Eternity Never Ends


Eternity is a never-ending realm. Eternity has no beginning and no end. It is hard to find a place to begin concerning eternity because there is no place to begin.

This is why the word ‘beginning’ cannot be applied to God or eternity, and anywhere the word ‘beginning’ is used in the Bible, it tells us we are not talking about God the Father.

God never came into existence like us. He has always existed, and will always exist. The depths of His love are the underlying reason He decided to share existence with us; not that He needed us because He was lonely, or needed toys to play with, but that life is so precious His love simply poured out into becoming His creation.

Eternity cannot come to an end, and once God created us, we cannot come to an end. He created us as living beings that would exist eternally. We were not a thought that He got tired of having around, like some people do with pets, spouses, and children.

God has determined from the beginning that His creation remains intact for eternity. Therefore, everything God made cannot be lost. It can change states and dimensions, but it cannot be destroyed. This is the fundamental fact upon which all of Jesus’ teachings are based.

In simpler terms, we can say Death doesn’t exist. If death existed, then there would be an end of you and I; and that would mean eternity doesn’t exist; and if eternity doesn’t exist, then God doesn’t exist; and if God doesn’t exist, then we can’t exist. But we do exist – and so does everything else eternally exist.

The Universe

The planet earth and the universe were also designed to exist eternally. In spite of the tremendous leaps science has made over the centuries, their collective intelligence amounts to less knowledge than a newborn baby’s instincts, just outside the womb, slapped to make it cry. Therefore, science is very limited when it comes to unraveling the secrets concerning the universe.

Have you ever considered the Sun? The sun is our closest star. It burns, and burns, and burns. Scientists have estimated the amount of fuel required by the Sun to burn for just one day. The amount is enormous. Yet, the Sun has been burning for more time than the earth has existed. You would think it would burn out soon. Wrong.

It won’t burn out because of laws that exist which keep it going. Laws so complex that it would take Mankind a few million years to understand; but Mankind doesn’t have millions of years. We don’t even have thousands of years left to study our world before the end of time comes upon us.

Ancient human beings weren’t stupid. Their monuments prove they understood mathematics 5,000 years ago, which is how long it took Mankind to get to the year 2,000. So, how much can we learn in another thousand years? Not enough to make a difference.

Soon eternity will engulf us. It will swallow us like we swallow food, and once that happens knowledge will cease; but eternity will never cease, nor will we ever cease to exist.

“Let there be Light”

Eternity is the stuff that produces energy. Energy is the stuff that produces light. Light is the stuff that produces matter. Matter is the stuff that produces our physical world and us. Eternity is not the world of atoms, or the stuff that is in the atoms. Matter is everything that we can see, feel, touch, and smell.


Christian Churches or Sects, which number in the thousands, all teach the Bible on a kindergarten level, and their students haven’t reached the grammar school level. These Christian Churches or Sects teach on such a very simple level that their students are kept at an uneducated level most of their lives.

The Bible dictates that the followers of Jesus must grow up and shed their infantile views of God and Jesus. They must grow from babies into children, and continue growing until they become young adults, and finally maturing into adults: which is the meaning of the words “Elders” or “Apostles”.

Christianity needs adults to care for the children who follow them and the newborn babies just arriving. This is why Christianity has stopped growing and has begun declining. The Apostles were elders or adult Christians. Jesus’ doctrines further warn us that Christians who remain babies, or children, or young adults, are in grave danger of not surviving spiritually.

Rightly dividing the Bible demands all the pieces scattered throughout the Bible concerning one concept must be put together correctly. The Bible must be rightly divided and then re-woven into one fabric with the truths originally set down by the Prophets being the result.

Therefore, false teachers cannot accomplish this type of work, and can purposely mislead people, sending them down the wrong road to the wrong place in eternity; and if you follow the wrong road to eternity, the losers are you and the teacher.

It doesn’t matter to a false teacher if your soul is lost because it’s their job to mess you up, which is why their souls are already lost. Their souls are lost because the truth (the gospel) about the Christ and God is hidden from them, because the god of this world (satan) has blinded their eyes by influencing their minds. Therefore, their students are lost, of whom Jesus spoke when he said,

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte (student or follower), and when he is made, ye make him twice the child of hell than yourselves.”

Therefore, the false teachers and their students have no excuse to give God if they were deceived, because the Bible exists: and God sent His servants into the whole world, and will continue sending His servants until the end of time, to correct their understanding, but they rejected, and continue to reject, God’s servants.

The Automatic System

The Bible teaches that God created everything that was ever going to be created and then rested from all His work. This simply means God created everything to operate automatically. This is the reason the Bible is full of rules – do’s and don’ts – that have results directly connected to those rules.

Instead of God having to micro-manage his creation, He built a system that manages itself no matter what happens and no matter what human beings do to His creation. For example: if the earth is left on its own, and Man doesn’t interfere, life would flourish on earth; but if Man interferes with God’s creation, all sorts of problems would occur.

The problems are a result of Mankind breaking God’s laws. The loser is Mankind, because Man reaps the woes and curses directly connected to the laws that were broken. Then the woes or bad results would eventually cause the necessary changes that would eliminate the people who interfered with God’s creation.

The end result is, the world returns to its equilibrium all by itself after having eliminated the pests that interfered with God’s creation. Now all of this could take billions years, but there’s plenty of time in eternity, and that span of time would be less then a second on the eternal clock.

God’s automatic system is a ’cause and effect’ system, which is similar to a human being’s immune system. God designed our immune system to rid our bodies of foreign invaders that cause infection, illnesses and even death. These bacteria and viruses are automatically fought off to return the person back to health; and if the body can’t fight back, the person dies to limit the effects the disease can have on other people.

Eternal Creatures: God knows everything. He knows His creation. So, He created a world with creatures to be eternally alive, and wrote laws to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, not by ceasing their existence, but by automatically separating them from one another, once people proved they were evil and unworthy of co-existing with God’s children.


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