Animal Sacrifice (Part 2 of 2)

After Jesus’ Crucifixion

Shortly after Rome murdered the Christ named Jesus, God also moved the Roman Empire to remove the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

This was God’s way of keeping the Jewish people from trampling on God’s Laws concerning the animal sacrifice.

Once the final sacrifice of the Messiah Jesus occurred, the Jewish people would have sinned by killing animals as sacrifices to God. It would have been considered murder by God to kill animals as offerings without the Temple.

The crucifixion of Jesus had concluded the work of the nation of Israel. They had accomplished their mission, as predestined by God, by offering the final sacrifice to God, which was to kill the Lamb of God, who was Jesus.

Therefore, the Temple in Jerusalem would no longer be necessary. In fact, the Temple would become a hindrance to the Jewish people. So God had it destroyed to protect them.

The only time God allowed the Jewish people to kill their animal sacrifices was while the Temple existed in a tent and afterward in a building in Jerusalem.

Once God had King Solomon replace the Temple Tent with the Temple Building, then the Temple could never return to being a tent.

This symbolized the changes that would take place on earth, which included Mankind changing his tent dwelling for permanent buildings called cities.

God would consider an animal sacrifice, after the destruction of the Temple, an act of murder.

This does not include animal sacrifices prior to the existence of Moses, or during the time of Moses, and up to the Temple becoming a permanent building.

It is no wonder God put the Muslim people in charge of the mountain in Jerusalem where the Jewish Temple once stood.

The Jewish Temple can only be built on that specific spot according to God’s Laws. Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jewish Temple were once part of the ancient Roman Empire during the time of Jesus.

Centuries later the Muslim people took possession of that entire area and the exact geographical location of the Temple.

The reason the Roman Crusaders set out to re-conquer Israel was to take control of Jerusalem again, because they needed the site where Jesus was crucified as a foundation of their newly formed church.

It was the basis of their plans for the future of the Roman Empire.

The Romans needed a war cry to rally European armies. So they invented the Holy Grail, which of course theoretically was in the hands of the Arabs in Jerusalem.

The Roman Crusaders waged war seven times during four crusades, over a period of four centuries, against the Muslim people in Israel.

The Roman Crusades ended in a stalemate with the Muslim people still in possession of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, where the Jewish Temple once proudly stood.

Hence, God influenced the brains of the Muslim people to build their temple on the exact spot where the Jewish Temple once existed.

The Muslim temple is a Mosque called the Dome of the Rock. This was God’s way of insuring the Jewish people could never offend Him by renewing their animal sacrifice in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

The decision concerning where the animal sacrifices would be done was solely God’s decision and not Man’s decision.

Since there has been no new commandment concerning the sacrifice of animals, and the Temple in Jerusalem is gone, then the animal sacrifice had to be suspended.

The little known fact is, God’s last commandment was to kill the Temple itself, which was the body of Jesus, the Christ.

Once Jesus was crucified, there was no other reason for anyone to perform an animal sacrifice. The Jews ceased all animal sacrifices, but many Christian sects continued animal sacrifices.

Voodoo is one such Christian sect that continues to perform animal sacrifices today.

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