she loses all rights to making choices.  Her male dominates her.

The female instinct allows her to desire this condition.  In fact, she hungers to be dominated by her male.  Without her male’s domination, she is miserable.  Without children, women are confused.  Unless another male overthrows the superiority of her male, she will contently spend her entire life with her male.  This is because wild animals are only using instinct to direct their lives.

If her male is overthrown by another male, she is designed to submit to her new male freely, which behavior is exhibited in modern women on a daily basis, because women are designed to accept the new dominant male, which their instinct perceives is the guy controlling their workplace, the bar, or the gym.

Since the male is designed to fertilize the female whenever she comes into heat, females often stray from the husband due to a new male being on location when they go into heat at another location, other than the home.

Another natural law in the male is designed to fertilize women many times per day, while the female is not designed for such activity except when she goes into heat, which only occurs sporadically in any given year.  Therefore, we see another natural law.  Men can fertilize ten to twenty women in one day, every day; while a woman will only allow a man to fertilize her during her period of heat, which may only occur once a month.

This female limitation, imposed upon her by nature, imposes a strain upon her male mate in a monogamist society, because the male can fertilize at least ten to twenty women per day.  Has nature made a mistake?  No!  It seems to be a mistake, but is not a mistake.  It is a purposeful plan imposed upon the lower classes of the human race by the ruling class of a nation in civilization.  Rulers have constructed laws limiting the male to one female.

A nation’s law limiting males to one female is the basis of the male not having the availability of many females to fertilize; and the females not having one male to fertilize many women, when they come into heat.  This causes another problem in civilization.

Many women never get a male to fertilize them, or worse, women wind-up being fertilized by a male that cannot, nor will not, bear their responsibility to care of that female.  Leaving her to the mercy and scarcity of providing for herself and her children.

Now mathematically speaking, simple logic shows us that if a female only requires the services of her male mate one day per month, then the number of females that will require the same male’s services during that month would be at least thirty females; and they would solely belong to him.

This logic is based upon the thirty females coming into heat on different days during the same month, but many females in one herd can come into heat on the same day; and many other females can come into heat on different days of the month.

Now if the male can service ten to twenty different women each day, every day, then we can multiply the minimum ten women a day by the thirty days of a month culminating in a harem of at least three hundred women for one male.  Then it is necessary to figure in the supplies needed by the one male to provide for his females, and you can begin to see why a male would have to be a king, like King Solomon in the Bible, to provide for his 300 wives and 700 concubines.

Showing us that a normal number of females owned by one male should be a minimum of 300 females.  Not to mention the joy of a female, who does not have to perform sexually every day for her monogamist male as the sole female trying to satisfy his sexual appetite: which sexual appetite’s demands on the sole wife are considered as another form of enslavement; and not to mention the fact that women desire the company of other women and never desire the company of men, but only need men for fertilization.

Now you can see why monogamy (one man and one woman) cannot work, even though some people are die-hards and remain married for a lifetime.

To be continued…

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