Death (Part 2 of 3)


The Bible talks about 3 types of death:

1) Spiritual death occurs to living human beings if they allow demons to master their lives rather than God’s Word through the Bible.

Originally, human beings only had to follow their instincts. Instinct is the original set of instructions God gave to all creatures.

When human beings rebelled against their instincts, it resulted in spiritual death. The result of human rebellion was God considered the person’s personal spirit dead.

Adam and Eve were created with living spirits.

When Eve disobeyed God it resulted in her personal living spirit dying. This does not mean her spirit died, but that her personal spirit was considered evil by God.

God instituted the animal sacrifice to revive Adam and Eve’s dead spirits. This resulted in their personal spirits being resurrected back to life, or becoming living spirits once again.

If they continued being obedient to God, then their personal spirits remained alive.  If they did not continue to be obedient to God, like Cain, then their personal spirits would die again.

Therefore, it is spiritual death that is most important in the Bible, because it is the thing that has to be defeated by us while we are alive; or else we become the victims of its result: which is the first death.

Anyone who physically dies in a state of sin suffers the first death and will be sent to a spiritual hell to be tormented by becoming a demon until the Final Judgment.

2) Physical death is the first death. It is something everyone born must experience, but the experience is not the same for everyone.

Physical death occurs when God the Father decides it is your time to end life on earth. The procedure is simple. God leaves your human body and it stops functioning!

No one can hide from death, since God lives inside all of us and knows exactly where you are at all times. A person cannot escape physical death; no, not even the Rapture will help you avoid physical death.

It is the fear of death that causes Christians to embrace the false doctrine known as the Rapture, which is a lying doctrine.

Physical death is the driving force behind believing in Jesus, because believing in Jesus depends completely upon believing in the resurrection of the physically dead.

Without physical death, the resurrection of the dead loses all its power and becomes a useless doctrine.

John the Apostle told us that a person must stay exactly within the boundaries of Jesus’ doctrine, and Jesus’ doctrine of the resurrection of the dead opposes the Rapture.

The Rapture promises people they will escape physical death by being disintegrated, and their spirit will supposedly meet the Lord Jesus in the air after their human body is vaporized.

True believers experience falling asleep at the moment physical death occurs, while people who believe a lie never sleep after physical death occurs. They report directly to a spiritual hell to suffer for their unbelief.

3) The second death comes after physical death and after being in spiritual hell as a demon. Not all demons will be condemned to the second death.

The second death is the result of blaspheming the Holy Spirit while alive on earth, or while being a demon in spiritual hell. It is the result of the Final Judgment, which comes immediately after all life on earth is extinct.

When a blasphemer of the Holy Spirit physically dies, he or she will be sent to spiritual hell to await the Final Judgment. Then God will judge the person and condemn him or her to eternal damnation in the Outer Darkness forever.

Any living person can be forgiven for their sins by simply making a conscious decision to believe God by believing what is written in the Bible. Then that person must diligently try to apply what they read to their life.

When physical death takes a person who is trying to apply God’s Word to their life, the second death will not be their fate. Demons who have not blasphemed the Holy Spirit while alive on earth or in spiritual hell, will be resurrected back to life on earth at the Final Judgment.

To be continued…

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