The Two Worlds (Part 1 of 7)

The spiritual and physical worlds

There are two actual worlds co-existing side-by-side, even though most people in the Western Hemisphere don’t believe it. One is a physical world and the other is a spiritual world.

Life exists in both worlds. It is possible for these two worlds to contact each other, but contacting each other is breaking God’s Laws. There are specific rules made by God that both worlds must follow. Rules like gravity, which is a rule we must follow in the physical world.

The Bible tells us about spirits who live in the spiritual world, which is not actually another world, but the invisible part of the same world we occupy. It is said to co-exist with the world in which we live, because there is an invisible wall that keeps the creatures on both sides separate from each other.

Co-existing does not mean side-by-side. It means intertwined. The spirit world is intertwined with our material world. So intertwined that one cannot operate without the other.  Therefore, the spiritual world is not separate from our world; and as our world is functioning, so is the spiritual world also functioning.

The two worlds are like two instruments in an orchestra. The music produced is one sound, but it is the product of both instruments. Everything happening is a product of both worlds: the material world and the spiritual world functioning as one.

The spiritual world has its roots in eternity. This means the spiritual world began eons before our material world existed.

Once the universe and earth came into existence, the spiritual world that surrounds us intertwined itself with our world and simply continued to co-exist with us.

For a better understanding, let’s say the spiritual world existed before Time and before the earth began; and the spiritual world exists during time and while the earth exists; and the spiritual world will continue existing after time and after life on earth no longer exists.

Therefore, the only period we are dealing with in this Chapter is the existence of the spiritual world that now exists with us during Time.

The Physical World

The world we live in is made up of things we can see and touch: hence it is known as the material world. All the things that exist are made from materials like metal, wood, stone, clay, cloth, fibers, bone, hair, etc.

Each of these things are either composed of their own individual atoms or compounds derived from various atoms attached to one another.

The only invisible things that exist are gases such as air, nitrogen, hydrogen, yet, when these gases are cooled sufficiently, they become visible and solidify.

The atoms that make up all materials on earth are also invisible to our eyes. When the very powerful electron microscope was invented, atoms could actually be seen.

Although we can see atoms, they are not touchable because they are tiny balls of energy and energy cannot be felt or touched like solid objects. Whereas, electricity is energy and if touched it will be felt.

When someone experiences an electric shock, they are not feeling the electricity. They are only feeling the result of the electricity passing through their body.

The importance of discussing this issue is, invisible things have always existed in our world, and were always there even though Mankind couldn’t see them or touch them.

This should prove to you that invisible things exist such as spirits all around us, even though we can’t see them or prove it.

A person claiming to believe in God, the Bible says, must believe in things that are invisible.  Things that cannot be proven.

Jesus is the God of Israel. People who believe in the God of Israel must believe what the Bible tells them. Believing what the Bible says is the essence of having faith in God.

Adult human beings have learned how their material world functions, while the spiritual world remains illusive and mystical.

Ancient people developed all kinds of rituals to deal with the unknown spiritual world, while today’s people mostly ignore it as a non-existing entity. Both are errors of Mankind:

1) Ignoring the spiritual world’s existence perpetuates Mankind’s ignorance about it; and gives demonic spirits power.

2) Overly reacting to this unknown spiritual world will bring much harm to those people and their families who are involved in trying to make contact, or making successful contact, with the spiritual world.

The evil side of the spiritual world is known as the occult.

Any person, of any religious confession that knowingly or unknowingly has anything to do with the occult has already offended God. He or she either will not be allowed to enter the kingdom of God, or will be cast out of the kingdom of God on earth.

Offending God only takes dabbling with something like a horoscope, fortune teller, Dungeons and Dragons (a computer game), or a Ouija Board: which are not playful games just because they are sold in toy stores.

To be continued…

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