Man and Woman (Part 1 of 3)

The age-old question

Why are we here? The Bible gives us a detailed answer to the age-old questions every human being asks: Why are we here? Where did we come from? If you want to believe the dreamers, then you can accept their theories, which cannot be proven.

They say we came from some other planet in the universe; or perhaps we have mutated from monkeys or fish: but if you prefer truth to fiction, then the most important thing about the Bible is: it has proven itself to be a factual book that has foretold, and continues to foretell, the future of the human race and the historical events on earth.

This is the basic reason the human race should accept the Bible as truth.

There is no other writing on earth, not even scientific writing, that comes near the information recorded in the Bible.

Little-by-little and year-by-year scientists of all types have astonished themselves as Biblical information that was once deemed fairytales comes to light as dependable facts.

The Biblical account concerning life

The account told to Mankind in the Bible, concerning life on earth, tells us that God created Mankind as one of the animals, and not from one of the animals.

God is perfect. His use of language in the Bible doesn’t need human interpretation; nor has God made a single mistake explaining the creation.

The Bible’s use of words explaining God’s creation doesn’t need further explanation or exploration to discover truth and reality.

Remember, contradicting or denying anything written in the Bible is the sin of Blaspheming the Holy Spirit: which is the only sin Jesus did not die on the cross to forgive: it is the only sin that will never be forgiven in this world or the world to come.

Mankind were originally created as animals with their own personal spirits, but they did not have ‘living spirits’.

The first creation of Mankind is proven by the idea that Adam was instructed to replenish the earth with human beings.

The word ‘replenish’ means replacing what already existed. Therefore, human beings already existed on earth. Time did not yet exist on earth, but the material world did exist with human beings.

Lucifer was the Archangel put in charge of the earth.

Since we know Lucifer and the fallen angels rebelled against their Creator, God by-passed the prior human beings born on earth, and created Adam directly from clay with the same set of instincts and a living spirit.

Adam was not the first human being created, but he was the first human being created with his own personal living spirit.

The difference between Adam and all other human beings prior to him was Adam had an additional spirit added to his human body.

The spirit added to Adam was the Holy Spirit (the Ruach).

Since Adam’s personal spirit was a living spirit, he gained the privilege of having God’s Holy Spirit with him at all times during his life.

The Holy Spirit is what made Adam’s ‘living spirit’ a Prophet who could communicate indirectly with God.

Prior to the cross, the Holy Spirit could only be in one person at a time. He could move from person-to-person, but could not be in two people at one time.

Jesus changed this phenomenon by dying on the cross and becoming the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus completed his mission on earth as a man, God glorified him.

The glorification process of Jesus’ personal spirit was the multiplication of his personal spirit.

Once God multiplied Jesus’ personal spirit he could enter the bodies of every living person on earth at the same time to become their Conscience.

This is what is meant by Jesus sitting at the right hand of God.

Since God is inside everyone at the same time, and Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God, then Jesus is inside everyone at the same time also.

This means Jesus became exactly like God, and it was not robbery for Jesus to become equal to God.

To be continued…


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