Basic Instinct (Part 4 of 12): What do women want?

Sigmund Freud established his theory in the 19th century that understanding a woman was impossible, which is why he labeled women “the dark continent”.  He openly wrote that women could not answer his question, which was “What do women want?”

He subjected women to his warped mind.  The reason this question cannot be answered by women is because the answer lies deep at the base of their human instinct.

Since instincts can only be observed by behavioral acts, scientists know little or nothing about instincts.  Since Physiologists like Freud began “Talking Therapy” in an attempt to get patients to reveal the roots of their neurosis, and really have no desire to reinstate human instinct, they can never unravel the most complex subject on earth… Social behavior!

The real reason most people study to become Physiologists is their own personal quest to diagnose their own neurosis.  Thus, Physiologists use people as guinea pigs upon whom they experiment, while they are not really interested in helping cure people: and are only interested in making a name for themselves to achieve a status amongst their peers: while most settle for the good income they’ve derived.

Even Freud attempted diagnosing himself for four years to no avail.  Without understanding the essence of human instinct, it is impossible to unveil the reason why women do what they do, think as they think, and act as they act; and further impossible to get an answer from a woman. As long as scientists believe women are aware of why they behave this way or that way, scientific knowledge is doomed to failure and will remain void on this topic.

Please do not forget that women were designed to be exactly as they are; whether you believe we are designed by God or nature doesn’t matter.  Women are what they are! And women are not freaks of nature, but they are acting exactly the way they are supposed to act.  Whether or not men understand women is not essential, but whether men treat women gently, and kindly, and protect them, and use them for childbirth, is essential.

A woman will never be fulfilled unless she bears children.  Only second to bearing children, is having children to teach and interact if she is barren.  Men are totally in the dark and confused by women, because men were never designed to live-in with women or have the need to understand a woman. Men were only designed to copulate with a woman and provide protection for his extended family.

Women have an understanding for each other, but not of their own behavior. Women do not know why they behave in any situation.  This is because women were also never designed to understand men or themselves, but they were only designed to receive the male’s sperm, reproduce the human race, and work to insure the survival of their children.  Unless we grasp these facts about women, we are all, male and female, groping in the dark, worrying, and making mistakes, instead of just enjoying our moments together.

Women support each other because they all experience these unknowns, even if they do not know each other.  This is a universal unwritten code amongst women.  All women know they have a dark side, as well as men, but do not understand why, which is beginning to reveal itself as the terrible results of extreme depression, suicide, and murder, in huge numbers amongst many nations.

When we can help a woman uncover the simplest instinct that lies at the base of every female’s activities, then light begins to shine on mankind’s oldest problem.  As I said earlier, once the human race wandered off its natural course of being a natural animal, by reconditioning their brains to become thinking analyzing creatures, instead of remaining instinctual creatures, the course of human behavior sank ever deeper into evil.  Then, all the evils of humanity, from misbehavior to serial killers and megalomaniacs, are unleashed upon the human race.  A result no one ever wanted, but is experiencing.

In 1908 there were only 287 murders committed in the entire United States of America.  The fact is that number of murders is now occurring on a daily basis in every city.  This is clear evidence that the human species is declining at a geometric rate, which cannot be slowed or stopped.  It will continue until we exterminate ourselves or we go back to our beginning.  The least we can do in the meantime is understand why we behave the way we behave.  Understanding each other brings the solstice of knowing, and knowledge gives us control of ourselves so we can live with the inevitable reduction of child bearing and ever increasing bad behavior of women.

A female, regardless of race, color, religion or class status, or geographical location on earth, must have her eggs fertilized.  Whether a female is straight or homosexual, good or evil, tall or short, fat or skinny, she must have her eggs fertilized.  This one essential factor is the entire driving force behind a woman’s actions.  Only secondary to this instinct is the instinct that drives every female to choose the strongest male available from amongst all the males available at the moment her body demands fertilization.  Once these two facts are understood, all other female behavior becomes relevant and understandable.

To be continued…


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