The Two Worlds (Part 2 of 7)

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell are actual parts of life on earth, as well as the names of places in the spiritual world.

In the Beginning

When the earth was created, the only spirits on earth were satan, who is Lucifer the Archangel, and all the fallen angels that followed him.

The earth was first used as a prison to separate evil angels from the good angels. The separation was necessary to isolate the earlier human race, known as Pre-Adamic Man, from Adam’s generations of human beings. This was the beginning of life on planet earth.

Michael the Archangel did not visit earth until Adam was created. When Eve sinned because she was influenced by the devil, the human race became disobedient to God.

When people die in their sin, their souls or personal spirits are released from our material world, and they must continue life as demons in the spiritual world.

These spirits are condemned by God to roam the earth without rest until the end of time. Then the Final Judgment will determine their eternal fate.

These demonic spirits actually exist. They have vast power over phenomenon. They are responsible for all the hidden information brought to light by Psychics, fortune tellers, and mystics.

Demonic spirits can influence living human beings through thoughts and visions, but there are rules.

Demons cannot force people to believe the thoughts that they suggest. Yet, people believe their thoughts because the thoughts they plant in human brains are very convincing.

It only takes a simple decision about a thought to stop it, or you can just ignore it. People don’t even try to reject their thoughts. Notice I said ‘reject’ and not ‘stop’, because we cannot stop thoughts, but we can reject them.

Human beings do not know their thoughts can come from sources outside their brain. People do not believe their brains can receive telepathic information from sources in the spiritual world.

When people find out about this phenomenon, they still refuse to believe it, and that empowers the demons. The reason God designed us male and female, mother, father, and children, is so each of us could have another person’s brain, who loves us, above us.

This system is designed to defeat the devil’s ability to speak directly into the human brain. God’s way removes the person that is being directly tempted by satan through desirable thoughts, and replaces their brain with the parent or spouse’s brain.

Therefore, God said, “Honor your father and mother”, and in another place “the husband is the head of the wife”.

It is not possible for a person that doesn’t know the Bible perfectly, and doesn’t have a very good relationship with the Holy Spirit, to tell the difference between their own thoughts and demonic thoughts.

There is no audible difference; neither is there a difference in tone, or speech, or the way they say something.

Detecting demonic thoughts can only be accomplished by comparing them to Biblical principles, which is not easy for the average person.

It isn’t easy for Priests, Ministers, Evangelists, or Bible Scholars. Demons are successful because people are ignorant of these facts. Another problem is that most people don’t believe spirits, ghosts, or demons, actually exist.

Demons depend upon human ignorance to deceive people. It is shown to you in the Biblical character of Judas Iscariot, the Apostle Peter, and Jesus. No one is immune from it.

The only protection from it is knowledge of the Bible. The less people know, the easier it is for demons to work their magic on the brains of the living.

To be continued…


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