God’s Counterweapon (Part 3 of 3)

God’s Trap

God’s plan involved tricking satan into killing Jesus. God chose, assembled, and trained the Jewish people as priests several thousand years prior to the birth of Christ. There were two reasons for the existence of the Jewish nation:

  1. To be the priests anointed by God to offer the final sacrifice of the Passover Lamb for the sins of the world.
  2. To be the world’s scapegoat, which is the second Passover lamb who is blamed for the sins of the world.

God would not accept a sacrifice from any other people on earth. Therefore, it was necessary for the Jewish people to kill Jesus, the Lamb of God.

If the Jewish people had not fulfilled their destiny, God would have had to punish all human beings by banishing them to eternal damnation for being disobedient and breaking the least of His commandments.

When satan influenced people to kill Jesus, he unleashed God’s promise to glorify Jesus after his death. This means Jesus would become the Holy Spirit, and become exactly like God.

Jesus’ spirit would now have the ability to be everywhere at the same time just like God. Jesus would now sit at the right hand of God inside every living person on earth throughout time.

Jesus’ personal spirit would become the Conscience inside every living person’s brain, who was alive or born on the 50th day after the crucifixion, which would continue to the end of the world.

Therefore, satan could not win because God’s plan was perfect.

The Comforter is the personal spirit of Jesus, who is the Holy Spirit. Jesus has continued his work on earth as all people’s Consciences.

Physical death no longer limited Jesus to the confines of a human body. He was now free to carry God’s message to all people. Jesus became the victim, the fulfillment of the ritual animal sacrifice for sin.

God rewarded Jesus’ unselfish act on the cross by multiplying Jesus’ personal spirit, which is the Glorification of Jesus. Now Jesus could sit at the right hand of God His Father inside every human being from the womb.

Now everyone on earth, and every human mind, had access to God through Jesus. The Holy Spirit inside them is known as the Conscience.

Jesus could now influence every human brain on earth all the time and at the same time; while satan’s influence of the human brain depends on his armies of demons, most of whom are weak, undependable, ignorant, and greedy; and not all are intelligent.

Then satan has to contend with many demons who simply refuse to hurt living human beings, because once they physically died, they realized they were lied to and deceived about God and the world to come.

If it weren’t for human greed and hatred, satan and his hordes of demons would have never brought the world to its present state of evil.

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