The Garden of Eden (Part 1 of 4)

Darwin’s theory opposes God’s creation

God’s plan for the creation is a permanent eternal creation made of material things such as rock, air, trees, water, flesh, and blood. God’s creation began with the creation of spirits.

A rebellious war, launched in the spiritual world, before the material universe existed, determined that all the spirits were separated into three groups:

  1. Living spirits, who followed Michael.
  2. Dead spirits, who followed Lucifer.
  3. Undecided spirits, who refused to follow either Archangel into combat.

The combat would begin on earth once the creation was complete. Then the shooting war would begin between good and evil.

Prior to the rebellion, God’s original plan of creation included every spirit being born into his or her own human body, to live on earth in a paradise forever. The rebellion did not change God’s plan. It only changed who would get to live on earth forever.

The rebellion in heaven resulted in a situation where every spirit, inside a human body, would now have to make a decision whether to accept or reject God’s Word, who is Jesus, and physically die, before the Judgment would bring about the permanent separation of spirits.

The Judgment is the permanent damnation of all spirits who decide to reject God’s Word (the Bible) by contradicting or denying anything written in the Bible, whether a person hears it or reads it.

Contradiction or denial of the Bible is the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. People’s spirits committing this sin will be separated from the earth, to live alone in the outer darkness forever.

God created Adam as one of the animals, and not from one of the animals. The Bible tells us the exact conditions and amount of time God used to create.

God’s use and knowledge of language does not leave room for interpretation, or Him making a mistake concerning His explanation of His creation. He tells us, Adam was the first animal ever given a living spirit or a living soul, but Adam was not the earliest human being created.

Human beings existed on earth prior to Adam, but these people had dead spirits or dead souls. These were the fallen angels (spirits) who followed Lucifer in his rebellion against Michael the Archangel.

These human beings also had the right to accept God’s Word. Their human brains were pre-programmed with the same instincts, which were God’s Word at that time, which instincts were given to Adam when he was created thousands of years later.

Adam’s living spirit made him different than all the other material creatures created by God on earth.

All human beings are created by God with their own personal spirits, whether they are created, born, or materialize for special missions on earth, like Melchizedec; but the personal spirits inside all human beings are not all living spirits.

Most people’s personal spirits, on earth, are dead spirits. Every human being was, and is, given the ability to freely make decisions, which is a Free Will.

A Free Will is necessary so the human race can alter its instincts as changes occurred in our random world, but instincts were not supposed to be discarded.

One thing is certain.  Human beings were never monkeys, apes, alligators, dinosaurs, or anything other than spirits prior to them becoming human beings.

Before Time Began – The Creation of Earth

In the beginning, there was only one continent named Eden. All the birds and fish were created on the fifth day of creation, and all the cattle, creeping things, and the beasts of the earth were created on the sixth day. Adam was also created on the sixth day.

All the creatures on earth were originally created as vegetarians. The fifth and sixth days of creation were God’s way of separating the flying creatures from the earthbound creatures.

Fish actually fly in their world of fluid called water, and birds fly in their world of fluid called air. Therefore, there was no reason for God to use different categories to describe the earthbound animals created on the sixth day.

Yet, God did use separate categories to describe land creatures. He wanted us to understand there were differences between these land creatures. Understanding the difference between cattle and creeping things is easy for us to see. It is also easy for us to determine the difference between cattle and Man, but the difference between Man and beast is a little more difficult.

The difficulty of realizing the term ‘beast’, used in connection to the sixth day of creation, comes from the knowledge we now possess concerning these two types of land creatures. Since we know today’s lions and tigers are dangerous to human beings, we now classify them as beasts; but they were originally created as vegetarians, and weren’t a threat to us.

‘Man’ and ‘beast’ are two distinctly different terms used elsewhere in the Bible to describe two types of people in the same human race:

  1. The people who believe in God’s Word.
  2. The people called heathens who reject God’s Word.

The term beast as used in the Bible means an animal or human that destroys people. Therefore, the term ‘beast’ was not used by God to label animals created on the sixth day, like dinosaurs, lions, and tigers, who were vegetarians.

The Apostle Jude spoke about human men labeling them “brute beasts”. The label of ‘Beast’ is telling us about another creature, which was more dangerous than saber tooth lions, tigers, and dinosaurs, and not easily revealed by the Scriptures.

The term ‘Beast’ is God’s way of describing the first human beings He created on earth, thousands of years prior to the creation of Adam. I will call them Pre-Adamic Man. God called them beasts because they destroyed other human beings.

The Garden of Eden was a very dense jungle that God created Eastward on the continent of Eden. This does not mean it was the only place where vegetation grew on earth. It only means it was the thickest growth of vegetation on earth. It was created very dense by God to hide and protect Adam from the dangerous human beings outside the Garden.

Logic dictates that whatever danger was outside the Garden of Eden, it had to have already existed on earth prior to Adam’s creation. Otherwise, God would not have had to create the Garden of Eden to protect Adam.

The Bible tells us that the whole earth was covered with vegetation and animals, and Adam looked different than all other animals; and that all the vegetarian animals on earth were friendly to Adam.

This means there were no unfriendly species of animal, or carnivorous animals that ate meat, neither were they dangerous to Adam. This includes the giant dinosaurs. They were not a threat to Adam, nor were they a threat to Pre-Adamic Man living outside the Garden long before Adam was created.

This only leaves one dangerous beast outside the Garden of Eden when Adam was created. This beast was human, the same kind of animal as Adam.

Pre-Adamic Man was the earliest race of human beings on earth. Beasts that had used their free will to alter their instincts. Remember, these people were the followers of satan. They did not need to alter their instincts to survive a change occurring on the planet, or in their immediate region, but they decided to alter their instincts for other purposes.

These people were created from the spirits of the fallen angels of satan. The fallen angels were the first spirits scheduled by God for birth and born on earth to become human beings. These people were the beasts created on the sixth day.

Adam had to be protected from this early human race, because they altered their instincts and became cannibals. They did not need to eat flesh to survive, but decided to alter their instinct from eating vegetation to eating the flesh and blood of other human beings and animals.

This Pre-Adamic race of human beings became the beasts responsible for eating the dinosaurs into extinction, and would have eaten themselves and all other animals into extinction, if God didn’t interfere with satan’s plan by creating Adam.

Pre-Adamic Man rejected God’s Word by rejecting their God-given instincts. The fallen angels, who became Pre-Adamic Man, were condemned for continuing to follow satan on earth, damned for eating flesh and blood, and sent to hell as demons to await the Final Judgment of God.

To be continued…

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