Beyond the Bible

The Bible has been the tool used for the quests of five types of people:

  1. Religious rulers 
  2. Religious people
  3. Scholars
  4. Archaeologists 
  5. Men sent by God

Religious rulers have used the Bible for their own personal quest to control the masses drawn to religion.

Religious people have used the Bible for various reasons: the most ardent people truly desire to understand what is taught by the Bible, in an effort to get closer to God; while another group will only allow the Bible to substantiate the beliefs they have already determined are true. Then there is a fringe group that uses the Bible like junkies use heroin; and others who search it to find its flaws, in a vain attempt to disprove its authenticity.

Scholars use the Bible to glean ideas for new stories to write, or to discover clues about ancient history, or insights to its use of ancient languages, or to study its literary value and content as an ancient writing.

Archaeologists use the Bible in search of clues to indicate the whereabouts of hidden civilizations and treasures.

Men sent by God use the Bible as an instructional manual and a map — a map to guide them along the paths they must travel to accomplish the task set before them; and as an instructional manual to teach them the exact information they are bound to share with others.

The differences between all the above users of the Bible are as vast as the animal life on earth, and as separate as the planetary system in the universe. These differences keep all the various types of people, who use the Bible, from ever seeing the true wealth of information within its covers, with one exception: the men sent by God. Determining if a man is sent by God is covered in detail in the Bible.

If there is a God, who is the one and only God, then why would He need to give Mankind a book He indirectly wrote?  Well, the Bible answers that question like this: No man has ever seen or heard God!

Therefore, the only way for God to communicate with us would be through the written word, which is a pretty good reason for the Bible’s existence. This prompts another question: Why can’t God speak to Mankind? Is He dumb?

Well, the creation (if He is really the One who created all this) is proof enough that God is not dumb, in the sense of being intelligent or not. This leaves us with only one other explanation: God is not interested in entering into a conversation with human beings.

Now on the surface, this explanation would seem to mean that God is not interested in the welfare of humanity, but this is easily overthrown by the fact that He went through the trouble of preparing a book for the Human Race. Then the question, Why a book? must be pondered. Once pondered, the answer becomes crystal clear.

It would be more difficult to twist the facts contained in a book, than the words given to a man. Yet, the original words recorded in the Bible were given to men, who eventually wrote them down. Then those writings were compiled into a book by other men, and eventually became the book we call the Bible.

This presents us with another problem.  If the words in the Bible are truly from the one and Only God, then how do we know we can trust the men? How do we know the men actually wrote down exactly what God told them?

The answer is also contained within the Bible itself. It is referred to as Prophecy!

Prophecy means an exact prediction about the future, not a generalization like what is found in Chinese fortune cookies, but information that you stake your life upon.

How many of you would be willing to stake your life upon a tip on a ten horse race?  Some of you might be willing to chance thousands of dollars, and others might gamble a few dollars, but no one would bet their life on it. This is the most essential thing about the Bible. It is what separates the Bible from all the other religious and philosophical written works floating around the world.

There are plenty of religious and philosophical books that make claims about leading you to God, or preparing you for an afterlife, or even how to live this life successfully; but the Bible is the only written document in the world that has already proven it has the unique ability to foretell the future. This ability separates the Bible from all other books. It is the reason that Christianity is the only worldwide belief practiced in every country on the globe, and a following outnumbering all other religions combined.

The prophecies contained in the Bible have been paramount in proving to each succeeding generation that it is really a message from God sent to us on the backs of many thousands of Prophets. It is all those succeeding generations, since the cross, who have taught their own families to trust in the One and Only God of the Bible. Even though most of their descendants have forgotten or lost touch with the original prophecies that once served to make believers of their own forefathers, they still cling to that belief.

This is why most Christians today do not know about the Bible’s most potent power, and why they seem to be fringe believers that were born into their religion as opposed to people who have chosen it for themselves. Add to this, thriving groups who have set themselves up as adversaries, who have inherited lies and unknowingly carry-on the business of deception their forefathers began, and you have a Christianity waning and waxing, heaving to and fro under the strong winds of deception, which cannot fulfill the promises made to the children of God in the Bible.

Yet, the Bible predicted this would be the exact result of our world today, which is steeped in the love of money, because buying and selling would consume each waking moment of everyone on earth. The Bible foretold that the Human Race would one day exchange the love of God for the love of money. It even predicted when it would take place, and those prophecies have already been fulfilled.

A time when the decedents of deceitful religious rulers would be teaching the children of God that the Christ would be here or there, or in the desert or in a secret room. Even though the Christ taught you not to believe those reports.

A time when deceitful men are teaching God’s children that the Christ is coming back as a human being. This is the teaching falling from every preacher’s lips, and being accepted by the children of God because they rather love money than God.

The sole purpose of the Bible is to present God’s arguments to Mankind concerning the singleness of humanity’s character on earth: self willed! Self-willed means human beings rather do things their own way. Jesus taught the world,

“Not My will Father (God), but Yours (God)”

Every story in the Bible follows one theme in particular: the self-willed nature of Mankind! The men in the Bible who stand above the others are the ones who have decided to do things God’s way instead of their own way. These men are labeled prophets in the Old Testament and apostles in the New Testament, and the chief apostle being Jesus, the Christ!

The entire purpose of having a written record to confer with (the Bible) is so Mankind can circumnavigate the cunning deceitful descendants of antichrists, who knowingly or unknowingly (it does not matter) are actively and successfully working against Christ; who if told they are antichrists, will arduously disagree with you, because they refuse the truth of God and love a lie! The truth of God is located right in their Bibles, but they being blinded because of their unbelief which is spawned by their love of money, cannot see the simplicity of God’s truth even though they read it for themselves; and therefore, must teach their lies which will judge them when the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes.

The Bible is only a stepping-stone to reach the rock of our faith, upon which is chiseled the secrets from the foundation of the world. Secrets that are only revealed to those sent by God to allow Jesus’ voice to speak from within themselves, so His sheep can hear it and follow Him. These are those who follow the Lord wherever He goes beyond the Bible.

Going beyond the Bible is a journey into the Kingdom of God, which is right here on earth.

A journey of untold adventures.

A journey that leads many to their God, to wipe away their tears, their fears, and their guilt.


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