God’s Plan for Mankind

God’s plan for Mankind

God created life to coexist with Him in a paradise.

The plan was to give human beings an eternal paradise in which to live, a material existence made up of the earth, as it was in the days of Adam.

A paradise covered with forests filled with animals, producing thousands of different fruits, berries, nuts and herbs for everyone to eat.

Forests watered by a mist all day long, instead of clouds and storms, with a perfect climate everywhere for all to enjoy.

An ocean teeming with fish and plant life, and the sky covered by millions of species of birds, all co-existing with each other, all living in peace and harmony for eternity without shame, guilt, sickness, pain, torment, punishment or death.

The first phase

God creating us as living spirits is the first phase of God’s plan. This phase lasted billions of years while the universe was being created for the new living creatures.

During this time, life existed and flourished in the spiritual world of non-existing matter.

The second phase

The creation of the physical universe was the second phase of God’s plan. The Universe paralleled the spiritual world God had created. These two worlds (spiritual and physical), were created simultaneously, but as separate places.

This part of God’s plan included the birth of all spirits into a paradise known as the earth, a place of peace and harmony beyond imagination.

A place where life is the most important thing, where truth is coveted like gold, where love is the only existing concept, and all the creatures worship the One and Only God who created them.

The plan included God selecting each spirit for their birth into their own human body, with God living inside every human being.

The third phase

Testing of the spirits is the third phase of God’s Plan. God’s plan included all spirits being born into human bodies on earth.

The test is to see if they love God or not. Spirits who love God will keep His commandments. The others won’t.

God’s Plan for Mankind was a paradise in which to live, but His plan was interrupted.

The creation began with Adam and Eve in a paradise and continued for thousands, if not millions of years, before it was interrupted.

God’s plan was interrupted by satan influencing the brain of one human being named Eve. Eve, once mentally influenced, turned her charm on Adam and influenced him to break God’s commandment also.

Thus satan caused Humanity to take a detour from paradise on a new road that would lead to hell, and back to eternity again. Mankind’s new direction would now have to go through thousands of years of destruction before it could return to paradise.

The testing would be a 7,000 year period of very troublesome times filled with pain, loss and disappointments during the third phase of God’s plan.

Since eternity is forever, the amount of time it takes for God’s plan to be accomplished doesn’t matter. Yet, God knows the future and told it to us via the Bible. Therefore, we know exactly how long the journey will take to return to paradise, but whether or not we ever get there is entirely up to each and every individual.

God must punish the guilty and reward the innocent, because He is a just God. Once Mankind erred, God’s plan automatically went into effect.

A sacrificial animal offering would forestall Mankind’s destruction until a Messiah could defeat satan. A Messiah would be born into the human race.

The Messiah would be a human being who could effectively combat satan; and by winning the combat, the Messiah would become the counter-weapon used against satan’s weapon: influencing the brain of all human beings to do evil.

A good definition of evil is anything done which is in opposition to God’s commandments, which includes destroying nature and wildlife, and hurting creatures and people.


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