Basic Instinct (Part 7 of 12): The sexual drive

Now let’s begin to dissect female behavior.  Remember the question, What do women want?  Like Sigmund Freud, I have personally asked thousands of women the same question during many hours of research I personally conducted.  The only answer I ever received from a woman was, “I do not know.”

The reason women don’t know what they want is, women have not successfully adapted to civilization as men have adapted.  Women operate their bodies and their lives mostly according to their instincts.  While almost all of the male’s instincts have been replaced by society’s laws because of fear.  Therefore we can state: In women, instinct rules!

This is not true for the male, except in one area – sex!  When it comes to sex, men are totally locked into using their basic instinct.  This is why men have no boundaries concerning the female when it comes to sex.  Age, height, color, race, religion, weight, good, and evil, are usually not considerations of a male when it comes to sex.  Yet, like the female, he has certain conditions imposed on him by instinct, which he readily discards in the face of no sex.

The mental conditions imposed on men by society oppose his basic instinct. When a society imposes rules concerning the ownership and use of women, it results in perversions.  This is the basic reason a male shepherd alone for months with the herd of sheep will commit bestiality.  All bringing us back on course, as to why people exhibit bad behavior.

Both male and female are driven by their basic instinct to both fertilize and be fertilized, but when their natural instincts are forbidden or altered, both men and women resort to perversion.  The shepherd would have never committed bestiality if he had a female; and if needing money had not driven the shepherd to be alone tending a flock of sheep to make money; and if the shepherd remained in the natural wild state tending his family instead of sheep.

Another scenario to discuss is the reason for the female’s promiscuity.  While some females become celibate even after marriage, others embark on a road of promiscuity. Both types of women, and all degrees in between, are victims of a single concept.  We began to think!

Humans know we are the only “thinking” species on this planet.  While all wildlife has the ability to think, no animal can use thinking to analyze to the degree learned by Mankind.  Men have mastered learning by recording data.  Human beings are unique for this reason alone.  While most people believe humans are superior to animals, the truth is thinking and analyzing has made us inferior to all other life.  Thinking has caused the human species to self-destruct and destroy other animals.  I don’t have to prove this fact.  The proof is available to everyone today!

Thinking is a process imposed upon us.  From birth, our parents and communities force us to learn.  Unlike other animals, who teach their young the basic survival tools for a short time after birth, humans impose a one-third life sentence upon their children called education.  Survival for the human species no longer depends solely on food, water and air, but encompasses complexities that will take the average person 30 to 40 years to accumulate and never master.

If all animals are born with the necessary instincts to survive life, why was it necessary for mankind to add thinking and analyzing to his brain?  This question demands an answer, without which no person can ever find peace during life. If a person achieves “peace” while alive, it will be his or her greatest achievement.  Mastering survival brings peace.

Torment is the opposite of peace.  Torment is self-imposed.  Torment comes from either within our own brain or from outside the brain.  In either case, information is entering the brain causing conflict with our instincts.  All people suffer from some degree of torment, but some people suffer great torment. Torment ranges from slight to extreme. We have labeled these degrees of torment: anxiety, jealousy, depression, mistrust, and insanity, are a few labels.  Other labels include: whore, adulterer, pimp, thief, murderer, and rapist.  The list is almost endless.

Yet, all these labels merely identify a degree of torment going on inside the brain of the person being tormented, which torment is revealed by a person’s outward behavior.

To be continued…

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