God Knows Everything

The World God Created

The Creation is not a work in progress. It is an automatic system.

Churches teach that God interacts with the human race and world events on a daily basis, but this is wrong. It does not work that way.

The way the Bible is written seems to be telling us that God interacts with the human race on a daily basis, or from time-to-time; but thinking this is an error since God knows everything.

God finished His creation a long time ago and rested from all His works. Rested means there isn’t anything else for Him to do.

When God was creating, He built in a series of checks and balances as automatic rules or laws, such as: gravity and flight; life and death; male and female; summer and winter; good and evil. Since God knows everything, there are no surprises for Him.

We have surprises heaped upon us, but God is not surprised about anything because He is the One who has orchestrated everything concerning His creation.

God is the only One who knows the future. When God moved the ancient Prophets to write the Bible for Him, He used few words to describe Mankind’s history: past, present and future.

Notice how Jesus says so much with a few words, and when we try to explain what He said, we use volumes to express His statements. God’s vast knowledge of the future is also expressed by using as few words as possible to explain events that may take thousands of years to unfold.

Since eternity is endless, “a thousand years is as one day to the Lord”; and events that occur many times over thousands of years may be spoken about as one single event in time.

The grouping of separate events is the reason the Bible seems to be saying God is interacting with the human race on a daily basis. The key point is: God rested from all His works.

God is not personally interacting with us. Don’t panic! God has not left us to our own devices. He has not abandoned us to a random happening system, which many scientists aspire to believe.

God has prepared all things for us since the beginning, including His beloved Son Jesus, who does interact with each individual on a moment-to-moment basis.

We have not been forsaken or left alone. There is no reason for God to interact with His creation, since His automatic system takes care of us exactly the way God would do it for us, if He were still actively working with us–but He rested!

The Bible relates information, which seems to be saying: God is actively working with us. In a sense, God is interacting with us, but it is indirectly through Jesus, who is your Conscience.

The Greatest Sin

God is not a micro-manager. The greatest sin of present day Christian churches is their teachings that God is a micro-manager of the world. They teach people their God interferes routinely in the daily affairs of human beings, which is not true.

This is why the rulebook, which is the Bible, exists. God gave it to Mankind. It is our job to do what it tells us to do, and not expect God to do it for us.

Since a person can only worship God in spirit and truth, let’s deal with some truth. If God were micro-managing the world, He’s doing a lousy job because we’re losing ground.

On the seventh day God rested from all His works. What part of “…all His works” don’t Christian teachers understand? According to them, God is still working hard to make the world operate and save His children. Wrong! God rested on the seventh day, or the Bible is a liar!!

A question concerning God, war, and catastrophe, asked by people from generation-to-generation, who claim to believe in God, is ‘Why is God allowing this to happen?’ The answer is simple: war and catastrophe are the automatic results of people not believing God.

This is the reason God’s children don’t survive. God’s children are murdered and harmed from generation-to-generation by people who claim to believe in God.

Since their claim is a lie, and their acts prove them liars, and the murder of God’s children is an act demanding retribution, God’s wrath is unleashed upon people and nations, which wrath comes in the form of accidents, droughts, famines, plagues, catastrophes and wars.

“Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.”

God created everything and saw it was good. Then He rested, because there wasn’t anything else to do. What else could God do, if He did everything? The Biblical record shows people dealing with God on an everyday level. Wrong again!!

The ancient people in the Bible were not dealing with God. They were dealing with the Lord God, who was the second in command.

The Bible says no one has ever seen God or heard His voice at any time. Therefore, the ancient Biblical people were not seeing or speaking to God. They were seeing and speaking to an Ambassador whom God sent to the Human Race.

God’s automatic system is interacting with us, so we can say God is doing it for us, or God performed a miracle for us. Even though God is indirectly doing things for the human race through His automatic system, He gets the credit because God is the Creator.

Since God knows all things, He designed a perfect automatic system that already knows how to handle any and all the problems that will ever occur. His automatic system interacts with Mankind, to protect, to provide, to change, to cause, and to punish, the human race on a daily basis.

God Visits His Creation

The Bible tells us that God visits His creation–that’s us! Now, if God must visit us from time to time, and He cannot be seen by any human being, then God cannot turn Himself into a human being to visit us.

Since life depends on God being inside every living human being, and death occurs when God vacates a living human being’s body, then God cannot vacate human beings to visit us without the whole human race dying. Therefore, God doesn’t visit the earth, nor does He visit human beings, because He is already here living inside every one alive.

The visits spoken of by the Bible are explaining that God uses specific human beings, who are His Ambassadors, to visit us. The Ambassadors are the ones who visit us, and not God who is already in them and us.

Since these Ambassadors have a perfect relationship with God, these Ambassadors are used by God to communicate indirectly to us, through them. These type experiences are simply referred to in the Bible as ‘God visits us’.

If God is not managing the world on a daily basis, then we are its managers. This was the original objective designed for the Human Race. This is why God turned His earth over to Adam to manage and care for it.

The first human being was told to tend the Garden and he had control over it. Adam was also given the power to name all the animals, and we’re still naming the new ones we discover.

The most important fact is, God knows everything. He knows the beginning from the end. He views all time like a cinema film. This is how He could write down the future in a book–the Bible. Only God knows the future. Therefore, only God knows the Bible.

4 thoughts on “God Knows Everything

  1. It’s a wonderful book, bless you Elijah.

    If I understood well, only God knows the bible and we can only be saved by Jesus who’s called the Word of God. It means we can only understand and apply the bible because Jesus is inside us. The moment we decide to reject the bible (or use the bible as a tool to manipulate people in a bad way), we reject Jesus who is the Word of God, who is the holy spirit too and then start the problems… If in the roman catholic church they simply hide or twist the truth, then Jesus is not there, which is the Truth too. It’s pure mathematics.

    I work in health care and sometimes people believe more in their doctor than anyone else. But what doctors do with medicines, Jesus and the apostles were doing it with the power of God without cost, secondary effects, media manipulation (like with the swine flu) etc… So, I feel taking care of people as a doctor has no big merit, but people see doctors and just trust them. It took me a lot of years and sacrifice to get my grade and I choose it because I want to take care of people applying science which is one of my passions, but looking at it in a different way, it’s just a profession as any other, where money dictates its rules.

    And now the health system is getting more and more expensive so the access to medicine will be reduced. I want to heal those people as Jesus was able to do, but I feel I don’t have his faith and I don’t like myself because I know I sin, and I feel it’s sometime hard to change, but I want to change. And the fact it’s hard to change makes me doubt about my desire of changing. But others have done it, I should be able to do it too. I have not purchased your book because you post a chapter per week, but there’s not much time, so I’ ll get it soon. The few moments I feel a real peace inside myself is when a open the bible and read it.

    Well, thank God for having sent you; thank God for your work.

    • Ralph,

      Thank you for writing. I am no longer posting chapters from my book on this blog, but you can pick up a FREE copy at my website for a limited time. I am making it available to people to help them during these difficult times. I hope it helps you because it is clear you are on the right path. Let me know if you have any questions.


      Click HERE to get a PDF copy of the book – you’ll need to go through a few steps, but hang in there! Keep in touch.

  2. Interesting. Very close to what I was taught actually. I have always had issue with the point of the whole thing and the notion of free-will.

    1. If God knows the future, then doesn’t it stand to reason that he knows who will accept Jesus and be saved? If he does, then what’s the point?

    2. Why is God lonely? Is it really necessary to create the universe, people, Satan, etc.?

    3. What is God? I know WHO God is, but what is he?

    Really not sure…


    • Ben,

      1. The point is:

      a) Since Lucifer began a war in heaven, and God is merciful, then it stands to reason that God being unwilling to condemn all the spirits that sided with Lucifer, gave all spirits a second chance by creating the material world and human bodies for the spirits: so all of the fallen spirits could have another chance.

      b) So we’re created with free will to choose the Truth (God) or the lies (Satan).

      c) Even though God already knows the future, the point is – we don’t! Therefore, we have no memory of our past, before we’re born, and no excuse before God. Since we live our lives using knowledge, we only remember our own junk done here. This gives us plenty of chances to repent and clean up our act. Like children, God is giving all his children a chance to change their lives without interference. Our behavior is what proves our love for God and whether we deserve to live forever in His presence.

      d) What God is doing, is causing us to learn about ourselves and our future – who we are and who other people are. Then we will judge those (not God) who did not measure up!

      2. God isn’t lonely! That’s crap that churches teach, and churches are working for the Devil by promoting lies.

      3. God is a Spirit! No gender. No form. Not a force. God is the summation of all beings. If you took every creature and mashed them together into one – you’d have God!

      4. The reason God created us, is LOVE! Only the lack of love causes people to not share life with others. Therefore, anyone not marrying to bear children do not have love. If God didn’t share life with us He would be Hatred, but He did, so He’s LOVE!


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