God’s Counterweapon (Part 1 of 3)

God’s plan to counteract satan

Humanity was exposed to the wiles of satan.

His only weapon is mentally influencing the human brain, which includes: lies, torment, perverting the true meanings of Biblical concepts, keeping God’s people from contacting other people, keeping people from reading the Bible, keeping people from assembling with believing people by providing alternate activities, offering people a quest for money, offering people a quest for power, offering people sex opportunities, suggesting people overly use food, alcohol, and drugs, suggesting stealing, suggesting murder, and suggesting suicide.

There are physical weapons that satan uses in this war. They include: all the various governments, all the various businesses, all the various religions, all the various Christian churches, all the various preachers, priests, and especially the use of the Bible.

The sin of Adam and Eve resulted in Mankind being cursed. The curse extends until life on earth is destroyed; and if the curse remained unchallenged until the end of the world, it would have meant eternal damnation for everyone.

The curse on Mankind resulted in God putting a Cherub with a flaming sword at the east entrance of the Garden of Eden. His job was to keep Mankind from re-entering the Garden of Eden and getting to the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life was the only way Man could obtain eternal life. The result of the curse was knowledge. The knowledge of physical death would lead to spiritual death entering the world.

God’s plan to counteract spiritual death, which comes from satan’s influence of the human brain, went into effect the moment Jesus was born.

When Jesus died the plan was finished.

God’s plan was simple. God sent a special spirit into Jesus to be born a human being on earth. His title is known as the Messiah (The Anointed One or the Christ).

The curse could only be challenged if a human being lived a perfect life and was killed for a crime he did not commit.

Jesus was killed for a crime he did not commit. He was executed for the crime of treason. He was falsely accused for calling himself a king.

Since Jesus lived a perfect life without ever breaking one of Man’s or God’s rules, Jesus defeated the curse.

When Rome executed Jesus on the cross, for a crime he didn’t commit, Jesus’ mission on earth was finished.

Jesus had lived a perfect sinless life from birth to death. Jesus had successfully challenged satan’s victory over Adam and Eve and won.

To be continued…


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