Time — Part 1


‘Time’, unlike eternity, has a beginning and an end. ‘Time’ has a specific length and can be measured. From its beginning, ‘Time’ was a simple countdown for its duration until it ends, but measuring ‘Time’ was changed twice by the Romans.

Time begins

Eternity was interrupted by the conflict in Heaven, but not displaced. ‘Time’ is actually part of eternity. ‘Time’ is not a separate part of eternity, running parallel to eternity.

‘Time’ is a bubble inside eternity, co-existing with eternity. Eternity just added another dimension to itself for a short period known as ‘Time’.

Eternity is an invisible existence without beginning or end, like an endless ring. ‘Time’ is visible and has a beginning and an end; both of which are specific points along the ring of eternity. Do not confuse ‘Time’ with our own material world.

The material world we live in will not come to an end, but ‘Time’ will end.

‘Time’ is only a segment of eternity, which became visible. God’s eternal creation became material, meaning we can see and feel the things God made for us. ‘Time’ is a very small part of the material world.

The material world will continue after ‘Time’ ceases. If knowledge had never entered the material world, the passage of ‘Time’ would never have existed.

‘Time’ is a very short segment in eternity. ‘Time’ had to exist in eternity. Once it began, it had to run its course. ‘Time’ is an effect caused by evil. God’s automatic rule system, created to operate the creation, made ‘Time’ come into existence to rid eternity of evil.

The way ‘Time’ rids eternity of evil is through separation, not destruction. Therefore, evil people are not destroyed. They are eternal creatures, but they will be separated from God’s children and God, forever.

Do not confuse ‘Time’ with the existence of the material world and universe. One is separate from the other.

Although ‘Time’ co-exists with the material world, when ‘Time’ stops the physical world does not stop existing. It goes on forever without ‘Time’.

‘Time’ began in eternity when Eve ignored God’s rule concerning the forbidden fruit. Mankind became so evil by Noah’s ‘Time’ that God’s automatic system of rules brought about the flood that destroyed the world. Yet, the world was not destroyed. The life on earth was destroyed, except for Noah’s family, some animals, all fish, and aquatic life.

The destruction of the world in Noah’s ‘Time’ was only a partial destruction of life on earth. The future destruction of the world, foretold by the Prophets, is a total destruction of life on earth, but not the destruction of our planet earth.

The Bible describes the future destruction of the world. It tells us the world will be destroyed by fire.

There are many pieces of information hidden in parables. God purposely hid the information from the eyes of satan’s children. Some people will be carried over to the other side of this cataclysmic event untouched, to continue the human race on the other side just like Noah.

The ancient people before the flood had become so evil it triggered a switch in God’s automatic rule system, and the human race literally destroyed itself. Yet, other rules overrode the total destruction, so Noah and his family escaped death. The human race, and life on earth, continued on the other side of the flood.

This is essentially what the Bible is telling people. Greedy people who lord over God’s creation don’t believe it. It doesn’t matter if they believe it. It is what Jesus is telling us. If you believe God, then you will believe it; and if a person decides not to believe God, then they will not be allowed to believe it.

One thing is certain, all things we now know, see, and use, will come to an end, but they will also become good again; and those who decide to believe God will wake up one day and get to enjoy life in an eternal paradise forever.

Time ends – the bubble bursts in eternity

It’s easier for the human brain to think of ‘Time’ as a bubble in eternity. ‘Time’ as we know it, and our human existence on this planet as we know it, will one day come to an end because of bad human behavior.

If the human race would have done things differently, life on earth would have continued uninterrupted; but neither we nor our ancestors made the right choices, and life on earth will be interrupted.

There is no turning back for the human race. Our heritage as people is having to make the correct personal choice to reverse the damage done to ourselves and our planet.

Human hope can only be pinned to one thing: A future event that will give God’s children the privilege only they deserve. The privilege is that all God’s children will be resurrected back to life in human bodies after they have physically lived and died. They will be resurrected to life back on earth after the end of ‘Time’.

Although eternity cannot be counted like ‘Time’, let’s make believe eternity can be counted. Perhaps this will help some people understand it. Let’s break eternity into three pieces:

  1. eternity past (pre-‘Time’)
  2. eternity present (the material world including ‘Time’)
  3. eternity future (post-‘Time’)

When eternity past ended, the material creation came into existence. It took billions of years before Mankind was on the planet. Then hundreds of millions of years past prior to Pre-Adamic Man appearing on earth; and millions of years after Pre-Adamic Man appeared, before Adam entered physical life.

Thousands of years after Adam existed, ‘Time’ began; and when ‘Time’ ends, eternity future will begin.

Actually, eternity past didn’t end when the material world came into existence, and post eternity won’t begin when ‘Time’ ceases to exist, because they co-exist. They exist together, just as the material world didn’t end when ‘Time’ began existing; and when ‘Time’ ends the material world doesn’t cease to exist.

The material world continues existing and co-exists with post eternity. Only ‘Time’ and life on earth will come to an end, but life in the spiritual world continues forever.

An oversimplification of reality is to say that ‘Time’ is a bubble within a bubble. Perhaps I can give the reader a better idea of ‘Time’….

‘Time’ is a bubble in the material world, and the material world is a bubble in eternity. Yet, more realistically, ‘Time’ is like a bubble in the ocean, and the ocean is the bubble representing the material world in the universe, which represents eternity.

While the bubble in the ocean exists, ‘Time’ exists. The bubble travels toward the surface of the ocean. The ‘Time’ it takes to reach the surface is ‘Time’.

When the bubble reaches the ocean’s surface it will burst into the atmosphere and no longer exist. Yet, the ocean will continue to exist, even though the bubble (representing ‘Time’) ceases to exist. Therefore, ‘Time’ is a bubble in eternity and eternity co-exists with ‘Time’, and surrounds ‘Time’, and continues after ‘Time’ no longer exists.

The end of ‘Time’ does not mean the planet earth will cease to exist. The end of ‘Time’ simply means the human race will cease to exist on our planet, because we have destroyed the earth’s ability to support life. The human race together with all living creatures will disappear on earth.

There is still plenty of ‘Time’ left on earth before this happens, but not enough ‘Time’ to reverse the damage already done to our planet.

There’s only a thousand years left in ‘Time’, but life on earth will change drastically well before ‘Time’ ends.

The world is coming to an end. When the Bible talks about the end of the world, it can mean civilization is coming to an end, or life on earth is coming to an end; but the planet earth will never be destroyed. The end of the world is only a temporary condition to allow the planet to rebuild itself.

It will take the earth millions of years to undo the damage wreaked upon it by Mankind. This is why God’s plan involves sleeping. We practice sleeping every night.

God’s obedient children do not die. This means physical death is not the end of your life.

Physical death is just a very long night of sleep. If you make the right choices concerning God, physical death is nothing to fear. You’ll finally get a chance to catch up on all that lost sleep you hungered for during your life.

God’s children sleep to await their resurrection after they physically die, and this is not a figurative statement.

God’s disobedient children have something to fear after physical death takes them into the spiritual world. They must remain alive after physical death. Their torment is being alive without a body and unable to do things themselves, which is why they possess living people.

These spirits do not sleep, but suffer at least a thousand years and possibly for all eternity, while the earth rebuilds itself.

To be continued…


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