Basic Instinct (Part 5 of 12): Keeping women imprisoned

Let’s investigate a so-called imprisoned female from an ancient eastern society first.  In her brain, she is convinced she is a prisoner in her own home.  Does she really differ from a modern Western woman?  No!  Just 50 years ago in the U.S., a woman felt imprisoned in her own home, because she was not allowed to work in the workplace amongst men.  Yes, Western women felt just as imprisoned!  What is incredible is both sets of women, Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern, only have thoughts of breaking out and being free.

This should not exist, but it does exist, and it even exists to a greater extent in today’s modern Western societies like the United States.  Neither the women in the ancient societies, nor the women in the modern Western societies, are content to stay at home, unless she has many children to tend and a loving husband.

This fact proves it is not the mentality of their societies imposed upon women, but the basic instinctual female mentality that drives this similarity of behavior in every female.  Once the female proves her mentality has no borders or boundaries, unless she imposes boundaries upon herself, we find her mentality does not depend on the society in which she lives.

Just as the female animal imposed her own boundaries thousands of years ago before thinking began, when she decided to enter a particular male’s territory, proving no one is teaching her that mentality.  Thus, we find the universal law that drives all women: their basic instinct to freely choose the male, by unknowingly being in the male’s territory, forces women to want to reproduce with the dominant male in that territory. This means today’s woman believes she is choosing the male she wants to mate and duplicate through sex, while her choice ended at his territorial doorway.

The modern woman feeling trapped, according to her perception, in her own home, considers herself a victim, while in actuality she doesn’t know she trapped herself by entering the bar, the workplace, the party, or the gym, of her choice.  Once she agrees with her own thinking, and doesn’t understand how it works, her newly acquired thinking brain needs to place blame for the condition she alone created by straying from her home.

Her conclusion is men are imprisoning her, while she has imprisoned herself because nature demands it to be so.  She derives at this conclusion because her instinct to have a male dominate her makes men the guardians of female behavior.

Therefore, men must be responsible for imprisoning women and taking away their rights, which nature has never given them, nor ever will.

Now we must look at why men have become the guards keeping women imprisoned.  The main reason at surface level is the society in which they exist demands it.  Yet, a look into those primitive societies reveals that jealousy and honor are thought to be at the root of the male’s behavior.

These men are subject to the other men and women in their society.  It’s called “Peer Pressure”.  It’s the basis of our own legal justice system in the U.S.  A jury of your peers imposes punishment or forgiveness according to their behavioral rules or prejudices.

Honor is the element that is sought inwardly by people in general.  It consists of doing things right, plus being accepted by your peers.  If a man is ridiculed by his neighbors, especially other men, because of his wife’s behavior, then that man’s honor is challenged and damaged.  If the ridicule comes because of promiscuous behavior on a wife’s part, who happens to be the mother of his children, not only is that man’s honor damaged, but jealousy is also instilled in the man’s brain.

The result of such conditions is abusing her, beating, limiting behavior, imprisoning, killing, or divorcing the woman.  This condition not only exists in ancient societies, but actually permeates all of today’s societies also.  The difference is in how this problem is handled rather than:  Does this problem exist?  Some societies kill such women, while others tolerate bad behavior, but all men hate a woman who strays, while they pursue and tempt other men’s women to stray from the marriage bed.

To be continued…


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