The Automatic Watchdog

In a Nutshell

When God created life, He also created an automatic system to manage and support His living spirits for eternity.  The support system God created is an automatic system.  It is not micro-managed by God; God does not manage it on a daily basis, nor on a yearly basis, neither does He manage it on a millennium basis, which is a 1,000 year period.

Once the automatic system was put into motion, at the end of what is known as the sixth day of creation, the automatic system continues working independently forever.

This means God is not actively working, sitting in Heaven, or somewhere in outer space, or beyond outer space, looking down on the earth, pushing buttons and pulling levers to make life operate on earth: not in our world or in the spiritual realm, which coexists with our physical world; neither is God a puppeteer pulling our strings and directing our ways, nor the strings of any living thing: even though that’s the idea you can get from reading the Bible.

The Bible describes things for us in a way that our limited human brains are able to grasp.

Everything in the universe and on earth operates on a cause and effect basis with trillions of rules governed by very complex mathematical formulas, which we call the science of physics.

All the living spirits God created were pre-programmed with the information they would need to live in the spiritual and physical worlds to which they would be subjected.  This pre-programmed information is called instinct.

The spirits were also given an ability to think and decide.  This ability is called free will.  It simply means the freedom to want, decide, and act, in order to get what they wanted or needed to survive.

God’s automatic system was pre-programmed with all the necessary rules which would operate the cause and effect system: that is, any act that would cause a change in paradise, would automatically bring about an effect: a change or solution that would result in bringing God’s creation back to its original state.  This is known as equilibrium.

Cause and effect rules include some we already discovered, such as: gravity, centrifugal force, and flight.  Here is an example: A child’s toy is resting on the floor.  The child picks up the toy top and spins it.  The child applied a law to the top, energizing it with his strength.  So, the top spins.  Then another law is automatically invoked.

The spinning top is affected by friction.  The heat caused by the friction of touching the floor eats up the energy the child transferred to the top.

Loss of energy results until the top begins to wobble and hits the ground sideways increasing the energy loss, resulting in all the energy being used up and the toy top lying at rest on the floor, exactly as it was before the child decided to play with it.

An automatic system that brought the toy top back into equilibrium or back to its original state.  This is exactly what has happened, and is happening on earth.

When Mankind decided to play with God’s creation, the bad results received are its own fault.  Physical death is the result of us losing our energy until we return to our original state: which was being spirits.

The destruction of life on earth is a fact

Life on earth will come to an end.  It is a fact.  It cannot be reversed, stalled, or stopped.  This is why God’s automatic system also has a plan of escape for living human beings on the planet earth.  It is called Salvation.

The human race is getting close to the end of the world, or rather the end of life on earth; but the end of the world comes for each individual when we physically die: and no one born, not even Jesus, could or can escape physical death, because of the automatic system God put into operation, when He created us.

The end of the world makes no difference to a person who dies physically, but the Judgment that follows physical death should concern everyone before they physically die.

The end of the world will make a difference to the people who scoffed at God and His Scriptures.

“Judgment” is an automatic system.  It simply means, any creature that has a role in the destruction of any part of God’s creation will be judged by the automatic system. They will be convicted and punished according to the laws pre-programmed into God’s automatic system.  There are three Judgments:

1) The Judgment of the spirits before the creation.

2) The Judgment when a person physically dies.

3) The Final Judgment after all life on earth ends.

When a person, city, or nation, breaks God’s commandments long enough, the automatic system goes into Judgment mode and determines the degree of physical punishment they must receive to pay their bill.  The person, city, or nation, to be punished may receive any one of numerous punishments heaped upon the human race by God.

The ultimate punishment for the people living on earth is known as God’s wrath, which is people being thrown alive into the lake of fire, which is World War.

The ultimate punishment after physical death is being cast into the Outer Darkness alone forever.  This is the result of the only sin not forgiven by Jesus’ death on the cross, in this world or in the world to come, which is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  A lesser punishment for living people would result in a person being banished to the kingdom of Hell here on earth.

Other punishments are: being killed by accidents and catastrophes. T he second greatest punishment after physical death is defined in paragraph ‘3’ of this Chapter.  If a punishment doesn’t help the person, city, or nation to change, then God will cause the physical death of that person or people.

After physical death a person, city, or nation, is sent to the spiritual prison called Hell, where, he, she, or they, will be temporarily held and tormented as demons to pay for their crimes and sins until their trial comes up after this world ends.

If a demon repents in Hell by refusing to contradict or deny the Word of God (the Bible), they will be pardoned on the Final Judgment Day after life on earth ends.


Once a spirit is in Hell, which is a spiritual prison, it is a thousand times more difficult to repent than when the person was on earth, but not impossible. The reasons it is almost impossible to repent in spiritual Hell are:

  1. Since they were evil as living people, when they are demons they will have superpowers to apply their evil ways.
  2. Demons are in a state of torment all the time.  It is the punishment that pays for all their sins committed while alive, including rejecting God’s Word.
  3. All trials for the Judgment of demonic prisoners are postponed until life on earth no longer exists.
  4. The peer pressure in spiritual Hell is millions of times greater than the peer pressure that motivated them to reject God during life on earth.
  5. All the above will cause some demons to contradict and deny the Word of God, which is the only sin that will not be forgiven in Hell.

Therefore, most demons will be pardoned at the end of the world and be returned to Heaven to await the resurrection of life.

Spiritual Hell is a prison. I t is a holding tank where capitol offenders and minor offenders, who died with unforgiven sins on their account, are thrown together for thousands of years of suffering and torment without rest.  They are in danger of the Judgment and Eternal Damnation.

God’s automatic system

God’s creation is automatic.  It works on the problems caused by Mankind tampering with the earth, which has resulted in accident and loss, sickness and disease, pain and suffering, depression and torment, riot and war, catastrophe and death.

The automatic system is a perfect Nanny.  It is not impersonal.  It is the summation of God’s mind.  His every thought compressed into an automatic system, which is also God’s Word.  It is the same as God Himself watching over us and includes the interaction of other human beings as God’s watchdogs, who try to protect us. T hese people are known as the Ones Sent by God.  They are Prophets and Apostles.

God’s automatic system can detect the slightest changes inside every human being.  It can detect feelings like remorse, shame, guilt, sorrow, and it can read thoughts.  It is the summation of all the rules built into the operating system of the creation.  This is why people like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein discovered some of the rules.

The rules are fixed and there are trillions of rules that operate God’s creation.

The total amount of knowledge gathered by Mankind since the beginning of time is less than a drop of water compared to all the oceans.  Since it has taken Mankind over 6,000 years to gather what we now know, another thousand years is not enough time for Mankind to scratch the surface of the unknown knowledge.

God’s creation is a dual system

Everything has an opposite.  This means everything in God’s creation must have an opposite.  Therefore, you can’t have hot without cold; up without down; light without darkness; male without female.  Since the earth is a physical or material world, every spirit would have to be born into a human body and live their lives on earth as human beings.

Since God knows everything that will take place in the future, God’s automatic system already had a solution built-in to deal with the fall of Lucifer and Mankind.  This part of God’s plan is known as Salvation.  It included Redemption through the animal sacrifice, repentance, and a Messiah.

This is how God could have human beings, called Prophets, write in great detail, thousands of years before it happened.  The Prophets told us a Messiah would come to Israel.

The Bible Prophets also included his exact birth place, conditions of birth, information about his parents, his ancestry, and how he would die.  This part of God’s salvation plan went into effect the moment Jesus was born.  When Jesus died the plan was finished.

God’s Salvation plan is simple

God selected a special spirit and put that spirit into a specific man’s sperm.  Then God selected another special spirit and caused the birth of a specific woman.  God orchestrated conditions on earth to bring that specific man and woman together in marriage.  The pregnancy caused by the marriage resulted in God’s very special spirit being born by the woman. Thus, a human male child named Jesus was born on earth, just like the rest of us.

Jesus had a mother selected by God from the tribe of Levi so Jesus would have the birthright to be the High Priest of Israel.  He had a father selected by God from the tribe of Judah so Jesus would inherit the birthright to be the King of Israel.  His unique birth, being both King and High Priest, entitled him to become the Messiah of Israel just as Moses predicted.

Messiah means the Anointed One by God. ‘Christ’ is the Greek interpretation of the title Messiah. Jesus was predestined to die on the cross.  He was convicted of a crime he did not commit.

The crime he was accused of was claiming to be the King of Israel.

Since Jesus’ birthright gave him the right to be King of Israel, he did not break God’s Law.  Therefore, he was an innocent lamb led to the slaughter.  Jesus’ death on the cross resulted in two things:

  1. The Holy Spirit entering every human being alive and born 50 days after he died.
  2. The forgiveness of anyone’s sins, if they don’t blaspheme the Word of God, which is the Bible.  Blaspheming the Word of God means contradicting or denying anything written in the Bible. This is the same sin as blaspheming the Holy Spirit.  It’s that simple.

The Holy Spirit is your Conscience

All people are born with a Conscience.  You do not have to say a special prayer to get a Conscience.  You do have to decide to listen to its advice to retain it.  If you decide not to listen to it, or decide you want it out of your life, it will cease advising you.  If this happens, then you need to be Born Again to get it back.

The Born Again experience can only take place through the written Word of God (the Bible).  Its concepts, statutes, and commandments, must replace the ideas and concepts you have inside your brain before you are Born Again.

This is only accomplished by you making a decision to replace the false ideals and concepts, you’ve gathered from the world, with the true ideas and concepts written in the Bible.  Once you decide to accept the Bible over the world’s view, you become God’s child.

No one, not even Jesus, gets an injection of Biblical information into his or her brain. Jesus had to grow-up and learn about God from the Bible like us. Once a person is Born Again they have to maintain it, for the rest of their life, or lose the benefits promised.

God’s children must maintain their status or go back to Hell.  Once a living person gives up their citizenship in God’s Kingdom and is sent back to Hell here on earth, they can never return to God’s Kingdom in this world, and will be sent to the spiritual Hell after physical death.

Once something went wrong with God’s original plan for His creation, the automatic result would be the destruction of the physical creatures responsible for it.  Thus, returning them to their original state as spiritual beings, where they would be separated into two groups:

  1. Those who obeyed God either accepted the advice of their Prophets, Consciences, or the Bible, whether it was audible or written, depending on their time period.
  2. Those who disobeyed God rejected the advice of their Prophets, Consciences, or the Bible, whether it was audible or written, depending on their time period.

The two groups are separated forever after physical death overtakes them.  The obedient children of God get the reward of being resurrected from the dead back to life on earth as it was originally intended for us.

The disobedient children of God get the reward of being sent into the Outer Darkness forever to live alone for all eternity, without God and without anyone else, demonic or otherwise.

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