The Attributes of God — Part 4

Melchizedec has no beginning of days nor end of days, no mother and no father, and no descent or ancestry. The Apostle Paul tells us these facts about Melchizedec, but be careful. The phrase ‘no beginning of days nor end of days’ is not the same as always existing like God the Father.

Paul is not telling us about God. He is describing a very special angel, who was given a human body and sent to earth on a mission.

Melchizedec communed with Abraham. He foretold the future, ate, and walked, with Abraham. This human being had a temporary human body to complete a mission for God on earth.

Since Melchizedec only had a temporary body that would disintegrate after his mission was complete, then it is not astounding that he had no mother or father, since Melchizedec was never born. Never having been born, he would not have an ancestry.

Jesus alluded to himself as having been Melchizedec when he told the Pharisees

“Before Abraham was, I am”.

 The Pharisees were confused by his statement, and answered

“How is that possible, you are not even fifty years old yet”.

Jesus was telling them he existed as a human being before Abraham was born, but his name at that time was Melchizedec and not Jesus!

Since God chose Jesus’ personal spirit for a special mission on earth, God sent Jesus’ personal spirit to earth and gave him a human body. The same human body Jesus would occupy later, when he was born into a human body many centuries after Abraham lived and died.

Therefore, Melchizedec is Jesus temporarily in his own human body, but he was not yet born, neither did he have a mother or a father, nor did he have a descent or an ancestry; and therefore, he did not have a beginning or end of days, which means Jesus wasn’t born and did not die when he was Melchizedec.

God knows everything

God keeps us alive. Every human being ever born on earth is a living material creature because God, who is a Spirit, is inside each person at the same time.

It is God that makes our bodies function. It is God who keeps us alive, and it is God who leaves a person’s body causing the person’s death. Only God gives life and only God takes life.

God lives inside every human body, and has access to everything everyone thinks and does, every moment of time, all over the earth.

God is the Mastermind behind the creation, He knows how it all works. Since God designed our creation, and knows what He intended to occur during all time, then He knows what happens next.

Therefore, God knows everything; and is the only One who can foretell the future, which is the reason the Bible is the only religious book on earth that proves itself to be from our Creator, God the Father, because the Bible has told us, and continues to tell us, and will continue to tell us the future.

God is everywhere

God is not the Sun or a tree. God is everywhere does not mean God is in trees, water, rock, fire, and buildings. This type of thinking was the basis of ancient Indian and Aborigine religions, which were wrong.

God is in us is referring to the reality that God the Father, who is a Spirit, lives inside every living human being. Since people are everywhere on earth, all the time, then God is everywhere, all the time. When God vacates your body, you physically die.

God lived, lives, and will live inside every human being ever born on earth.

God is all-powerful

Almighty God means God is all-powerful. It is a title and description of God’s power. All-powerful means God can do anything, and nothing is impossible for God to do or accomplish.

Simple logic should dictate, since God created everything then nothing He created is beyond His power. This characteristic of God also tells us there is nothing besides Jesus, no spirit, no man or beast, no force or energy that is more powerful, or equally as powerful, as God.

The power of God is Jesus. He is the only exception to the rule above, because Jesus earned the right to become equal to God. Therefore, Jesus has the use of all God’s power, but this still does not make Jesus as powerful as God.

Since God possessed His power prior to Jesus earning it, and it is God that gave Jesus the privilege of using His power, then God still has the advantage of being the Almighty Power, which existed prior to all spirits, the creation, and time.

God has no gender

Ancient Jewish men wrote the Bible. These ancient Jewish men were forced to use the male form of their Hebrew language to express their ideas. This is the reason the Bible refers to God as a male personage in the original text.

Since the reference to being male is formulated by the language, and not by the information contained in the Scriptures, then we cannot assume God has a gender.

Gender only exists to procreate. Gender exists so creatures can give birth, which means produce children or offspring. Since God creates by speaking things into existence, then God doesn’t need to mate or be mated, nor be male or female, to create life.

To be continued…

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