The Garden of Eden (Part 2 of 4)

In Ezekiel, Chapter 31, there is a passage that tells us all about Pre-Adamic Man. He is called the Assyrian. He is very tall like a cedar tree. Suffice it to say, this passage gives us other information concerning how this giant grew in stature, and that he lived outside the Garden of Eden.

Ezekiel tells us the Assyrian was a victim of other demonic spirited people, and a threat to other human beings smaller than him.

Ezekiel also explains that the human beings inside the Garden of Eden were envious of his height and beauty, but were in danger of being killed by this beast that God created. The information concludes with these human beings rejecting God’s commandments and going against God’s original purposes of creation.

It concludes that death, war, and hell, would be the punishments resulting from their rebellion.

The results and information in this passage, concerning the decision of these human giants, differ from the results of Adam and Eve’s sin. The description of these human beings is also very different than Adam and Eve.

The Prophet Ezekiel also informs us that this human race of beasts, stemming from this mighty Assyrian, were dangerous heathens. Since Luke names Adam the “Son of God”, and Adam was forgiven for his sin, then the word heathen is not describing Adam, but someone else before Adam.

The idea that these giant human beings were heathens tells us that these creatures could have worshipped God their creator, but decided not to worship God, which means not killing living creatures.

Pre-Adamic Man was the only threat to Adam and his generations. Therefore, God protected Adam and his tribes by planting a Garden Eastward in Eden and putting Adam into it. This dense jungle created a physical barrier between the two lines of human beings on earth: the giant human beasts, which were over ten feet tall, and Mankind who were only three feet tall.

The Garden of Eden kept the earlier human cannibals from knowing there were human beings inside the Garden. This security system was necessary to give the new human race of Adam and Eve time to multiply and replenish the earth.

Adam’s generations multiplied while Pre-Adamic Man diminished in numbers due to cannibalism: until the number of Adam’s children was greater than the human beasts outside the Garden. The two separate lines of the human race would remain separated for thousands of years, before Eve disobeyed God by eating the Forbidden Fruit.

God’s plan for Adam’s generations of people included helping the earlier human race to believe in God. Thus God the Father gave the earlier human beings, generated from the spirits of the fallen angels, a second chance to reconcile with their Creator.

Noah lived during the age when Pre-Adamic human giants were on earth. Noah was born into this race of people. Therefore, Noah and his sons were giants.

Noah shows us that it was possible for this race of brute beasts to believe in God, because Noah became a Prophet of God. Thus showing us that Mankind could have done things God’s way, but the destruction of all Mankind brought about by the flood shows us that Pre-Adamic Man had made their decision to continue being evil.

God’s plan included inserting Adam, with a living spirit, into the human race at a time when human beings only had dead spirits. This would be accomplished by God performing a miracle, and by-passing natural birth for two reasons:

  1. Only evil human parents existed on earth prior to Adam’s creation.
  2. Directly creating Adam from the soil, and then creating Eve from Adam, would insure their existence in the Garden remained a secret from the beasts outside.

Pre-Adamic human beings were identical to Adam and Eve except for three differences:

  1. They were created with dead spirits.
  2. They rejected God’s instincts and became cannibals, eating the flesh and blood of human beings and animals.
  3. Pre-Adamic Man grew larger and taller, becoming giants through the consumption of blood.

The cannibalistic nature of this early human race was directly responsible for God destroying the Human Race with the flood, in Noah’s time.

“Replenish the earth” is the command God gave Adam and Eve. Replenishing the earth means to replace what once existed. God gave Noah the identical commandment immediately after the flood, which destroyed the whole human race except for Noah’s family. Yet, Noah and his family survived the flood, which proves “Replenish the earth” does not mean all the people on earth were totally destroyed.

The same circumstances existed when God commanded Adam to “Replenish the earth”. Therefore, the whole human race wasn’t destroyed in Noah’s time, and neither was the whole Pre-Adamic human race destroyed when Adam was created. Pre-Adamic Man still existed outside the Garden of Eden, but they would have become extinct due to cannibalism like the dinosaurs, if God didn’t intervene.

The Garden of Eden was designed by God to insure Adam accomplished his mission to replenish the earth. The Garden of Eden was the best security system ever devised.

The remnants of Adam’s generations are still hidden undiscovered, deep in the world’s rain forests today. They are non-aggressive, childlike, loving human beings, who do not know hatred or war.

A tribe of these cavemen were discovered in the dense Philippine rain forest in 1973. They only possessed tools of stone. They are truly stone age Men living similar to animals. The story was published by National Geographic Magazine, after a scientific documentary was shown on television by the National Broadcasting Company.

God’s original plan included all spirits being born into a human body, whether they were good spirits, evil spirits, or undecided spirits. The reason God is called ‘God the Father’ is, He is the only One who gives life and takes life.

God alone decides which spirit will be born into what body, and at what point in time. This means God alone decides which spirit will become the baby born to every set of parents on earth, without exception!

Whether a baby is born to believing parents, unbelieving parents, good parents, evil parents, unmarried parents, divorced parents, single parents, wayward girls, raped women, drugged women, drunken women, or artificially inseminated women—God alone makes the choice.

This is why God is called ‘God the Father’, and the Bible promises that when one parent believes in God, their children will be born Holy, which simply means God selected living spirits to become their children, and they are born directly into the kingdom of God.

Spiritual Limitations

The Archangel Lucifer, known as satan and the devil, was created with tremendous powers and great knowledge. He was a spirit imprisoned on the earth prior to Adam’s creation, and wasn’t born into a human body until thousands of years after Adam died.

The physical barrier created by the Garden of Eden did not limit the spirit named satan, although his contact with human beings was limited by God’s laws, which only allow contact under very specific conditions, which have to be generated by the human beings themselves.

Spirits can listen to a person’s thoughts. Evil spirits are not allowed to physically or mentally hurt human beings who have a living spirit, because their belief in God’s Word creates an invisible protective barrier against demons.

Only God can take the life of a person with a living spirit. Whereas, the lives of people with dead spirits can be terminated anytime by satan.

God’s laws limit spirits’ interaction with human beings. Since satan was a spirit, he was limited. He could not tell the human cannibals outside the Garden that there were people hidden inside the Garden. Therefore, satan had to devise a strategy to get Adam or Eve to break God’s commandment. There was only one commandment, and it concerned the Tree of Knowledge.

The devil could send thoughts into a human brain, but only by suggesting doubt about things already being considered by the person. He used this device after Eve decided to doubt her husband’s rule about the Forbidden Fruit.

Once Eve began to doubt her husband, she created the conditions necessary to open her brain, allowing satan to generate thoughts beyond simple doubt. Evil thoughts directly suggested by satan induced Eve to break God’s commandment.

People believe the thoughts suggested by satan are their own thoughts. This makes such thoughts extremely difficult for a person to reject. The devil’s strategy included getting Eve to begin the destruction of God’s physical creation.

Once Eve doubted, satan could suggest an idea, over and over, until she decided to accept the idea and do it. She had the right to reject satan’s idea, but she didn’t reject it. She harbored the idea, meditated on it until she desired it, until she acted upon it.

Therefore, Eve is totally responsible for breaking God’s commandment not to eat the forbidden fruit. Then Eve compounded her sin by assisting satan in tempting Adam to join her in sin.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “The Garden of Eden (Part 2 of 4)

  1. This is very interesting. However I believe there is a scripture listing Noah as perfect in all his generations. (Genesis 6:9) Meaning that his blood line was untainted by Giant blood. Therefore he could not have been a Giant, but I believe he would have been a giant compared to the shrimpy people who live now a days. I also wanted to know where you got the three feet theory of mankind from? I also am inclined to believe that these early Nephilim couldn’t obey God genetically even if they tried to. There is not a single example of one solitary giant obeying God; I believe that the fact that one of their parents were a demon had to do with the virtual impossibility of them being obedient.

    • Hi Jason,

      Unfortunately you have made a quantum leap concerning Noah’s height. The perfection in all his ways, as noted in the Bible, is referring to Noah’s perfection concerning the laws of God. Human height is not a requirement anywhere in the Bible concerning belief in God or not. Therefore, whether or not Noah was a giant is not important. Since God is not a respecter of persons, He is also not a respecter of height or weight. God is only concerned with the contents of a person’s brain, which is why we are under the New Testament rule of repentance, which is our ability to change the information inside our brain. A proof of this is that God loved King David, who was a head taller than all the people of Israel. Another proof is the fact that Goliath was nine feet tall, and much taller than David, but God didn’t hate Goliath because of his height or as you put it (blood line). God hated Goliath because he was into idol worship which is against God’s laws. Don’t get caught up in the KKK idealisms that people of different races have different blood lines. All human beings, whether they are ancient or modern, are the same. The only difference is in their thinking and beliefs.


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