Basic Instinct (Part 3 of 12): The reproduction of the human race

Men are also prone to inflict their misguided knowledge upon women, willing to allow their female instincts to dictate reproduction, by not allowing the female to produce children.  Men’s reasons are also many, the least of which is children cost too much money.  Other reasons include the male’s only reason for marrying are: to have a live-in female for sexual use only; adding a female by marriage for the purpose of increasing his available income; to have a female because she was the only female that would have ever slept with him; to cover-up his being a homosexual; to trade his female with other men for the use of their females; to sell his female to other men; to be a mother to them; to be their own personal live-in maid… and on – and on – and on!

The entire problem can be reduced to its singular source, which is the fertilization of the female human egg or the necessity for reproduction.  The male and female of all species are instinctually designed for this one act so life can continue.  The necessity for reproduction forces us to realize that basic instincts #1 and #2, namely

1.   The instinct to survive, and
2.   The instinct to find food and water

are actually integral parts of the composite instinct #3 to reproduce the human race.

This then reduces the entire meaning of life to one singular instinct and only one reason for living, the reproduction of the human race; and anything that interrupts or tries to supplant this essential act undermines the course of all good human behavior, resulting in bad behavior of every degree.

Males and females do not know why they are driven to think and act.  They do not have a clue to the essential reason their own behavior at times disturbs them.  Ancient man didn’t understand this essential behavior either, but over thousands of years learned as he progressed. He learned the female could not be trusted to think and act by herself.  So societies around the world developed by imposing strict laws governing the human female’s actions.

Once Mankind released the human brain to add information and knowledge, the problems created would become insurmountable: demanding thousands of remedies and laws added to the game of life for human beings. This is the reason all human beings on earth realize our societies do not work, which only bring misery and loss no matter what race, color, creed, class or the geographical location of a person’s nation.

Some of older societies still linger today, trying to impose ancient remedies on female behavior.  One such community is the Muslim peoples.  In the more antiquated countries like Algeria, women are literally imprisoned in their own homes in a vain attempt to control their behavior.  Another is China, which has imposed the deliberate destruction of a woman’s reproductive organs to reduce her ability to have more than one child. The greatest offender was Ancient Rome, whose laws are still affecting today’s Western nations.  The ancient Roman Empire imposed laws limiting men to one woman: thus, reducing the number of children born in one family by reducing the number of women available to one man.

No matter what solution imposed by nations upon the human race, the societies may limit reproduction, but the destructive consequences range from abuse to serial killers.  The mentality of an entire nation teaches women lies to deceive and convince women to stop reproducing because it is necessary to preserve their standard of living or by using religion to limit men’s natural instincts.  Whether or not this is taught directly or indirectly is of no importance.  The results shout that Mankind has interfered with the natural order of things, creating a zoo of crime, disease, misery, and untold bad results.

To be continued…


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