Basic Instinct (Part 1 of 12): Humans began their journey as animals

At the center of all neurosis and crime, misbehavior and unacceptable acts, is our instinct syndrome.  Human beings began their journey through time as animals.  All the information necessary for us as creatures inhabiting the earth had been already given to us prior to birth. The information is known as “instinct”.  The information known as instinct consists of everything a new human being baby would need to grow, develop, and survive a hostile world.

The use of instinct did not require thinking or analysis.  It only needed circumstances to trigger the correct response.  Circumstances surrounding a situation automatically activate a correct response in our brain.  When something occurred in a new human animal, an automatic response was activated from the vaults of instinctual knowledge inside the human brain.

Time began when humanity decided to embark upon a course in life that would result in the enlargement of the human brain, caused by the eating of blood.  The brain would enlarge itself and extend its use of memory, thinking and analysis.  Thinking led to experimentation, and experimentation led to increasing human knowledge.

The new course of the human animal increasing its brain power would eventually collide with our foundational brain data base known as instinct.  The gathering of information and the development of new concepts amongst human beings only served to postpone, or circumnavigate, the random effect the earth has upon plants, weather, and all its creatures.

Ultimately, the new course of the human animal embarked upon would cause head-on collisions with their initial instinctual information base.  These catastrophic collisions were the results of the opposing information gathered colliding with their initial instincts.  The new information allowed to enter a human being’s brain resulted in humanity’s new journey away from instinct.  We named it Civilization.

Once early human beings embarked upon this new course of life, all people coming after them would become victims of this aggressive journey, which can only be altered by the complete destruction of the civilized world.  The only antidote to cure this problem, other than the complete destruction of the earth, is understanding the essence of all human problems, which is their instincts.  To accomplish this antidotal solution, one has to begin with the seed of life itself.

The seed of life is the sperm men transfer to women to fertilize their eggs.  The sperm of each man is altered by his or her ancestors. As their ancestors faced a problem, their new thinking brain’s capabilities would cause their own selves to be altered mentally and physically.  Thus rendering Darwin’s Theory of evolution an untenable myth.  The essence of life is controlled by absolute laws that cannot be altered or replaced.

The laws responsible are contained in the human brain as instinct.  Regardless of all the knowledge obtained by Mankind, and all the laws imposed by Man upon Mankind, these basic instincts still rule.  The conflict caused by the opposing information gathered and retained as new memory, which is acquired, learned and imposed upon all people, is the root of all crime, discontent, disease, evil, and loss.  To understand this, we must dissect human behavior according to its earliest functions as animals.

There are several human instincts that have dictated the behavior of men and women throughout the ages.  The three greatest driving forces, or instincts, in the male and female are:

  1. The instinct to survive,
  2. The instinct to find food and water, and
  3. The instinct to reproduce the human race.

Concerning instinct #3, to reproduce the human race, men and women possess an associate instinct to the search for the best mate.  The strength and health of the male and female are primal during this search.  Yet, people differ in their approach to achieve their goal.

The male stakes out a territory much like a spider spins a web.  The territory is the male’s trap, like the spider’s web.  It exists and is protected to attract females.  While the female is the choice maker concerning the male’s territory, once she selects a territory, she loses all rights to select the male as a fertilizer of her eggs.  Her choices ended once she selected the male’s territory by entering it.

The territory a female selects is a complex procedure conducted by her instincts.  It encompasses many conditions that her instincts demand be satisfied.  Once the female has made her choice, the male’s dominance instinct kicks into high gear.  She has chosen his territory and loses all rights to change her mind.  It is as if life has purposely imprisoned the female in the male’s territory as a permanent prison, so she cannot escape life’s reproduction process. Thus, creating the family dominated by a single male.

Once entrapped by nature, the female’s interests lie in eating and sleeping until she comes into heat and bears offspring. Then her need of protection for her and her offspring dominate her.  Yet, while her desire for her male mate dominates her actions, she remains quite willing to be engaged in sexual activity by other males available. For which reason, her male mate guards his females from intruding males and even his own sons produced as they reach puberty.   The dominant male owning the territory will drive off male intruders and his own sons after reaching puberty.

To be continued…

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