The Garden of Eden (Part 3 of 4)

The devils strategy depends on human beings. The devil (satan) is helpless on his own. His powers are so limited in our physical world that he cannot do anything by himself. He needs human beings to carry out his schemes. Otherwise, satan would not have needed the human being named Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus’ location the night he was arrested.

Turning human beings into Destroyers could only be accomplished by gaining access to the human brain, and gaining access to all human brains depended on getting one of the first human beings with a living soul to break God’s commandment.

Disobeying God resulted in empowering satan with the ability to add ‘Knowledge’ to every human brain from that time to the end of the world.

Prior to Adam, satan had control of Pre-Adamic Man’s mind, but he still couldn’t add knowledge to their brains. Don’t forget this was a vital part of God’s plan formulated prior to the creation, to free all spirits who would have been held captive by satan forever, thus liberating most spirits from eternal damnation.

Lucifer the Archangel was a spirit (satan), and not a human being, in Adam’s time. The Bible depicts satan as a subtle serpent, a silent creature that creeps around inside a person’s brain. A snake listening to people’s thoughts, probing people’s thoughts, and making suggestions by inserting thoughts directly into their human brains, and only limited by a person’s belief in God.

Belief in God depends upon truth, and not a person’s belief that they believe in God. Lies destroy the truth. Lies remove the protection stopping demonic spirits from injecting thoughts into a human brain.

Every person who is deceived by lies concerning the true knowledge of God, Jesus, or the Bible, whether they generate the lies or accept the lies from other people, are exposed to demonic thoughts.

 Lucifer (the serpent) was created with vast knowledge and power. He could easily achieve influencing a human being’s brain by using mental telepathy, which is the power of directly projecting thoughts from one human brain to another, or from a source in the spiritual world to a human brain; but Lucifer’s power was, and still is, limited to a person who accepts the lies about God, Jesus, or the Bible.

 This is shown in the Bible when Jesus was tempted by the devil, who tried to inject thoughts into Jesus’ brain; but Jesus rejected the devil’s thoughts by knowing the truth in the Bible and applying it to satan’s thoughts. Thus, defeating satan, who had to stop trying to inject thoughts into Jesus’ brain.

God warned Adam by giving him one commandment, which was:

“of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it.”

Adam understood exactly what God meant by His commandment, but the understanding of this secret has been sought by many people unsuccessfully.

The Tree of Knowledge is not the sin, but the result of the sin. It is just another name for satan, who was created with great knowledge; greater knowledge than the instincts originally put into the brains of Adam and Eve.

If satan could get Adam or Eve to doubt God’s commandment, and act on it, then satan could unlock all human brains, whether they had living spirits or dead spirits, and add knowledge to them. Thus enabling satan to corrupt all human brains and take control of the human race through the fear of physical death.

God would now introduce a new countermeasure.

The Tree of Life is the Bible. The devil believed his victory over God, by deceiving Eve, would last forever. He didn’t know the secret about the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is simply another name for the Word of God, and the Word of God is another name for Jesus.

Soon after satan brought Adam and Eve down, the Garden of Eden was secured by cherubim with a flaming sword to keep everyone from eating the fruit of the Tree of Life. Now the Tree of Life is described as being 12 types of fruit and its leaves were for the healing of the nations.

This is referring to the 12 Apostles as being the 12 fruits, and the Bible as the leaves, which are the Bible’s pages that are capable of healing the nations.

Remember, God promised Abraham he would be the father of many nations? Well, the children of Abraham and the Bible are the fruit and the leaves of the Tree of Life. Therefore, satan’s victory over God via Adam and Eve was short lived, because of the secret concerning God’s plan to use the Jewish people and their Bible to utterly defeat satan.

Time – The Original Sin

The Forbidden Fruit was not an apple. The Forbidden Fruit was not the Tree of Knowledge. The Tree of Knowledge produced the Forbidden Fruit. Knowledge was the result of eating the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

All edible vegetation was given to Adam and Eve for food. The only food source withheld from Adam and Eve was the Forbidden Fruit, which could not be fruit or vegetation. The Forbidden Fruit was animal flesh and blood. Proof of this fact lies in the Bible.

God didn’t add animal flesh to the human diet until 1,657 years after Adam and Eve committed the first sin by eating the Forbidden Fruit. Unfortunately, Eve had to kill the animal before she could eat its flesh, which is the act of murder.

Noah was the first human being to receive God’s permission to eat animal flesh after the flood, but the eating of blood was strictly forbidden. The commandment forbidding people to eat blood was re-established during the days of Moses and Jesus.

The eating of blood is one of the four commandments placed upon the Christian Church until today; which law is carried into the New Testament and became part of Christianity.

Eve is weak. She was weaker than Adam because he told her about God’s commandment. Whereas, Adam had received the commandment about the Forbidden Fruit directly from the Lord. Therefore, it was easier for Eve to develop doubts concerning God’s commandment.

Eve’s doubt unlocked the door to her brain, and gave satan the right to further influence her brain by injecting thoughts into it. His influence convinced Eve to murder a pig, and eat its flesh. Its blood was trapped within the flesh and satan became the victor.

Eve became a murderess and a carnivorous animal, like the beasts outside the Garden. Once Eve crossed the barrier of disobedience to God, it was easy for satan to get into the brain of Adam. So, Adam fell victim to his mental suggestions, and joined his wife eating flesh and blood.

Eating blood caused the human brain to grow in size from 800 cubic centimeters to 1,400 cubic centimeters. The growth of the human brain enabled satan to greatly increase human knowledge. The evil knowledge gathered by human beings would counteract their instincts, which is the good knowledge pre-programmed by God.

Earliest Salvation Plan

The Lord intervened by teaching Adam to perform the blood sacrifice. An innocent animal had to be offered once a year. This began the animal sacrifice on earth.

This ritual served as a reminder to Mankind. A reminder of the original sin that an animal had been killed, and its flesh and blood consumed. A ritual that Jesus performed at his last Passover; commonly called the Last Supper, which is an error. A reminder that Adam and Eve had been disobedient. It had to be performed every year to keep Adam and Eve’s spirits from being eternally damned for sin.

God instituted a ritual of shedding the blood of an innocent lamb, as a replacement victim. The lamb was substituted for the person who should have been killed by God for disobeying Him. This ritual prepared Mankind for the day when God’s Lamb would be sacrificed to replace the ritual. The day when Christ’s blood would be shed for the sins of the world. This ritual became the basis of the Jewish Feast of Passover.

The Jewish people were chosen by God to become a nation of priests that would prepare the world for the final sacrifice of God’s Lamb. The bread and wine were the figurative flesh and blood of the Lamb eaten every time the Passover Feast was performed.

When the innocent Lamb named Jesus was sacrificed on the cross, the ritual ended for all time. Then God insured the ritual would end by having the Temple in Jerusalem removed by the Romans. When Jesus performed his last Passover on the day he died, incorrectly called the Last Supper, he ended the performance of the ritual forever.

Since Jesus was the last Lamb and the final sacrifice, final payment was made for the sins of the world reaching back to Adam and including everyone until the end of the world, but it didn’t include Pre-Adamic Man who lived and died prior to the creation of Adam.

The animal sacrifice is re-established by God after the flood; and then in the time of Abraham; and again in the time of Moses. This ritual had to be performed according to the exact rules of God. Performing it incorrectly left the person in danger of eternal damnation for a year. Its correct performance resulted in the suspension of a person’s punishment for a period of one year.

Punishment was conditional upon “An eye for an eye…” for any sin committed. If Adam and Eve were faithful in the performance of the ritual, then their punishment of eternal damnation would be suspended, until forgiveness was achieved by Jesus’ death on the cross.

Eve shed blood, not Adam. God’s law demanded their blood be shed as payment for committing the murder of an animal. The animal sacrifice would suspend the punishment of Adam’s generations, but only if they remained obedient to God.

This vital part of God’s plan, to free Mankind from the grip of damnation forever, was the prelude to inserting the Messiah or the Christ into the human race, who would become the final sacrifice for Mankind, but unlike Adam, Jesus would not be created. He would be born.

Adam and Eve were guilty. They unleashed ‘Knowledge’ on earth. The insertion of evil knowledge would be used by satan to get Mankind to destroy God’s creation: a situation that cannot be stopped.

Adam and Eve were responsible for breaking God’s commandment, and had to be punished. Their direct punishment was the shortening of human lifespan, the hardship of gathering food, the increased pain of childbirth, and the loss of their two sons: Cain and Abel.

They lost Abel when Cain murdered him; and they lost Cain when the Lord exiled him from the Garden of Eden. Their indirect punishment was the horrors they unleashed upon all future generations, such as: greed, hatred, disease, pain and suffering, the loss of loved ones, catastrophe, war, hell, and eternal damnation.

Once the human brain was unlocked, satan convinced Cain to reject God’s ritual of an animal sacrifice. The devil’s mental influence moved Cain to decide to murder his brother Abel.

The devil’s strategy shifted to Cain, because Adam and Eve’s brains were now protected by their repentance and obedience to God’s new commandment. So, Adam and Eve were allowed to remain in the Garden of Eden, because they sacrificed a lamb once a year.

To be continued…


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