Death (Part 3 of 3)

The Destruction of the earth

The Destruction of the earth is a fact. It cannot be stalled or stopped.

Once Adam and Eve set the human race on the road to destruction, the countdown began; it is called ‘Time’.  This is why God designed an escape plan for human beings called Salvation, which simply means to be saved.

Jesus told us that God’s escape plan is similar to Noah and his family being saved from the flood that destroyed the ancient world. Many historical Biblical accounts point to this fact.

The story of Noah is the greatest example of being saved while alive in this world.

In Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus used Noah’s story to teach us how we can be saved from the next destruction of the world.

Do not confuse the destruction of the world with the end of the world. They are two very different events.

The destruction of the world refers to the destruction of civilization. The end of the world refers to the end of life on earth.

The destruction of our planet earth will never happen. It is a myth. The important thing to focus upon is the time limit or the countdown to World War III, when civilization will disappear forever.

The appointed time limiting Mankind’s existence on the earth is 7,000 years. The countdown started when Adam and Eve committed the first sin. That was 6,061 years ago.

God gave the human race 6,000 years to get it right. They didn’t get it right, and the 6,000 years is over.

Now we have entered the last thousand year period and we’re getting close to the end, but it is still far away for those reading this book.

The end of the world is too far away for people to be interested in it. Nevertheless, the end of the world comes for everyone when they physically die; that’s the end of the world for them!

The end of the world

The end of the world is not a frightening thing in itself, because it only means the second part of your life has ended.

The end of the world makes no difference to a person who dies today because their world came to an end today, but the Judgment will make a difference to every dead person.

The Final Judgment of the human race comes after the end of life on earth, which is why everyone is put into one of two spiritual places after physical death:

  1. Hell is where people’s spirits are held as demons after physical death. Demons are not allowed to rest until the Final Judgment of all demons. Hell, after physical death, is a spiritual holding pen.
  2. Heaven is where dead people’s spirits, who are God’s children, are allowed to sleep, until the earth is rebuilt into a paradise to accept newly resurrected life.

The spiritual holding pen known as Hell is where a person is sent after physical death destroys their human body. Knowledge of it should be critical to every person.

There are only two places in the spiritual world: Heaven and Hell.  Everyone will be sent to one of these two places before the Final Judgment decides the eternal place demons will reside forever.

Therefore, the last 7,000 years, known to us as ‘Time’ are the central focal point of Biblical writings and prophecy.

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