The Attributes of God — Part 2

God created all life beginning with spirits

God the Father existed before anything else existed. He alone existed, and beside Him nothing that exists, existed. There is no way to record ‘Time’ in eternity. Eternity means never beginning and never ending. It is impossible to put an indicator on the scale of eternity. Therefore, no one can pinpoint a moment in eternity. Eternity is not ‘Time’, but ‘Time’ is a part of eternity. This being said, I must use ideas and words that only work in the phenomenon we call ‘Time’ to give the reader a fuller understanding of God’s creation.

God created the Light first. At some point in eternity, God decided to create life. Plans were drawn-up in His head, and the moment had come to begin bringing those plans to fruition. The first thing God created was the ‘Light’. I am not talking about the Sun, Moon, and Stars, which were created on the fourth day, but the Light, which was created on the first day.

The ‘Light’ refers to God’s first created being who is a spirit. God created this spirit with the same knowledge and powers that only existed inside the mind of God. The Bible tells us this spirit then created everything that came into existence from that point forward. So, you can say, everything that exists, did not exist prior to God’s creation of this spirit. Therefore, you can also say, this first spirit created everything, except for God the Father; and everything that now exists came into existence through this very special spirit. The name of this spirit is Michael the Archangel.

Lucifer also did not exist before Michael, and was created by Michael, as were all the other spirits who were created and given life but do not confuse Michael, who used God’s power to create, by making him the Creator. Since the power belongs to God, then God is the Creator no matter whom God uses to perform the act of creation. When Jesus performed miracles, especially raising Lazarus from the dead, he gave God the credit and glory of being the One bringing Lazarus back from the dead.

God is a Spirit

God is nothing but a Spirit. The Biblical statement “God is a Spirit” is simply stating the fact that God is nothing but a Spirit. This statement immediately tells the human race that God is not a tree, or water, or lightening, or clouds, nor an insect, bird, fish or animal, and certainly not a human being; nor anything else that can be seen.

The Spirit of God is not the same as the term “God is a Spirit”, and should not be confused with other terms in the Bible, such as: ‘God’s Spirit’, or the ‘Spirit of God’, or Spirit, which can denote a relationship between two individual spirits, a spirit and God. Such terms are not talking about the Spirit who is God, but a different spirit. These terms refer to spirits related to God, or spirits who are working for God.

The terms ‘God’s Spirit’ or ‘the Spirit of God’, could be, or might not be the same as saying ‘God is a Spirit’, it totally depends upon the context containing the phrase. The two phrases, ‘God’s Spirit’ or ‘the Spirit of God’, are mostly used to show a relationship between God and a particular spirit, but there are times when they could be referring to God Himself. Each of these type phrases must be translated according to the text surrounding them, and should never be assumed to be speaking about God or a spirit other than God.

God owns all spirits. Since God created all spirits, except Himself, then He is the owner of all spirits, which is why we call God our Father. There is also another use for the statements ‘God’s Spirit’ or ‘the Spirit of God’, which is to show ownership. This is similar to ‘Joe’s wife’ or ‘the wife of Joe’, which do not imply Joe is his wife, but rather a separate independent personage like God’s Son. Although God is the owner of all spirits and has the right to address all spirits as ‘His spirits’ or ‘His spirit’, depending on the text surrounding these terms. These terms may simply be denoting a love relationship, or a work relationship, between God and the spirit, or between God and a human being’s spirit.

The spirit of Jesus is the same idea and should be applied to Jesus. When we find terms like: ‘Jesus’ spirit’ or ‘the spirit of Jesus’. These terms do not automatically imply a person is behaving like Jesus behaved; neither does it automatically mean that the spirit belongs to Jesus, or was sent by Jesus. The ‘spirit of Jesus’ may be actually referring to the spirit who is Jesus, which is the spirit selected by God the Father to be born as the human being named Jesus. Only the supporting text can determine the meaning of such terms. Jesus and the Apostles use these terms many times.

When Jesus states that God sent him, he reveals a prior love relationship between God and himself. This also shows us a work relationship between God the Father and Jesus the Son. Therefore, ‘God’s Spirit’ or ‘Jesus’ spirit’ can be a reference to a relationship, or a reference to ownership, or a direct reference to the individual Spirits that are God and Jesus. Therefore, the Holy Spirit would be God’s Spirit, or a Spirit owned by and chosen by God to do something for Him. Now, if the Holy Spirit is a different Spirit than God the Father, then who is the Holy Spirit?

God’s form is defined by the Bible. When the Bible states: “God is a Spirit”, it is describing God’s form. This type statement indirectly tells us that God is not, never has been, nor ever will be, a human being. Since a spirit has no form, then the word is telling us God has no form. Nothing that can be seen, recognized, felt or touched. The word ‘Spirit’ is describing the idea that God is not, never was, nor ever will be, a physical or material creature.

When we pray, we do not apply the description of God to address Him, such as: ‘Oh Great Spirit…’ or ‘Spirit’, because the word spirit does not describe God’s composition. This is why the first and second commandments exist, which tell us we shall not make any likeness of God or bow down and worship any likeness of God, because there is no likeness that can represent God, which makes all likenesses of God an idol.

When we pray we use more personal words, like ‘Father’, ‘God’, or ‘Heavenly Father’. We purposely capitalize the word ‘Father’ or ‘God’. We even capitalize pronouns to depict God. This is done to separate the meanings of our earthly ‘father’ and our heavenly ‘Father’, or our earthly ‘lords’ and our heavenly ‘Lord’. The word lord is commonly used whenever we say ‘Mister’, ‘Sir’, or ‘Monsignor’, which titles all mean ‘lord’. These are simple ways of showing respect.

God cannot be a Human being. The whole point in Jesus teaching us that God is a Spirit is to enlighten us to the fact that God could never be seen by human beings, Prophets, or Apostles. Therefore, God would never become a human being, because a human being can be seen by other people; but God living inside a human being is something God must do, since life only exists while God is residing inside each and every living human being at the same time, but still can’t be seen.

A relationship with God is what every human being must develop: if not, he or she will be tormented right here on earth. It would be convenient if we could determine a person’s relationship with God by some technological machine, or an external sign like a tattoo or body piercing, which are actually signs of demonic influence or possession. Since God lives inside every living human being, there is a sign we use to determine a person’s relationship with God. The Bible gives us a way to tell the difference between people who have no relationship with God, or people who barely have a relationship with God, or people who have a good relationship with God, and people who have a perfect relationship with God.

The status of a persons relationship with God is recognizable. The Bible’s way of telling us about the status of a person’s relationship with God is by labeling them saints or host, which means believing congregation, which means they may barely have a relationship with God. The way the Bible tells us a person has a good relationship with God is by labeling them, evangelists, pastors, teachers, rulers, administrators, healers, miracle workers, and translators or speakers of foreign languages, etc., which are the gifts God gives to people with a good relationship. The way the Bible tells us a person has a perfect relationship with God is by labeling them, the Christ, Apostles (Elders), and Prophets or Prophetesses.

The prophecy “God with us” is about the birth of Jesus*, which speaks about the Virgin Birth. It does not mean God became a human being, or that God was ever a human being, since God can never be seen and heard by human beings; nor does it mean God is only inside one specific human being. Since God is living inside all human beings. The phrase “God is with us” means that the particular human being has a perfect relationship with God. This type relationship includes two-way communication via thoughts.

(*See Isaiah Chapter 7, verse 14, and verified by Matthew Chapter 1, verse 23)

The person who has a perfect relationship with God must also know the mind of God, which is the Bible. Knowing the mind of God is a person understanding the Bible perfectly. The person cannot be fooled by satan and demons who use thoughts attempting to imitate God. The person’s perfect relationship with God causes other human beings to know that God is with them. This means people have access to God through the person’s ability to communicate with God.

To be continued…

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