Animal Sacrifice (Part 1 of 2)

The Redemption Plan – Animal Sacrifice

God’s plan included a sacrifice. The original word used for sacrifice was “victim”. God allowed sinful Mankind to use a victim, an innocent animal, to take the blame and punishment for his sins. The original victim was a baby lamb.

Abel offered a lamb for his sins as instructed, but Cain refused to be obedient and offered vegetation. The reason vegetation wasn’t an acceptable sacrifice for sin is that no blood was shed.

God’s rules demand a person’s blood be shed for being disobedient to God. This is the reason God brings war, plague, catastrophe, and death, upon people, families, and nations.

A Mans child is his blood. In the Bible, we see God punish King David for the sins of adultery and murder by killing his newborn baby.

Abel was Adam’s son. Therefore, God punished Adam and Eve for their sin by using Cain to kill Abel. Since God is justified in killing Abel, this doesn’t excuse Cain for committing murder.

God’s law demands payment for sin. The payment for sin is both physical and spiritual death of the sinner. This is the essence of Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross. Since God is merciful, He allowed Jesus to become the victim instead of us.

Jesus physically died in place of us as the substitute payment for our sins. Since human beings sin they spiritually die and deserve to physically die to pay for those sins.

When the innocent human being named Jesus died on the cross, for a sin he did not commit, his physical death became the final sacrifice. This is why Jesus is called the Passover Lamb, which is the sacrificial Lamb.

Jesus physically died so human beings wouldn’t have to spiritually or physically die to pay for their sins.

Since God is merciful, shortly after Adam and Eve committed their first sin, the Bible subtly shows us the Lord teaching them the necessity of an animal sacrifice. Immediately after the sin, the Lord provided them with the skins of animals.

An animal must be killed to take its skin. Hence, we see the Lord teach Adam about the animal sacrifice. The Lord God introduced the animal sacrifice to Adam, which allowed him to shift payment for their sin onto the innocent animal.

Prior to the Cross, the animal sacrifice was a ritual that only postponed the spiritual death of a person’s personal spirit until Jesus died, which is what they deserved.

We see Abel sacrificing a lamb to God. This proves Adam taught the ritual to his sons, Cain and Abel, but this ritual didn’t stop God from requiring the blood of Abel, or the physical death of Abel, as payment for Adam’s sin.

The animal sacrifice became a requirement of the Lord after the first sin was committed. It wasn’t a request.

The Lord required Adam to teach his sons that each person had to perform this ritual of an animal sacrifice for the forgiveness of his sins once a year.

A man’s animal sacrifice also covered all the children and female members of his family. Since God considered them the man’s possessions, then they are simply an extension of that man.

The animal sacrifice made the animal an innocent victim who took the place of the originally intended victim. This was a temporary system that would continue as a ritual until the permanent victim or permanent sacrifice of Jesus would be offered to God over 4,000 years later.

When Jesus is born, and grows, he realizes through the Scriptures that his destiny is to become the final permanent sacrifice for all Mankind. The temporary sacrifice could not stop being practiced until the true sacrifice was killed; when the true sacrifice was killed, then the temporary sacrifice would have to stop.

The ritual would have to be removed and no longer allowed to be practiced once the final sacrifice was offered. This is the reason God had the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem destroyed, and allowed the Arabs to build their Mosque (Islamic temple) in its place on the exact spot.

God used the Romans to destroy the Jewish Temple, and the Arabs to keep the Jews from ever practicing the temporary animal sacrifice again. The performance of an animal sacrifice would be committing sin after the Jewish Temple was destroyed, showing God’s love for the Jewish people.

The temporary sacrifice was only a temporary payment. A man had to offer his animal sacrifice every year. This ritual protected the man and his family for a period of one year. It covered the sins committed by a man during the year immediately following the last ritual performed.

If a person was obedient to God and died in between rituals, he slept after physical death and did not become a demon. He slept to await the final sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

When the final sacrifice was accomplished by Jesus, all the obedient children of God, prior to Jesus, received the same benefit as people who believed Jesus after the cross. They would be included in the resurrection of the dead, and brought back to life on the new earth after the Final Judgment.

The permanent sacrifice was Jesus, the Lamb of God. He was the final victim. The effects of Jesus’ offering himself as a victim for the entire human race extended all the way back to Adam, and forward to the end of our world. It applied to anyone, and applies to everyone, who believed in, or believes in, God or His Son Jesus.

Belief in God is having faith in God’s word, which is using the Bible to replace the evil information a person has contained in their brain about God and Jesus.

Belief in God or Jesus is not the same as believing they exist; which unfortunately is what most people are guilty of believing. Everyone believes there is a God, but only a few people have the faith to apply the written Word of God (the Bible) to their lives, no matter what it costs them.

To be continued…

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