Death (Part 1 of 3)

Death enters the world – inside human brains 

The Bible tells us Death entered the world as a result of Eve’s sin. This statement in not referring to physical death just beginning, which every animal including Mankind experiences sometime after they are born.

Three results of Eve’s disobedience:

  1. The knowledge of death was added to the brain of human beings. This means people were now aware of death. It is not because physical death did not exist prior to her disobedience, but that human beings did not know death existed. Once human beings were aware of physical death’s existence, satan could use the threat of death to influence people to do evil acts to preserve their lives. Physical death occurred to all human beings, from the beginning of the creation. The only difference was human beings were unaware of physical death before Adam and Eve committed the first sin.
  2. The human life span was shortened from thousands of years to a maximum of 1,000 years. There is no evidence pointing to the length of the original life span of human beings prior to their first sin.  It could have been 10,000 years or a million years. Whatever the human lifespan was, it was much longer than 1,000 years.
  3. An additional death was added to the human experience, namely spiritual death. If you take a closer look at the Bible you will notice in Genesis and Revelation, Death is also the name of a person, besides being an experience.

Satan is named Death, because he uses the fear of death to motivate all people into committing every crime known to Mankind.

Adam and Eve’s sinful act led to all human beings having the ability to alter their instincts by adding evil knowledge to their memory.

Once satan forced the human brain open, he could then influence human beings to do his will instead of God’s will, which was already pre-programmed in their instincts. This influence is called evil thoughts.

The ability to add evil information to our brain causes us to stop worshipping God, because it confuses the human brain.

The confusion caused by contradicting information and not knowing which information is right or wrong, true of false, leads us to break God’s commandments.

We can only worship God in truth and spirit. When we add lies to our brain, we are no longer able to worship God.

Anyone not worshipping God by dealing with the truth is spiritually dead. This is the new death that entered the world in Adam’s time, and why the last 7,000 years are the most important to the human race.

The reason satan is also named Death, is he is responsible for tampering with our brains, and therefore, he is the direct cause of people’s spiritual death.

Influencing the human brain

Influencing the human brain is the tool satan used and is still using to destroy God’s creation. The evidence is all around us today.

Everyone knows we are destroying our planet. The devil is determined to destroy God’s creation in a vain attempt to prove he was right and Michael the Archangel was wrong, concerning the argument in Heaven, which broke out into war.

Since the earth is satan’s prison, he thinks he will be freed from it once the earth is destroyed. Even if he reads this book, it won’t change anything… it’s too late!

A seven thousand year period

Many references to a 7,000 year period exist in the Bible, such as: 7 years, 7 days, and 1 week. There are also many other references to a half of that 7,000 year period, such as: 42 months, 1260 days, 3 ½ days, 3 ½ years.

There are also other indicators throughout the Bible, such as: a time, times and half a time; in the middle of the week; and, day and night.

The references to 7 days are referring to the period of 1 week known as the end of the world. The references to 3 ½ are dealing with half of that period of time known as the last days.

The last days begins with the crucifixion of Jesus and ends 3,500 years later, when the damage human beings have done to the earth will have caused all life on earth to become extinct. The 3 ½ days is ½ of a week. The 7 days refers to one week, which is the countdown of ‘Time’. A time period of 7,000 years: 1,000 years for each of the seven days.

If we count backward from the year 2006 A.D. to the year the first sin, we calculate that Eve sinned exactly 6,061 years ago. Adam and Eve still had to reap the painful results of their evil deed, even though satan tempted them. They thrust the human race into a painful existence until today.

The only way out of this mess is physical death. Physical death is not an enemy, but self-imposed physical death is not allowed by God. Suicide is murdering yourself, and all murderers go to Hell after physical death.

Physical death is a release from a very painful experience we call life. It’s a pardon from our condemnation, but only if we get it right this time. Otherwise, physical death can lead to a second death, which is a permanent painful existence.

In between physical life and death, which is the first death, and the second death, which is eternal damnation, is spiritual Hell.

When a person is sent to spiritual Hell after he or she physically dies, life will be a thousand times more painful than it was on earth.

To be continued…

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