Time — Part 2

It took hundreds of billions of years for our planet to reach a point where it could support human life. Therefore, it will take millions of years for the planet earth to reach that point again.

The amount of ‘Time’ it takes to rebuild the earth as a paradise doesn’t matter, if you’re asleep. The Bible explains that people who believe God will be sleeping in Jesus during that period.

While God’s children are sleeping they will not feel the millions of years passing, any more than you feel the 8 hours passing during the night when you are asleep.

If you are one of the people who will be resurrected back to life on earth, you’ll be soundly asleep during the millions of years necessary for the planet to rebuild itself.

God must shorten the ‘Time’. Remember, once ‘Time’ was instituted it must come to an end so the planet can return to its original eternal system again.

Physical life and ‘Time’ are not interrelated. We can exist as eternal physical beings in a material world.

‘Time’ was God’s way of reducing the damage human beings can accomplish. This is also why God reduced human life to a maximum span of 1,000 years in Adam’s time, and reduced Man’s life span in the time of Noah to a maximum of 120 years.

A new earth will rise again. When the necessary amount of ‘Time’ has passed to rebuild the earth, you will wake up from your long sleep and find yourself back on earth. You will be alive in your own body again.

No! You will not remember anything about the millions of years you were asleep, nor will you remember what took place while you were alive on earth before you physically died; but you will be with the same people you once loved, if they were obedient children of God.

Our new life will not resemble our previous life on earth. Life will be as it was originally intended before Adam and Eve disobeyed God; but Lucifer (satan) and his fallen angels (demons) will no longer be on earth to interfere with human brains or cause destruction, pain, and physical death again.

They have to spend eternity in the outer darkness; each spirit will be alone forever. They will never be allowed to experience the joy of sharing anything with another spirit. This is the ultimate punishment.

Time and science

The Bible agrees with science. The earth being over 400 billion years old does not cancel out the fact that human beings have only been on earth for a short ‘Time’. A Million years is a very short ‘Time’ compared to the age of our planet, and is practically non-existent compared to eternity.

The Biblical teaching that Adam and Eve were created a little over 6,000 years ago is an error. The 6,061 years that have passed since Adam and Eve only refers to the moment when ‘Time’ began. It is the ‘Time’ span after they committed the first sin, which is when ‘Time’ began being recorded, to the present age.

There is no record of how long they were alive prior to that sin. The Bible tells us that the length of life wasn’t as short as it is today. Since Adam lived nearly a thousand years after their life span was shortened, they could have been 10,000 years old or even millions of years old prior to their first sin.

Adam’s lifespan was reduced to 930 years after the first sin. This was the result of having disobeyed God’s commandment.

Human beings became so evil within the 1,656 years that passed from Adam’s first sin to Noah completing the ark, that God shortened the life-span of human beings once again. This time He shortened it to 120 years right after the flood.

Once again, the length of life was shortened as a result of sin. The world is still increasing its volume and intensity of sin. The result is a shorter life-span. Now the average human life-span is 70 to 80 years.

The Biblical account of Adam and Eve is only telling us that Adam and Eve were responsible for ‘Time’ beginning on earth, which occurred a little over 6,000 years ago. ‘Time’ beginning means ‘Time’ did not exist prior to 6,000 years ago.

This means Mankind did not begin counting or recording ‘Time’ prior to 6,000 years ago. All this is important because a person can only worship God in spirit and truth.

Therefore, if we believe a lie about ‘Time’ or Adam, it will cancel out our ability to worship God. It is not the telling of lies that counteracts worshipping God. It is the belief of a lie that counteracts worshipping God.

Time – archeological evidence

Prior to the creation of Adam, Genesis Chapter 1 tells us God made Mankind (men and women) on the sixth day. On the seventh day it says God rested. Then the account of Adam takes place, which has no ‘Time’ frame connected to it. Therefore, the ‘Time’ span between God creating Adam, and Adam sinning could have been millions of years.

Foot print evidence exists in stone. It was found in the 1970’s in Texas. Construction workers unearthed a petrified river bed that contained about twenty sets of human footprints chasing a dinosaur’s footprints. Pretty hard evidence to explain away, since scientists continue to claim Dinosaurs and Mankind were separated by millions of years.

This means dinosaurs and mankind lived side-by-side, and the men were chasing the dinosaur; not the other way around. So who ate whom?

Since scientific abilities include dating bones, and we have the bones of dinosaurs, we can conclude Man and dinosaurs co-existed millions of years ago.

This does not eliminate Adam as being the first Man a little over 6,000 years ago, but shows us that Adam was God’s second creation of human beings, who were different than the prior people born on earth.

Adam’s difference was that his spirit was faithful to God prior to his creation.

The Bible also talks about dinosaurs existing in the ‘Time’ of Job, a man that lived many centuries after Adam. A well-described dinosaur named Leviathan is used as an argument to show us the incredible strength of God.

Some Biblical scholars attempt to spin the truth about Leviathan by claiming it was a whale. Read the 41st Chapter of Job yourself and see what it says to you. It describes Leviathan as a huge creature that cannot be harmed with barbs or spears of metal. Whales can be killed with harpoons, which are a type of spear.

Leviathan had scales so tightly fit together that air could not get between them. Whales do not have scales. Leviathan was so frightening that people would drop dead at the mere sight of it. People pay to go whale watching.

Leviathan is described as a creature that a Maiden would not dare play with like a bird. Yet, there are documented films of women playing with whales underwater.

Leviathan is a creature whose breath was so hot it could kindle a fire. This does not sound like a whale! Whales don’t have hot breath. Therefore, we also have Biblical evidence adding to the archeological evidence that Man and dinosaur lived together at the same ‘Time’; but this wasn’t what God was protecting Adam from outside the Garden.

Time – the automatic system

Adam and Eve were not created 6,000 years ago; neither were Adam and Eve the first human beings on earth. They were the first human beings on earth created with a living spirit.

Adam and Eve were created as human beings thousands of years prior to their act of disobedience. Logic dictates, if God reduced the length of Adam and Eve’s life spans to 1,000 years, then their life spans were much longer than 1,000 years before they sinned. The Bible is only telling us that their act of disobedience is what caused the automatic countdown to the destruction of Mankind.

The automatic countdown is known as ‘Time’. It cannot be stopped. It is an automatic countdown to the end of the world as we now know it. Mankind will automatically self-destruct so the earth can rebuild itself. The new earth and its creatures will remain in harmony forever. This is known as the resurrection of life.

Only people worthy of being resurrected back to life from physical death will be included in this resurrection.

‘Time’ is the result of Mankind tampering with God’s creation. ‘Time’ limits the amount of destruction Mankind can heap upon our planet. ‘Time’ keeps the human race from utterly destroying God’s creation. This automatic phase of ‘Time’ insures the planet earth will continue to exist as a paradise long after Mankind is extinct.

This gives the earth the millions of years necessary for it to rebuild itself into a paradise, and life on earth can continue; people who were instrumental in the destruction of our planet will not be allowed to return to live on the planet. This is God’s plan and the reason people need to be saved. The salvation plan assures people will be returned to live in earth’s paradise again.

The creation is a self-sustaining system that God doesn’t have to micro-manage. All His laws, trillions of laws, are already in place managing any condition, any interference, any catastrophe, or any changes, brought about by random activity, or the selfish purposes of Mankind; which cannot cause a lasting effect on the earth.

Hence, the resurrection of the dead back to life is an essential law already in place. It exists to protect the children of God who are cheated, punished, hurt, wronged, or killed by evil people in their pursuit of wealth or power.

Time has Changed

Since the days of Adam, exactly 6,061 years ago, Man has been recording ‘Time’. The first method used was simply counting each day until seven days passed, which was a week. Then they watched the Moon and counted each new cycle as another month. Finally, ancient people used a specific point, such as a mountain peak, to determine the beginning of a new year.

This occurred in the springtime when the Sun touched the mountain peak. When there were no mountain peaks to use as measuring points, Mankind built pyramids to determine the exact point in ‘Time’ known as spring.

If people lived too far north to use a mountain or a pyramid, they simply stood monolith stones on end, in a circle with space between them, like Stonehenge in England.

This allowed the observer to see the sun in the various openings as the sun traveled from its most southern point in winter, to its northern point in the spring, thus giving Mankind the exact point in the year when they had to begin planting.

Originally a day began and ended at sunset. Then the Romans changed how time was calculated twice. First, Julius Caesar changed the ancient way of calculating when a day began and ended to 6 a.m. Second, the Roman Pope, Pope Gregory changed the beginning and end of a day in 1582 A.D to midnight.

The Romans also changed the normal way of counting years from Adam’s time forward to the present year. They established a new system of dates beginning with the supposed birthdate of Jesus being the year 1 A.D., and then counting backward from this point in time to Adam (This type of dating system is called B.C. or Before Christ), then counting forward from 1 A.D. in time to the present.

These dates are labeled Anno Domino. The result is we are in 2006 A.D., or 2,006 years from the year 1 A.D., but we are actually 6,061 years from the moment Adam and Eve committed the first sin, which began the recording of ‘Time’. This change in the calendar affects the way people read information given in the Bible. It purposely confuses the future prophecies concerning the end of the world.

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