Can you recommend a Bible?

This question was sent to Elijah at The Underground Bible.

“Can you recommend a Bible that I can study from? Is the Old King James better than the New King James? Is there another version that is easier to read? Thank you for your help. I’m just trying to find the truth.” -Clayton

Dear Clayton,

Thank you for your question.

The original King James Bible is the best translation in existence, but understanding it easily demands demands a person’s understanding of Shakespearian English be good. Yet, it is not that difficult to get used to reading.

The New King James version is okay, but the author did not understand the Old King James sufficiently to warrant the changes made to it. The original Old King James version, unknown to most Biblical scholars, Pastors, and dedicated Bible Students, contains keys to mysteries hidden for thousands of years. This is the reason I wrote “The Underground Bible”. Unless people and the entire Christian Movement (known as the Church) allow the Bible to dictate its’ truths (instead of preachers), who have camouflaged the truth over the past thousand years of deception, the Bible’s information will be lost.

You may also read a paraphrased version of the Bible. Although, the paraphrased Bibles do not contain the necessary information to unlock the Bible’s secrets, they give you an easier readable Bible that will help you understand the old King James version.

The point is, God wants to see a person struggle with His Word like a wrestling match, before He will give that person the enlightenment inside his or her brain, which will enable the person to understand hidden truths and unlock the mysteries. Everyone does not have to unlock the mysteries. Only those people whom God has chosen, to whom He also gives the drive to hunt and search the scriptures, until they achieve the goal He put before them, must unlock the mysteries to enable them to continue teaching the truth about His Word on earth.

Other people need only achieve believing the Bible was written and preserved by God the Father, which is believing Jesus is the Christ, and applying the faith the Bible presents to them before they physically die, which is to tell others about their belief, to be saved.

I pray God the Father and Jesus His Son that this message helps you in your quest for truth.



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