Man and Woman (Part 3 of 3)

Your soul is your own personal spirit. Adam was different than all the other creatures God created, because Adam had a living soul (spirit). Adam was also given the ability to freely make decisions or a Free Will, which no other living creature or thing possesses.

Dead Spirits also have ‘Free Will’, but they are in bondage to satan. This is also called ‘Possession’. These type of people do not have a free will because they have freely given up their freedom. Their will has been replaced by the will of the demons controlling them.

Demons work constantly to deceive people about their free will. Demons convince people they no longer have a free will, but anyone with demons can simply tell their demons to vacate them. The demons must be obedient.

If you think you have demons you have to read the Bible all day long, every day, until they leave you alone.

Demons can easily withstand you reading the Bible a few hours, or a few times per week. You have to immerse yourself in the Bible and decide to believe whatever you read, before they will cease possessing you.

A living spirit means the personal spirit inside a human being, who is the human being, is eternally alive and cannot be destroyed.

Animals have personal living spirits, which are eternal, and can not perish eternally. All animals are perfectly obedient to God. Trees, plants, water and rock do not have spirits; neither do they go to heaven or hell.

Life after death is the only essential Christian and Jewish belief.

Some religions believe people physically die and return as another creature on earth, such as: a snake, a beetle, or a frog, etc. This is impossible because all creatures that have a living spirit can never be destroyed, neither can they change who they were originally created to be. Religious ideas contrary to these are errors, the false beliefs of misled human tribes from thousands of years ago.

Animals will be resurrected. All animals and creatures will be resurrected from the dead. When Mankind has destroyed all life on earth, God will rebuild the earth, and return it to its original state, which was a Paradise.

This includes all the various living creatures, creeping things, fish, birds, animals, and people that had nothing to do with the earth’s destruction.

These creatures, including people, will be resurrected from the dead, and put back on earth, but people with dead spirits will not be allowed to return from the dead. They will remain alive and alone, somewhere in the outer darkness without God forever.

The entire Bible is dedicated to teaching Mankind these truths about God and His creation.

Understanding this idea is essential to understanding many parts of the Bible and life, whether it is life, as we know it, or life after physical death. Keep this in mind!

God built the Garden of Eden

Eden was the name of the only continent on earth at the time when Adam was created.

The reason God built a dense Garden Eastward in Eden was to put Adam into it and protect him from something dangerous outside the Garden.

Since the Bible tells us that all the animals on earth were friendly to Adam, then we know neither giant dinosaurs nor any other animals were a threat to Adam.

The only threat to Adam was the human beings outside the Garden, who were born prior to Adam.

These human beings were born from the fallen angels, who were human beings with dead spirits. They followed Lucifer in the war in Heaven before the creation of earth.

Fallen angels were also created as eternal spirits who could never be destroyed. Fallen angels also had to be born into fleshly human bodies and live on earth, but they weren’t human beings with a soul, which is a living spirit, because they didn’t have the Ruach, which is the Holy Spirit.

These early human beings were very dangerous creatures. They were the giants referred to in the Old Testament.

The fallen angels were already judged and condemned to earth, which became their prison after the universe was created. They were the first spirits to become human beings, and were in danger of eternal damnation. Therefore, it would be extremely difficult for these human beings, who occupied the earth prior to Adam, to ever believe God like Adam.

These were truly dangerous creatures: beasts without a soul or belief, who fed on flesh and blood, causing them to grow into giants. This is the reason they were dangerous to Adam, who had to be protected by the Garden of Eden. These giants were similar to the Adam and Eve except for three differences:

  1. They were created with dead spirits.
  2. They rejected God’s instincts and became cannibals eating the flesh and blood of human beings and animals.
  3. Pre-Adamic Man grew larger and taller, becoming giants through the consumption of blood.

All spirits God created had to be born

All spirits had to be born into a human body, whether they were good or evil spirits. So God caused a physical boundary to separate the human beings with dead (evil) spirits from the human beings with living spirits.

The Garden of Eden acted like an invisible wall surrounding the new generations of Adam, who were the human beings God created with living spirits.

The conflict in eternity was only the beginning of the war in heaven.

God’s plan

God’s plan was to create eternal life to co-exist with Him in a material paradise. It includes living on earth, with life flourishing.

God created Men and Women, instead of a single being that could reproduce itself. This is His creation. It is a dual system. This means everything that exists has an opposite: up and down, cold and hot, life and death, male and female. It is a perfect balancing act.

Each piece of God’s creation balances the other half. Could you imagine having coin money with only one side? It’s impossible to make.

Another reason for male and female is love. Love demands sharing something with others. Therefore, a male would be forced to share his life with a female, if she was the other part of him. Like two sides of the same coin share the same dimension and cannot exist without one another.

The birth of offspring would also force the woman to share her life with another human being – the child!

All these things were created to force human beings to have love, because God is Love; and love is the essential ingredient to life.

Death is the result of not having love! The Bible tells us that we love God, because God loved us first. Jesus said, if I can’t teach you things about this world, how can I teach you about the spiritual world?

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