The Attributes of God — Part 3

Jesus’ perfect relationship with God gives everyone the ability to communicate indirectly with God. Therefore, God communicates directly through Jesus to all human beings. This is accomplished through the Conscience.

It is also the basis of all the Prophets in the Bible. It is also why God established the husband and wife relationship, and the parent and child relationship. Notice I did not say, the person speaks to God or hears God.

The perfect relationship only allows the person to receive thoughts from their Holy Spirit (their Conscience), unblocked, uninterrupted, unchanged, or uninfluenced, which thoughts come directly into their brain from God: without any special significance, signs, or interpretable sounds.

This is why it is so important for a person to be like Jesus and know the Bible, which is the only means of filtering one’s thoughts. Thus, filtering out lies injected by demons, and knowing which thoughts come from God.

The temptation of Christ shows us how Jesus used his perfect knowledge of the Bible to defeat satan’s attempt to mentally influence Him. Jesus passed satan’s test by counteracting every thought from satan by applying the correct passage from God’s Word.

This was only possible because of Jesus’ perfect relationship with God. Once Jesus defeated satan, the Bible says, the devil left Jesus for awhile. Therefore, satan had lost his power to influence Jesus’ brain through the use of thoughts, but satan would try again.

A perfect relationship can be understood by thinking about it as a chauffer driven limousine. The human being’s body, with the perfect relationship, is the limousine.

The human being’s personal spirit, and not the person’s brain, is the chauffer driving the car, while the passenger who is being transported in the limousine is God the Father, who is a Spirit.

The relationship between God’s Spirit and the person’s spirit is so perfect that the two spirits become completely synchronized with one another through thoughts transferred, and therefore they become one.

There is no verbal communication. This is why Jesus taught us ‘to go into our closet (our brain) and pray to God’. The human body is referred to as a house; and the human brain is a part of the body. A closet is a part of a house. Therefore, your brain is the closet where Jesus told you to go and pray.

This is why the Bible says these two Spirits are ‘One’, but Jesus also said we are ‘one’ with the Father as he was ‘one’ with the Father. Jesus is telling us that God the Father and Jesus had the same mind.

The essence of Jesus’ oneness with God was in thought. They think alike. Hence, Jesus and God the Father have a perfect relationship. They are One!

We must have the same mind that was in Jesus; so that we and Jesus are one. This oneness is in character, behavior, honesty, justice, understanding, and love, which are all generated in one’s mind first, and was never meant to tell us that God and Jesus are the same Being.

They are separate independent forms of life, in the same way a husband and wife are two separate independent forms of life, but they can be perfectly coordinated, synchronized, and in harmony with one another’s thoughts, desires, character, and values.

No Man has ever seen God

No human being has ever seen God. The Bible tells us that no man has ever seen God. Jesus is the name of the human being born as a man. He never saw God while he was a living human being.

When Jesus stated he only does the things he sees his Father do, Jesus is talking about the written instruction found in the Bible, and not a personal experience.

Jesus developed a mental relationship with God through His Word (the Bible). Yet, the mental information Jesus received from God directly into his brain was so vivid, his thoughts were visualized. This is the essence of having a vision.

There is nothing astounding about this, since all people have visual dreams they don’t actually see. This mental ability to see beyond one’s eyes is demonstrated by Jesus when he told the Apostle he saw Nathaniel sitting under a tree.

Visions are simply mental information being transmitted into a person’s brain without the use of their senses. Our eyes do not see objects.

Our eyes see variations of light and transmit the information to our brain, which constructs the exact images we are looking at whenever we see something. It is the same as having audible information transmitted directly into our brain by spirits.

Jesus’ transfiguration is another experience that he allows us to witness. This was another way Jesus received information from the spiritual world.

Unlike human psychics, when Jesus had to speak with spirits, God transfigured him into a being of light. Jesus’ human body was disintegrated. His flesh, blood, and bones disappeared. This allowed his personal spirit to become visible.

We see this phenomenon when Jesus was transfigured on the mountain in front of the Apostles Peter, James, and John.

The point is, Jesus did not communicate with spirits unless he first shed his human body and became a spirit. The Bible tells us he turned into a spirit of light. Normally spirits are invisible, but they can become visible.

When spirits are visible it is because they emit light, which makes them visible. Therefore, any human being with a flesh and blood body, who sees a spirit is looking at a demon.

When Jesus appeared to the women outside his grave, Mary Magdalene thought Jesus was the gardener. When Jesus spoke to her she realized it was the Lord. She attempted to touch him, which brought Jesus’ response:

“Do not touch me, I have not yet risen to my Father.”

Jesus is teaching us that a spirit cannot be felt because there is no physical being, but just light. Jesus was still in hell at that time, and had the right to do what any spirit in hell could do.

Jesus teaches us that God only sends angels in the form of human beings, who must eat, sleep, get tired, and have mass like us.

Demons are not allowed to have mass and a human body. Therefore, you can test a spirit by touching it. If it isn’t there or has no mass, then it is a demon, but if someone appears to you, and you touch it and it has mass and can be felt, then it is an angel from God.

Therefore, any human being communicating with and seeing a spirit is seeing a demon.

People saw Jesus! If no man has ever seen God the Father, and human men did see Jesus, then Jesus could not have been God the Father. Otherwise the Bible is a lie! The same logic must be applied to the next paragraph about hearing God.

No Man has ever heard God

Jesus was a human being, born of a woman and died. Jesus is the name of the human being born as a man. He never heard God’s voice while he was alive and in the form of a human being; but we see evidence that Jesus could change from a human being into a spirit.

When Jesus changed from a material being into a spiritual creature, he was no longer a human being. In this spiritual form Jesus could talk to other spirits and hear the voice of God the Father.

God is perfect

God is complete. This means that God does not have to be finished or completed. Whereas, all the created beings, like spirits and human beings, must be completed. The term Holy is applied to this process when it is finished.

Holy is wholly. The use of the title Holy Spirit means this spirit was not whole and had to be completed or become whole, which means this spirit was not complete at some point in time.

Any spirit that must be completed is a created being and not the Spirit who is God the Father, but a spirit used by God the Father, and sent to earth as a human being to temporarily live with Mankind.

The temporary human body given to a spirit for such missions also disintegrates after the mission is finished. Therefore, any person born to a woman is not completely whole or holy.

God is perfect and did not have to be completed or become holy. The term holy connected to the label spirit shows us that this particular spirit is not God the Father, which is why the Bible describes God as a Spirit, and not a Holy Spirit.

God is eternal

No beginning and no end means God the Father is the only One who had never been born and can never cease to exist. His existence is eternal. Whereas, all other created spirits had a beginning, but all spirits will never have an end to their existence. All spirits had a beginning, but will be eternally alive.

Beginning has different meanings. Be careful with the word ‘beginning’. It can have several meanings, and does not always refer to an eternal existence, as in the case of God the Father.

To be continued…


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