Basic Instinct (Part 2 of 12): The sexual shut-down

Heat is a term used for women that explains why a woman needs a man.  (It is said that men burn to have sex with a woman, and women go into heat to tempt a man into burning to have sex with them.)

Women have eggs, which when fertilized by the males’ sperm, begin the process of reproduction of a species.  As in all phases of life, a woman goes through changes: her body changes when she reaches puberty; her body changes chemically after and during impregnation; and her body changes as she increases in age.  Once puberty occurs in the female, she begins releasing eggs, which demands fertilization. At puberty, she will release the most number of eggs more frequently than will ever occur as she grows older.  Therefore, the older a woman becomes, the frequency of eggs released diminishes and the amount of eggs diminishes also.

As the frequency and the number of eggs diminish, so does her moments of “going into heat”. In Civilization this poses a problem for a married couple, since a woman’s body shuts-down sexually much earlier than a Man’s body. No longer desiring to copulate sexually, a woman no longer needs her male mate for purposes of reproduction. Yet, the married man is still instinctively driven to reproduce long after her instinct to reproduce stop.

The woman’s state of ‘being in heat’ dictates her willingness to allow the male to mate with her.  Dramatically opposing this female instinct to mate, is a woman’s natural ‘state of heat’ slowing down and stopping with increased age.  This occurs at different times in different women, but universally it will happen between the ages of 35 to 55.  Due to mental knowledge gained and added to the brain of women, a sex stoppage may even occur in women at a much earlier age, even though they are still experiencing “being in heat”.

Another problem caused by the instinct in the female brain is instinct #2, the instinct to find food. If food is scarce, which can be caused by not earning enough money to afford sufficient food, women will cease bearing children.  This is occurring in today’s females all over the world, but especially the women in the Western Hemisphere, because nations are controlling their economies to reduce the wealth of the lower and middle classes; thereby, indirectly causing women’s instincts to limit their own reproduction to one or two children and in most cases… women not wanting to reproduce any children. This phenomenon is a direct cause of divorce, family abandonment, suicide and murder. The direct cause is the male’s overpowering instinct to reproduce.

The instinct to reproduce collides head-on with the overpowering female’s newly acquired knowledge of not reproducing. The male’s reasoning concludes that his female does not love him or want him, culminating in a shut-down of his desire to reproduce with her.  It doesn’t have to be verbal on the woman’s part, but can simply be communicated to the man by her wearing a patch, taking the pill, her demanding he use a condom, or causing him to pull-out. There are many other ways a man detects the unwillingness of his female to reproduce, not the least of which is seeking him for sex.

When the woman refuses to reproduce the male (copulate), it drives him to subconsciously seek other women for purposes of reproduction.  Yet, in today’s world, this male is seen as and labeled a womanizer or a whoremonger, while he is actually the victim of an unscrupulous society forcing unnatural laws on him, which force him into conflict with his own built-in instincts.

To be continued…

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