Life Before and After Death

Spiritual life

Life was originally created prior to this world’s existence. Life was originally created in an eternal spiritual realm. All existent life was in the form of spirits.

Spirits have no form or mass, which means they can’t be seen or weighed. Since life was created to exist eternally, there is no relative time span for their existence.

All spirits believe God, and spirits can do nothing without God the Father’s permission. Spirits are eternal creatures and cannot be destroyed. Spirits were intended to live in a material body on earth.

Human life

When God created Human life on earth, life was still eternal. This means it could never end, but this does not mean physical death did not exist. It only means people were not aware of the existence of death. It does not mean a person would never die.

The lifespan of a person was very long, and when death finally caused their human body to fail, God simply renewed their human body and put them back into it. This is known as the resurrection of the dead.

When people had no knowledge, this system of eternal life did not present a problem; but when knowledge entered the world, the human brain could not grasp the concept of death. This generated the fear of death, and this fear generates sin.

Therefore, Adam and Eve would have never physically died had they never sinned against God, which was to disobey God. Now people know about physical death, but they can’t see proof that they will return to life after death.

Knowledge of physical death was the result of Adam and Eve’s sin, but this did not mean their lives ended. It just meant their time on earth ended, until the next phase of life.

Once their time on earth ended, they had to return to the eternal existence as spirits to await becoming human beings again. The same human body would be renewed over and over as the person’s life continued eternally.

It is important to understand spirits are eternal creatures, because it means our lives will never cease. The question is, why do we physically die?

Physical death is simply an end of one’s human body, but it is not an end of one’s spirit.

Physical death is limited to a very short time period, known as Time, which began a little over 6,000 years ago on earth, and will come to an end in about 1,000 years.

The life span of human beings prior to ‘Time’ when ‘Death’ entered the world is unknown. A person’s life span could have been thousands of years or even millions of years long prior to Adam’s first sin.

Length of life

The length of a persons lifespan was unlimited prior to the first sin. Afterward, Mankind’s lifespan had a maximum duration of 1,000 years; and after the flood it was limited to 120 years. Before the flood, people lived for nearly a thousand years before physical death overtook them.

There is no factual reason to believe this is some twist of counting time differently than we do today. Yet there is plenty of evidence which proves this length of human life was literal.

God told Noah the future of the human lifespan would be limited to 120 years after the flood, because sin had increased in the world. This limitation shows us there is a direct connection between sin and aging.

A limitation was placed on the human race by God to limit evil on earth. The first person, recorded in the Old Testament, who was limited to 120 years of life was Moses.

Tracking the ages of people from Adam to Moses shows us that people’s ages slowly diminished from Adam’s 930 years of age to Moses’ 120 years. This occurred over a 4,500 year time period, and was a very slow process. This amounts to a person’s age being reduced by less than 20 years per century.

In the five centuries between Moses, who lived for 120 years, and the era of Israel’s kings, Man’s age was further reduced to just 70 years — a reduction of 50 years over 5 centuries, which amounts to a reduction of 10 years per century.

This serves as proof concerning the Biblical ages of ancient human beings, but only after Adam and Eve’s first sin. This is the beginning of recorded time on earth.

Man’s written records show that people’s ages increased during the 18th and 19th centuries back to 120 years. This was due to the Victorian Age, when morality became the primary goal of people. Then the Industrial Revolution, which produced deadly toxins into our atmosphere, reduced Man’s age once again to less than 40 years of age.

This phenomenon didn’t end until World War II. Since then Mankind had slowly crept back into the 70 to 80 year range of life.

This newest change is directly due to the leaps medicine has made in the 20th century, which was an act of love on behalf of nations toward their citizens, but with countries all over the world canceling their social programs, love is becoming cold.

Physical death

Once death overtakes a human being, their physical body dies; but their personal spirit, who is the person, continues on into eternity, which is a timeless place, to wait being returned as living human beings to the planet earth.

This process will take millions of years after everyone physically dies. This enormous time period will have no effect on the spiritual realm where the dead continue living, because time is a non-existent item in the eternal world.

Once the resurrection takes place, physical life on earth will return to its original eternal system. An example would be: think of yourself being in your favorite place, such as Disneyland or at football games without ever getting physically tired or bored.

In these situations, it is the same for all human beings. When you are enjoying yourself, time has no meaning and passes by very quickly.

It will be the same over the millions of years it will take our planet to reproduce itself and prepare itself for our return.

You will sleep through it and return. This will be life after death.


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