Is Saturday or Sunday the correct day of worship?

The following question was recently emailed to Elijah:

“I have been attending the church called Seventh-Day Adventist. They teach that the true day of worship is Saturday. I understand the Roman Catholic Church changed the ‘sabbath’ day from Saturday to Sunday. What is the correct day to worship? I am in deep search for the truth and just ordered your book.” -Mary

Dearest Mary,

The answer to your question is in the Bible. It truly has the answers for every question.

In the Old Testament, there is a prophecy that tells us the day of worship will be changed from Saturday to Sunday in the New Testament Times. It is not easily understood by most churches, but I will lead you through it.

In order to help you understand, I must lay a foundation concerning the Passover (a Jewish Feast commanded by God for Israel to keep forever).

The Passover Feast has very strict rules imposed upon its celebration, such as: time, place, and actions allowed. If these rules were not followed exactly, then the Lord considers the improper keeping of the feast an abomination.

The reason we must begin with Passover is the exact time of the year that this feast must be celebrated. The date floats between March and April because the Roman Catholic Church changed the world’s calendar back in 1582 A.D. which causes the First day of the month of Nissan to occur on different days during March and April every year.

For the same reason, it is impossible to fix an exact Sabbath Day, which is definitely not on Saturdays. Therefore, the Lord knowing everything, and foreseeing these events, which includes the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by the same Romans, did forewarn us of the necessity of changing the day of worship from a Saturday to a Sunday.

Now just because we are forewarned by a prophecy, it doesn’t mean that the Lord was accepting this change, but that He was letting us know a change was going to occur. In the Book of Leviticus you can find the verses below:

Leviticus 23:15

And you shall count unto you from the morrow after the sabbath, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven sabbaths shall be complete:

Leviticus 23:16

Even unto the morrow after the seventh sabbath shall you number fifty days; and you shall offer a new meat offering unto the LORD.

The counting begins with the day after the Sabbath during the Passover Feast. Since the Passover is seven days long, only one of those days can be the Sabbath. Therefore, Leviticus 23:15 tells us to begin counting on the day after the Sabbath during the Passover Feast. We are told to count seven Sabbaths. This means seven weeks are counted and each week ends on a Sabbath day, which amounts to 49 days for the seven weeks.

Then, Leviticus 23:16 tells us to count the day after the seventh Sabbath (of the seventh week), thus adding one day to the 49 days, bringing the total number of days to 50 days. The prophecy then informs us that we will have to offer a new meat offering to the Lord.

The old meat offering is the Passover Lamb that had to be killed for the sins of the people. The new meat offering is the new Passover Lamb named Jesus, who was killed for the sins of the people. John the Baptist labeled Jesus ‘the Lamb of God’, which completes our understanding of the prophecy.

Elsewhere in the New Testament, the Apostles referred to Jesus as our ‘Passover’. Therefore, the Old Testament prophecy foretold us that the day of worship, concerning the New Testament Times when Jesus would be the Lamb offering, would be the day after the Sabbath or on a Sunday.

If this doesn’t answer your question, please send a more detailed question and I will be blessed to answer it.

Sincerely yours,



4 thoughts on “Is Saturday or Sunday the correct day of worship?

  1. 1. Is there any day that the lord anointed, hallowed, blessed it, and put aside as a day of rest? Because when I read about the creation I’m confused.
    2. Law and grace, which one should I follow. Because the lord says he was the same yesterday, today and forever. He also said if you love me, keep my commandments? If I say I go for grace, then I’ll leave the law, and if anybody kills my dad, should I take it to justice (law) or grace? I’m confused by those things.

    • Dear Philip,

      Answer to #1:

      Lev 23 tells us a new meat offering will be offered 7 Sabbaths plus one day (or 50 days) after the lamb is killed on the feast of Passover. The Lamb is also known as the Passover, and the Apostles told us the Lamb is Jesus. The Apostles also called Jesus the Passover, confirming Jesus was the Lamb foretold in the old Testament that would be killed on Passover. Although it was a Jewish ritual, it was also a future prophecy. When Jesus was crucified, he became the new meat offering referred to in Lev 23. Since Pentecost means 50 days, we have a connection telling us that Lev 23 is a prophecy telling us that the new meat offering in Lev 23 would be the Lamb of God who is Jesus Christ.

      Remember, Lev 23 told us to count 7 Sabbaths, which is 7 weeks or 49 days plus one day (or 50 days total): 50 days after his crucifixion is the time period it took Jesus to go to hell to pay for our sins, and be resurrected from the dead by God the Father to be a living human being again with the Apostles for 40 days. On the 50th day (Pentecost) Jesus returns to the Father to become the Holy Spirit (the Comforter). Once Jesus is glorified by the Father, he returns to the human race as the Holy Spirit (our conscience) to advise and help all people to worship God the Father. Therefore, 7 Sabbaths plus one day is 7 Saturdays plus one day. One day after Saturday is a Sunday, which becomes the new day of worshipping God; but remember, we can only worship God by truth, and God seeks such people to worship him in spirit and truth.

      Answer to #2:

      Your confusion stems from the confusion taught by so many Christian Churches concerning the word ‘grace’. If they knew what it meant, and taught people correctly, there wouldn’t be any confusion. The New Testament tells us God is not the God of confusion. Therefore, any church who is confused or teaches confusion is not of God.

      The word ‘grace’ simply means “an ability given to a person by God to understand what is written in the Bible”. Without this gift, no man can properly teach or understand the Bible, which results in the ‘blind leading the blind’.

      Once you understand the meaning of the word ‘grace’, you can begin to unravel the confusion caused by not knowing what ‘grace’ means. Since ‘grace’ means ‘a person having the ability to read and understand everything written in the Bible, then ‘grace’ does not conflict with the ‘Law’.

      This means, ‘grace’ is one’s ability to learn and understand the ‘Law’ and it’s intended use. The Law was never intended to be used like a legal adviser uses Man’s law in a courtroom, but was intended to remind us that we are sinners to help us change ourselves, which is the essence of repentance. Our greatest enemy is our own brain, which tries to convince us that the things we do wrong are OKAY to do. This is not true, and causes us to worship the devil instead of God. The Law serves us by reminding us what is right and wrong. This is the reason Jesus told us: “not one jot or tittle would be removed for the Law”. Jesus also told us, as you mentioned in your email, “If you love me keep my commandments.” Jesus also said, “Love is God and keeping God’s commandments is love”. So, you see Philip, The law and grace do not contradict each other. Therefore, you have no problem by choosing to do the law: and you can only do ‘grace’ if you have been anointed by God to completely understand the whole Bible, which cannot be separated. Since Jesus said, the scriptures only speak about him, and he said it before the New Testament existed, he was verifying what I am telling you.

      The only other problem I have detected about your belief, is the Trinity, which you mentioned as having created the earth in 6 days. I hope what I am about to teach you is accepted by you since your salvation depends upon it. There is no Trinity. It is a lie invented as a Roman doctrine back in the days when Rome overthrew and murdered the Apostles and the church Jesus started. Replacing it with their own brand of Christianity during the Roman Crusader Wars. The Apostle John was the only survivor of that holocaust that began back in the first century. John wrote the book of Revelation, which contains this true information; and unless you have the gift of grace, it is impossible to see it, because it is written in a cryptic language (secret language). If you want more information: I recommend you get a copy of my book “The Underground Bible”. It contains much more information than I have shared with you here. Read the book, and send any other questions and I’ll answer you personally.

      God bless you in your quest for truth,

  2. I’m searching for some truth myself, and I’m studying the bible. What I want to ask you, is why did Jesus himself keep the sabbath and where in the bible does it clearly state that Sunday should be the day of worship. Do you treat Sunday as a sabbath day?

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